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PLUS Book Request Guidelines


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Books will be checked out to you for 30 days, which includes travel time.  You will be able to renew items once for an additional 30 days if they are not needed by another user. 

The maximum number of books that can be checked out at any one time by a PLUS library is 150.  Under special circumstances, this policy may be altered.   Please contact us.

Our first responsibility is to the faculty and students of Truman State University.  Any request that we feel jeopardizes their access to the collection may be denied.    

Requesting a Book

Search the Library Catalog for a book you wish to request.  If you are unable to find a book for a topic, you may send a Subject Request to the PLUS staff. 

Make sure the book/item is “AVAILABLE” and that it is in one of the following collections:

·         General Collection

·         Juvenile Collection

·         U. S. Documents Collection

·         Popular Reading Collection

Please Note that items from our Curriculum and Media Collections are NOT available through PLUS. 


Click the “Request” link on the item you wish to borrow.  You can RequestIcon2.bmp from the initial results page, or use the RequestIcon.bmp button on the individual item’s record. 

Fill in the form as follows:


As shown on this screenshot, your Name is "Plus."  Your Campus ID number is located on the membership card we gave you.  Please contact us if you cannot locate this number.  Be sure to add "TSU" to the end of your ID number.  The PIN is set for you as "1234."  Please don't change it!  Select "Truman" as the Pickup Location in the drop-down menu.  Add "plus" in the special instructions area.  You may choose whether or not to enter a date; we recommend leaving it blank. 

Click the "Submit" button when you’ve finished filling in the form. 

Your request will typically be processed and shipped to you the following day.


Requesting Multiple Books

If you need to request multiple books at one time, you may wish to use the “Save Record” feature on the catalog.  This feature will allow you to request the saved titles without filling out Request forms for each one.

Perform your catalog searches and click Save Record for each one you wish to request.  When you’ve finished, click on View Saved Records to see all of the titles you have selected. 

Click on RequestSaved, filling in the form with the same information you would use while requesting a single book (please see Requesting a Book).  You may choose at this time to request all the titles in your list by clicking “Request Available,” or use the boxes to select certain titles in your list and click “Request Selected.” 


Renewing Books Online

You will be able to renew books online once, for an additional 30 days.  If you click on the “My Library Account” link at the head of the Library Catalog or in the left column of our Web pages, you will be prompted to enter your Name, Campus ID, and PIN.  These are the same as what you use to place your book requests. 

Click on the “# items currently checked out” to see a list of all items checked out to your PLUS card and their due dates.  Use the boxes in front of each entry to select the titles you wish to renew.  Then choose, “Renew Marked.”  If you wish to renew all of the items checked out to you, you may click “Renew All.”  Only titles that are due within 3 days are eligible for renewal. 



All items borrowed from our library are subject to recall by university patrons.  If you receive a recall notice, you must immediately return the recalled item.  The notice will be emailed to you from “TSU Circt” (Pickler’s Circulation Department). 


Shipping Books

We will ship books to you via UPS.  We will pay the postage to you; you will be responsible for the return postage.  You may use any shipping service you choose when returning books checked out to PLUS.  You may choose whether or not to insure or track packages at your discretion, but please note that you are accountable for materials lost in the mail.  You may also return books in person at our library or at our drive-up book drop, in the parking lot between the Student Union Building and McClain Hall on campus. 

Our mailing address is:

PLUS-Reference Dept.

Pickler Memorial Library

Truman State University

100 E. Normal

Kirksville, MO 63501


Overdue Books

Overdue notices will be sent to the PLUS librarian's email account from sender “TSU Circt” (Pickler’s Circulation Department).  You may renew once online (please see Renewing Books Online). 

A PLUS library with 10 books overdue will have a blocked library card.  This means book requests will not be filled until the overdue books are returned or renewed.


Lost & Billed Books

We must bill PLUS school libraries for any books lost or destroyed, including books lost in the mail.  This will include a $60 fee to replace the book, plus a $20 non-refundable processing fee.  You will receive a bill automatically through email for any books that have been overdue for 35 days.  Schools with outstanding bills will not be able to renew their PLUS library card the following year, unless the bills are paid.

Payment for lost books:   After receiving a bill for a book and exhausting your resources for getting the book back, payment for the book and a copy of the bill should be sent to the following mailing address: 

PLUS-Reference Dept.

Pickler Memorial Library

Truman State University

100 E. Normal

Kirksville, MO 63501



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