Pickler Memorial Library



The Frank Cassity Collection


One of the outstanding collections given to the Violette Museum is that of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cassity of Purdin, Missouri. In this collection of 105 items are many tools, farm implements, cooking utensils, pieces of furniture, and various household items found in the homes of Northeast Missouri during the middle of the 19th century.

Mr. and Mrs. Cassity's daughter, Ethel Cassity Schwengel, an alum (class of 1932), was married to another Truman State University alum, Fred Schwengel. For information about the Schwengels' contribution to Truman State University check out the Schwengel Lincoln Contest or Schwengel Lincoln Collection.

These selected objects are but a small sample of the entire collection. Artifacts are available for use in accordance with the Special Collections departmental policies and may be used for research, curriculum support, or other presentations/programs. For more information on using these artifacts, or for information on additional objects within the collection, please contact the Special Collections department.