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APA Publication
Manual 6th ed, 2010
Brown,  E. (1996). The lake of seduction:
              Silence, hysteria, and the space of feminist
              theatre. JTD: Journal of 
              Theatre and Drama
, 2(1),175-200.

MLA 7th ed., 2009

Brown, Erella. "The Lake of Seduction: Silence,
              Hysteria,and the Space of Feminist
Theatre."  JTD: Journal of Theatre
               and Drama
  2 (1996): 175-200. Print.

Chicago/Turabian 7th ed., 2007

Brown, Erella.  "The Lake of Seduction: Silence, 
              Hysteria, and the Space of  Feminist
              Theatre." JTD: Journal of Theatre and
  2, no. 1 (May 1996):  175-200.


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