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Editor's Comments

The Chariton Collector is a magazine focused on local history and folklore that was produced by the Kirksville High School Local History class between 1980 and 1989. The first issue was produced in 1980 under the direction of Mrs. Carol Trowbridge. In 1982 Mrs. Mary Grossnickle took over as instructor. Issues were published bi-annually until the spring of 1989. Further history of the Chariton Collector can be read in the last issue or on the page containing Editor's Comments. During the 1970s a similar production, called Bittersweet was produced by high school students in Lebanon, MO.

My name is Katherine Goodwin. I am a senior English major and Folklore minor at Truman State University. I will be graduating in May 2006. This website was completed in partial fulfillment of the Folklore minor at Truman. After my graduation, this website will be maintained by the Special Collections Department at Truman.

I first encountered the Chariton Collector during the Fall 2004 semester in my Folklore class (ENG 410) while I was working on a semester long project about butter churns. In researching for that project, I came across the Chariton Collector. In my class project I used "The Palace Bakery" by Charla Morris and Kim Wayman. I remember being impressed with the Chariton Collector and thinking that it was a shame it wasn't more widely available. I felt scholars outside of Northeast Missouri would be interested, if they only knew it existed and had access to it. When it came time to find a project for my internship, I remembered my prior experience and decided to build a website for the Chariton Collector, making it more widely available. This website was one of the first internships completed as part of the Folklore Minor at Truman State University.

The first step in this project was to get copyright permission to put the articles in the Chariton Collector online. Copyright for the Chariton Collector is held by the Kirksville High School. Copyright for this webpage, however, is held by Truman State University.

In March 2006, the Kirksville High School donated the tapes and interview transcripts that were collected in the production of the Chariton Collector to the Special Collections Department of Pickler Memorial Library at Truman. The library staff is currently working to make these interviews available to the public.

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