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PLUS Services and Guidelines

Pickler Library will make every effort to fill requests as they are received.  The following guidelines will be followed: 

Article Requests

We will scan and email* copies of articles that are not available to you through MOREnet.  Please use our JournalFinder or the Library Catalog to see if we have access to a particular title. 

Email your requests to   

We will also scan and email articles from our Reference Collection and, on a case-by-case basis, from our Special Collections.

All article requests are subject to copyright and licensing restrictions and are dependent on the condition of the materials.

*If you are unable to receive the articles via your school email address, photocopies can be faxed to you. 


Book Requests

Requesting a Book | Requesting Multiple Books | Renewing Books Online | Recalls

Shipping Books | Overdue Books | Lost & Billed Books

Books will be checked out to you for 30 days, which includes travel time.  You will be able to renew items once for an additional 30 days if they are not needed by another user. 

The maximum number of books that can be checked out at any one time by a PLUS library is 150.  Under special circumstances, this policy may be altered.   Please contact us.

Our first responsibility is to the faculty and students of Truman State University.  Any request that we feel jeopardizes their access to the collection may be denied.    

Subject Requests

If you cannot find appropriate or adequate information on a topic through our Library Catalog, you may send a Subject Request to the PLUS staff. 

Email your subject requests to  Please be as specific as possible in what information is needed, including how many sources are needed and any conditions that apply (e.g., the student needs four sources about training rescue dogs and one of them has to be a journal article).   

We will not use information outside of Pickler’s collections to fill any subject requests. 


Other PLUS Services

Pickler will send you a list of books and materials being withdrawn from the university library in the spring.  You will be able to select titles for your library from the list.  We will pay mailing costs to ship the items to you.

Please see our School Visits page for information about coming to our library for research.  PLUS schools are able to check out all materials from their visit on the PLUS card.  This gives students a longer borrowing period than they would have with individual cards, and it lessens the paperwork before and during your visit. 

The Online Resources page has items of interest to school libraries and K-12 teachers, including links to free databases and ebook collections.


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