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Glossary of Library Terms at Pickler Memorial Library

A summary of a journal article or a book.

alphabetic (or alphabetical)
Arranged in the order of the English alphabet; a,b,c...

audiovisual (AV)
An information source that is not printed on paper, such as videorecordings, audio tapes, CDs, or DVDs.

bound volume
(1) Several periodicals encased together in one hard-cover volume
(2) A book with hard covers.

call number
A combination of letters and numbers assigned to library books and AV material. Each book or AV item has a different call number. Library material is arranged in the stacks by call number.

The Library Catalog is a computer based list of the books and AV material in the library. See the library catalog.

(Compact Disk--Read only Memory.) A computer storage disk that looks like a music compact disk. CD-ROM disks store data such as indexes, encyclopedias.

check out or in
To borrow (check out or charge) library material or to return it (check in or discharge).

due date
The day when charged material must be returned to the library.

igital Video Disk can store computer files, images, and videorecordings (movies, documentaries, shows, etc.)

An amount of money charged as a penalty for library material that is damaged or lost.

A list of words and definitions.

hold (a book)
A patron-initiated request to save a book or an AV, that is checked out to someone else, when it is returned.

InterLibrary Loan - borrowing books from other libraries around the United States and the world

(1) Periodical index: A database that identifies articles in periodicals on specific subjects.
(2) Book index: An alphabetic list at the end of a book that identifies names and subjects contained in the book.

A periodical; particularly one published by a society, institution, or professional association containing reports of research in a particular field.

Library Service Desk
The one-stop service desk on  the 1st floor where all questions can be asked and library material is checked out and returned.

loan period
The length of time (for example: 3 days, 30 days) for which library material may be borrowed.

A periodical that is more general, or popular, in scope.

A piece of film, about 4 inches by 6 inches, that contains 40 or more photographically reduced pages.

A roll of film containing photographically reduced pages of printed material or illustrations.

Either microfiche or microfilm.

Library material that has been kept past the due date.

A publication issued at regular intervals--weekly, monthly, etc.--such as a magazine, journal or newspaper.

A user who needs an item that is checked out, may request a recall for that item at the Library Service Desk.  Once the recall is initiated, the item must be returned within two weeks. Failure to respond to such a notice will result in a fine of $1.00 per day and/or suspension of borrowing privileges

Reference Area
The area that houses the Reference Collection (non-circulating materials) located on 1st floor. 

To extend the length of time a borrowed book may be kept by assigning a new due date online or the Library Service Desk.

Reserve (Collection)
A separate collection of library material kept on the 1st floor Circulation Area which can be used only in the building or overnight.

The shelves upon which library resources are stored; for example, 2nd floor stacks, or the periodical stacks on 1st floor.

volume, issue
Terms used in describing periodicals. An issue is one publication of a periodical, as, the May 16 issue of Time magazine. A volume is a quantity of successive issues identified by number, as, volume 12 = the January-December 1980 issues.

World Wide Web (WWW)
An international online collection of electronic information pages, or documents which includes graphics, color, and sound.  Also known as the Internet.  

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