TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY Pickler Memorial Library Truman State University

Building Policy

Library rules and regulations are designed to promote an appropriate environment for research and study and to protect Library users, collections and facilities.

OPEN SHELVES:  The Library is an Open Shelf Library which means that most materials are out and easily accessible to all.  However, everyone must be willing to submit to inspection when they leave the building.

FOOD allowed in Library Cafe' area only.

DRINK permitted outside Library Cafe' only in acceptable containers.

SMOKING or other use of tobacco products is prohibited in the Library.

CELL PHONES:  Pagers and cell phones must be turned off or set to provide an inaudible notification to the user.  All cell phone conversations should be conducted quietly so as not to disturb others.

AUDIO from walkmans or laptops should not be loud enough to be heard by others in the building unless these devices are used in a closed group study room.

LOST AND FOUND:  Items found in the Library are kept at the Library Service Desk, then periodically turned over to Public Safety. 

IDENTIFICATION:  To assure legitimate use of the Library, staff may request that users present valid identification.

EMERGENCIES:  Library users must comply with staff directions during an emergency situation.  For example, when the fire alarm sounds, users will be directed to evacuate the building.  During a tornado warning users will be given the option of going to the basement or leaving the building.  

REMOVAL, MUTILATION, DEFACEMENT, OR MARKING of Library materials, equipment, or facilities is prohibited and subject to disciplinary action (Student Conduct Code 8:050.6, 8:050.18) and prosecution under state law (RSMo 570.210)

COMPUTER USE:  Use of computers in the Library is governed by Truman State University's Computer Use Policy and the Library's Acceptable Computer Use Policy.

POSTERS AND FLYERS:  A bulletin board in the foyer is available for postings.  Posters and flyers may not be attached to the building or columns, inside or outside, nor distributed within the building, unless authorized by the Dean's Office.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS:  Personal property and study materials should not be left unattended.  Library staff is not responsible for personal items left in the Library.

PAGING, MESSAGES:  The Library cannot page people and does not take messages for users. 

CHILDREN should not be left unattended.

PETS:  Animals, with the exception of trained assistance or guide dogs, are not allowed in the Library.

PHOTOGRAPHY/FILMING POLICY:  Anyone interested in filming/taking pictures in the Library must make their request to the Dean's Office during business hours, or to the Library Service Desk in the evening and on weekends.  If Library users or staff are filmed/photographed during the project, the persons doing the photography must obtain written permission from the person being photographed, videotaped, etc.

NO BICYCLES or NON-COLLAPSIBLE SCOOTERS may be brought inside the building.  Skate boards, in-line skates, roller skates, and collapsible scooters must be carried while in the building and may not be placed where they obstruct corridors or pathways.  Exceptions will be made for therapeutic devices needed for basic mobility.

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