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 Primary Sources: Examples for Works Cited Lists
Motion Picture

APA Publication
Manual 6th ed, 2010
Kopelson, A. (Producer), & Stone, O. (Writer/Director). (1986).
Platoon  [Motion Picture]. Culver City, CA.: Hemdale Film Corporation. 

MLA 7th ed., 2009

Platoon.  Prod. Arnold Kopelson. Dir. Oliver Stone. Perf. Tom
Berenger, Willem Dafoe, and Charlie Sheen.  Hemdale Film Corporation, 1986. Film.

Chicago/Turabian 7th ed., 2007

from p. 269 Section 17.8.5
Berenger, Tom, Willem Dafoe, and Charlie Sheen.
.  DVD. Directed by Oliver Stone. Culver
           City,  CA.Hemdale Film Corporation.


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