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Newspapers on Microfilm

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The library has the following newspapers on microfilm. They are located on the first floor of the library in the Microfilm Collection Room.

General Newspapers

Barrons, 1921+
Chicago Tribune, 1990+
Christian Science Monitor, 1908+
Commercial & Financial Chronicle, 1969-1987 Per HG1 C7
Daily Missouri Democrat, 1853-1874
        Missouri Democrat, 1868-1872
        St. Louis Democrat, 1873-1875
Index-Truman State University's Student Newspaper
                   Kirksville Normal School Index, 1909-1919
                   Northeast Missouri State Teachers College. Index, 1919-1931
                   Northeast Missourian, 1931-1937
                   Northeast Missouri State Teachers College. Teachers College Index, 1937-1967
                   Northeast Missouri State College Index, 1968-1972
                   Northeast Missouri State University Index, 1972-1996
                   Truman State University Index, 1996+
Irish Echo, 1940-1970 Microfilm PN 4883.5 I7
Journal of Commerce, 1996-2000  (includes Journal of commerce and commercial)
Kansas City Star & Times, 1880+  (includes Kansas City Evening Star, Kansas City Daily Times,  Kansas City Times and Kansas City Star)
Kirksville Crier, 1989-1990
Kirksville Daily Democrat,  August 30, 1915 - October 20, 1915
Kirksville Daily Express, 1906+
Kirksville Democrat,  August 24, 1882- December 29, 1914
Kirksville Evening Journal,  September 2,1891 - December 30, 1891
Kirksville Journal,  January 3, 1867- November 16, 1922
Kirksville Morning News,  January 13,1914- December 31, 1915
Kirksville Saturday Mail, 1891-1899
Kirksville Tattler,  January 23, 1875 - July 27, 1875
Kirksville Weekly Graphic, 1880-1953 (includes Kirksville Graphic)
Missouri Times, 1979-1984
National Law Journal, 1987-2002
National Observer, 1962-1977
New York Times, 1851+
North Missouri Register,  August 25, 1870- September 26, 1879
Northeast Missouri State University's Index, 1909+
Pundit (Northeast Missouri State University), 1986-1992
St. Louis American, 1949+
St. Louis Globe Democrat, 1875-1919
St. Louis Post Dispatch, 1874+ (includes St. Louis Dispatch, St. Louis Evening Post, St. Louis Post and Dispatch)
Times (London), 1990+      (Note: University of Missouri-Columbia has this paper 1785+.)
Truman State University's Index, 1996+
USA Today, 1982+
Wall Street Journal, 1889+
Washington Post, 1877+ (includes Washington Post and Times Herald)

Early American Newspapers

Boston Chronicle, 1767-1770  Micro Film PN4899 B6 B6 
Boston Gazette, 1719-1798 Micro Film PN 4899 B6 B66
Massachusetts Spy, 1770-1775 Micro Film PN 4899 B6 B6
The Censor, 1771-1772 Micro Film PN 4899 B6 B6
Charleston Mercury, 1822-1868 Micro Film PN 4899 C33 C33
Rivington’s New York Gazette, 1773-1783 Micro Film PN 4899 N5 R6
National Intelligencer, 1800-1870 Micro Film PN 4899 W3 N3
Maryland Gazette, 1745-1839  Micro Film PN 4899 A55 M37
Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1815 Micro Film PN 4899 P54 P4
Virginia Gazette of Williamsburg, 1736-1780 Micro Film PN 4899 W54 V57

African-American Newspapers 

A. M. Journal,1982-1985  Micro Film PN 4899.C42 M93
A. M. News, 1982   Micro Film PN 4899.C42 M93
Afro-American,1893-1988  Micro Film PN 4899.B3 A37
Atlanta Daily World,1932-1996 Micro Film PN 4899.A84 A848
Atlanta World, 1931-1932 Micro Film PN 4899.A84 A848
Bilalian News,1975-1981  Micro Film PN 4899.C42 M92
Birmingham World,1945-1995 Micro Film PN 4899.B5 W6
The Call,1954-2004 Micro Film PN 4899.K3 C3
Call and Post, 1962-1982 Micro Film PN 4899.C6 C62
Call and Post,1982-1996 Micro Film PN 4899.C6 C63
Chicago Crusader,1982-2004 Micro Film PN 4899.C42 N42
Chicago Daily Defender,1960-1973 Micro Film PN 4899.C42 D34
Chicago Defender,1973-2007 Micro Film PN 4899.C42 D35
Chicago Defender,1909-1955 Micro Film PN 4899.C42 D29
Cleveland Call and Post,1934-1962 Micro Film PN 4899.C6 C6
Daily Defender,1956-1960 Micro Film PN 4899.C42 D3
Dallas Post Tribune,1975-1995   Micro Film PN 4899.D34 S82
Dallas Star Post,1959-1960 Micro Film PN 4899.D34 S8
Forward Times,1960-1983 Micro Film PN 4899.H6 F67
Gary Crusader,1964-1995 Micro Film PN 4899.G3 C7
Hoosier Herald,1953-1957 Micro Film PN 4899.I5 H6
Indiana Herald, 1960-1994 Micro Film PN 4899.I5 H6
Indiana Herald-Times, 1957-1960 Micro Film PN 4899.I5 H6
Indianapolis Herald-times,1957 Micro Film PN 4899.I5 H6
Journal and Guide,1932-1973 Micro Film PN 4899.N6J62
Journal and Guide, 1973-1975 Micro Film PN 4899.N6J63
Journal and Guide,1977-1991 Micro Film PN 4899.N6 J64
Los Angeles Sentinel,1969-1996 Micro Film PN 4899.L64 S45
Louisville Defender,1951-1995 Micro Film PN 4899 L68 D4
Michigan Chronicle,1943-1996 Micro Film PN 4899.D47 M52
Milwaukee Courier,1964-1995 Micro Film PN 4899.M37 C5
Muhammad Speaks,1961-1975 Micro Film PN 4899.C42 M9
Muslim Journal,1985-1996 Micro Film PN 4899.C42M94
New Crusader,1962-1981 Micro Film PN 4899.C42 N4
New Journal and Guide,1975-1977 Micro Film PN 4899.N6J63
New Journal and Guide,1991-1996  Micro Film PN 4899.N6J65
New York Amsterdam News,1962-1995 Micro Film PN 4899.N42 A48
Norfolk Journal and Guide,1921-1931  Micro Film PN 4899.N6J6
Philadelphia Tribune, 1912-1996 Micro Film PN 4899.P54 T7
The Post Tribune,1962-1975 Micro Film PN 4899.D34 S8
The St. Louis Argus,  1954-1986 Micro Film PN 4899.S27 A7
World Muslim News, 1981-1982 Micro Film PN 4899.C42 M92

Newspaper Indexes

The library has the following newspaper indexes. The print versions are located in the Microforms Reference Area shelved by call number.

Chicago Tribune, 1990+ Micro Reference AI 21 C45 C47
Christian Science Monitor, 1950+ Micro Reference AI 21 C462 I54
Christian Science Monitor, 1996+ On the web at InfoTrac Custom Newspapers
National Observer, 1962-1977 Micro Reference AI 21 N25
New York Times, 1851+ Micro Reference AI 21 N45
New York Times, 1851+ On the Web at
  (The full-text of New York Times articles is available for purchase through this web site or you can use the citation information to locate the articles on microfilm in Truman's library collection.)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1975+ Micro Reference AI 21 S79 B45
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1989+ Also on the Web at
Times (London)*, 1990 Micro Reference  AI 21 T46
USA Today, 1982+ Micro Reference AI 21 U8 B45
Wall Street Journal, 1955+ Micro Reference HG 1 W26
Washington Post, 1971+ Micro Reference AI 21 W3 O5

(*Note: University of Missouri-Columbia has Times (London) index covering 1785+)
LexisNexis Academic also indexes most of the above newspapers. Dates vary, check its Sources page.  


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