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Open Online Courses in Mathematics
Catalog of open-courseware mathematics courses from MIT, UC-Berkeley, UI-Urbana/Champagne, and other institutions. Topics include calculus, analysis, number theory, geometry, and more.
Opposing Viewpoints
Information on current social issues, including viewpoint articles, topic overviews, full-text magazine and newspaper articles, primary source documents, statistics, images, podcasts, and other website links.

Some books included in the database are available in the library, do a keyword search in the Library Catalog using the terms: opposing viewpoints and your topic. Example:  "opposing viewpoints" and abortion
Or click here for a complete list of  the  Opposing Viewpoint Series.
OregonPDF - Kinesiology Publications

This is an index to theses in exercise science. Pickler Library has the actual theses on microfiche. It is called Health, Physical Education and Recreation Microform Publications. They were compiled by the University of Oregon. The early years were called Microform Publications Bulletin. Ceased publication in 2006. Some of these are digitized. at OregonPDF.

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