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to Pickler Memorial Library.   This page will introduce you to our library and briefly highlight some of the services the library provides for you.

Finding Information

Library Catalog. You can find books, CDs, videos and DVDs and other material through the library catalog.  You can search by author, title, subject, and keyword.

Call numbers. Books and other materials in the library are arranged on the shelves by call number.  Our library uses the Library of Congress system, in which all call numbers begin with one or more letters followed by numbers (Example: QA 190 S32)  All call numbers beginning with the same letter are placed together on the shelves. Because a call number corresponds to a subject or topic, you should find items on the same topic together on the same book shelf.

Foreign-Language Dictionaries:
Many language dictionaries are located in the Reference collection on the first floor. Additional copies, which may be checked out, are kept in the General Collection on the third floor. To find bilingual dictionaries (for example, a Spanish-English dictionary) in the Library catalog, click on the links below to get the call numbers for bilingual dictionaries in our library.

Arabic Dictionaries Dutch Dictionaries Japanese Dictionaries
Bulgarian Dictionaries French Dictionaries Norwegian Dictionaries
Chinese Dictionaries German Dictionaries Russian Dictionaries
Danish Dictionaries Italian Dictionaries Spanish Dictionaries

In addition, many language dictionaries are available on the Internet:
Your Dictionary  includes dictionaries for more than 280 languages, plus links to online newspapers, radio stations, language resources, and print fonts.
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary  includes an audio pronunciation guide. Just type in a word and listen to the pronunciation.  provides dictionaries, translations into twelve different languages, and links to resources for English grammar, usage, and style.

ESLgold: English Study and Learning Materials - a free web site for individuals wanting to practice English language skills, including speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. Basic introductions to the site are provided in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Thai, Russian, Italian, French, German, Polish, Turkish, and Indonesian.

Foreign-Language Books
Pickler Memorial Library has books in many different languages. Click on the links below to access books in that particular language in our collection.             

Arabic Books French Books Norwegian Books
Bulgarian Books German Books Russian Books
Chinese Books Italian Books Spanish Books
Danish Books Japanese Books   Swahili Books
Dutch Books Nepali Books Vietnamese Books

International Newspapers in Print.   Pickler Memorial Library subscribes to the following international print newspapers:







People's Daily  Le Devoir Süddeutsche Zeitung  Corriere Della Sera   Literaturnaia Gazeta Diario las Américas
Taiwan Journal Liberation     Moskovskie Novosti  El Pais
World Journal East Le Monde         

These newspapers are shelved in the northeast corner of the first floor.  In addition, we have a News from Home page that features the hometown online newspapers of Truman State University Students.  Be sure to check to see if your country is represented on this list. Check the following link for radio stations from home:
MIT List of World Radio Stations on the Internet

Videos/DVDs by Language.  Pickler Memorial Library has a number of videos in different languages.

Chinese Hindi Russian
French Italian Spanish
German Japanese  

For CD's, Art Prints, and other services, check out  Services for Undergraduate Students.

Help When You Need It

Reference and Information.  The Library Service Desk (on the first floor when you first come in the library) is the place to go for help when you do not know where to start.  You can also call 660-785-4051 to ask a librarian to help you find information.   You can also schedule a RAP Session and receive one-on-one assistance for research assignments.

Other Building Services. The library provides laptops, photocopiers, microform reader/printers, group study rooms, typewriters, computer labs, wireless connections, an Assistive Technology Lab, laminating, transparencies, etc. Check this page for information about these services.

Library Terminology 

To help clarify library terminology, the American Library Association provides translations and definitions of commonly used library terms.

Glossary of Library Terms at Pickler Memorial Library
Translations of English library terms into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, and Spanish.
Definitions of library terms (in English).

Encouraging Discovery