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Manual 6th ed, 2010
Cassel, J., &  Zambella, B. (1996). Without a net: supporting
              ourselves in a tremulous atmosphere.  In T. W.
              Leonhardt (Ed.),  LOEX of the West: Teaching and
              learning in a climate of constant change 
(pp. 75-92).
              Greenwich, CT: JAI Press Inc.

MLA 7th ed., 2009

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British Women Poets of the Romantic Era. Ed. Paula R. Feldman. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1997. 474-82. Print.

Chicago/Turabian 7th ed., 2007

Cassel, Jeris, and BethAnn Zambella.  "Without a Net: Supporting
Ourselves in a Tremulous Atmosphere."  In LOEX of the West: Teaching and Learning in a Climate of Constant Change,  ed. by Thomas W. Leonhardt,  75-92, Greenwich, CT:  JAI Press Inc. Greenwich, CT:  JAI Press Inc., 1996.


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