The Chariton Collector

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Anderson, Pam, Jeannie Croarkin, and Alicia Troester
Anderson, Rich and Gary England
Attebery, Paul and Todd Johnson

Bailey, Mary Ann
Baker, Kimberly
Baker, Kimberly and Susan Cooper
Barrickman, Tammy and Stephania Snyder
Baugher, Karla
Belzer, Nial
Benna, Justin
Bethel, Bonnie and Marilyn Gregory
Bonfoey, Rene and Michelle Bonfoey
Briggs, Angela
Buck, John

Campbell, Tina, Molly Upton and Kelly Moots
Cenedella, David
Cenedella, David and Ron VanWynsberg
Cody, David and James Sells
Cooper, Susan
Coy, Carla and Sharla Hatter
Crosley, Kim and David May

Danner, Susie and Martha Kuchera
Dodson, Matt

Eichor, Tonya and Shelly Hoffman
Eichor, Tonya and Clint Myers
England, Gary and Rich England
England, Terry, Greg Barnes and Brian Winslow

Fox, Sharla
Frazier, Claudia
Fredricks, Cathi
Fredricks, Cathi and Kim Crosley
Frost, Tony and Corey Pritchard

Gooch, Rick and Tony Frost
Green, Tonja
Green, Tonja and Bryan Thompson
Greer, Annette

Hays, Teresa
Hill, Gayla
Hill, John
Hill, John and Ben Thomas
Hill, John and Mike Whitney
Hoffman, Shelly
Hubbard, Wayne and Roger Lloyd
Hughes, Melanie and Ramona Richardson

James, Ellen
James, Jill

Klinginsmith, Leigh and Kristy Mollick
Kollar, Dana
Kollar, Dana and Gayla Hill
Krueger, Tonya

Lewis, Al and Mark McIntyre
Lintner, Jane and Renea Scott
Lowe, Christopher

Magruder, Laura
Magruder,Laura and Kevin Race
Major, Julie and Kim Gonnerman
Major, Julie and Adele LoGaglio
Martin, Vicki and Cindy Gardner
May, David
McCullough, Jean
McIntyre, Mark and Chris Collop
McIntyre, Mark and Al Lewis
Menz, Kevin
Mitchell, Cathy and Brian Riley
Mock, Amy and Jim Kline
Mock, Amy, Jim Kline and Wendy Seigal
Montgomery, Marty
Montgomery, Marty and K.C. Baird
Moots, Kelly
Morgan, John and Dan Mehlenbacher
Morris, Charla and Kim Wayman
Myers, Clint

Novinger, Joe and Adam Still
Noyes, Jennifer

Ogle, Tracy
Owens, Lori
Owens, Lori and Mike Parsons

Parsons, Mike and Jerry Winslow
Poston, Bobby
Pritchard, Corey

Race, Kevin J.
Ralston, Richard
Ray, James
Riley, Brian and Cathy Mitchell
Rogers, Pam
Ryle, Doug and Denny Smoyer
Ryle, Douglas

Schneider, Darren and Kent Snipes
Scofield, J.V. and Fred Benson
Scott, Lorinda and Carrie Stone
Shoop, Doug and Jon Williams
Shorten, Garen
Shorten, Garen and Alan Hubbard
Shriver, Janine and Jennie Higgins
Sieren, Chris and Todd Johnson
Sieren, Chris and David Snyder
Smoyer, Denny
Snyder, David and Paul Attebery
Snyder, Stephania and Tammy Barrickman
Srnka, J.S.
Sullivan, Dan and Terry Baker

Tade, Karla
Tade, Karla and Darla Casady
Thomas, Ben
Thomas, John
Thomas, Ken and Mark Wray
Thompson, Bryan
Tindall, Tifany
Tindall, Tifany and Christopher Lowe
Troester, Alicia and Lorinda Scott
Truitt, Mike, Mark White and Randy Adkins
Truitt, Mike and Jerry Winslow

Upton, Mindy
Upton, Molly and Tina Campbell

Van Vleck, Tom
Veach, R., D. Mehlenbacher and J. Morgan
Veach, Rocky and Ron Van Wynsberg
Vorkink, Andrea and Kim Gonnerman
Vorkink, Andrea and Adele LoGaglio
Vorkink, Andrea and Denny Smoyer

Walker, Brian
Walker, Jonathan
Walker, Jonathan and Rick Gooch
Whitney, Mike and John Hill
Whittle, Denise and Angie Neff
Williams, Jon and Doug Shoop
Wilson, Renee
Winkleman, Lisa
Winn, Brent