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Kirksville Newspapers

Kirksville Daily Express-Today's paper

The library receives current copies of the Kirksville Daily Express.  These copies are kept on the newspaper shelves and folders in the northeast corner of the first floor of the library until the microfilm for that year is received.

A chronology of Adair County Historical items gleaned from Kirksville newspapers, the Selby Index is a selective abstract/index available in the Periodicals Department and Special Collections Department.  Note: this index is selective and not a complete index of the Kirksville newspapers. 

The Special Collections Department also has a clippings file for Kirksville Daily Express articles relating to Truman State University and Adair County.

The following  Kirksville newspapers are available on microfilm in the Microfilm Collection Room next to the Periodicals Service Desk on the first floor of the library.

Kirksville Crier, 1989-1990
Kirksville Daily Democrat,  August 30, 1915 - October 20, 1915
Kirksville Daily Express, 1906+
Kirksville Democrat,  August 24, 1882- December 29, 1914
Kirksville Evening Journal,  September 2,1891 - December 30, 1891
Kirksville Journal,  January 3, 1867 - November 16, 1922
Kirksville Morning News,  January 13,1914 - December 31, 1915
Kirksville Saturday Mail, 1891-1899
Kirksville Tattler,  January 23, 1875 - July 27, 1875
Kirksville Weekly Graphic, 1880-1953 (includes Kirksville Graphic)
North Missouri Register (includes North Missouri Tribune),  August 25, 1870- September 26, 1879

Microfilm/fiche readers and printers are located on the south side of the Periodicals office.  The library has 11 microfilm readers, 6 microfiche readers, and 6 film/fiche printers available during the library's open hours.  Paper copies from microfilm/fiche are 10 cents a page. The library also has CapturePerfect software which allows the library user to view, scan, digitize and store or print  filmed images from a desktop computer.








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