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Images - Finding and Using Images Ethically

United States Government Image Resources

American Memory from the Library of Congress*

Archival Research Catalog of the National Archives 

CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) Public Health Image Library (PHIL)

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) Photo Library

Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Online Catalog 

NASA Images

National Library of Medicine

National Park Service (NPS) Digital Image Archive

Naval History & Heritage Command Online Library of Selected Images

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Photo Library

United States Antarctic Photo Library

U.S. Dept. of Defense Multimedia/Photos

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Online Digital Media Library

U.S. Geological Survey EROS Data Center: Earth resources observation systems

U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library*

U.S. Government Photos and Images

Yellowstone National Park Digital Slide File

General Image Resources 

Child taking his father's picture.


Creative Commons



LIFE Photo Archive

Mayang's Free Textures



Reel Worship
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Art Work Photographs*


ArtServe: Art & Architecture* 

Databases (Resource Restricted to Truman Network)

Credo Reference* Limit your search to "Image Search"

EBSCOhost Image Collection*  Limit your search in each database to images or use the visual search link.

Compilation Image Resources

MIssouri Digital Heritage*

Public Domain Sherpa

Public Domain Images Online

Wikipedia: Public Domain Image Resources

Selected Library Image Resources

Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and the University of Virginia Library Digital Media Lab* 

Florida  Photographic Collection, Florida State Libray and Archives of Florida*

Manuscripts and Archives Digital Image Database (MADID), Yale University*

New York Public Library, Digital Collections

Northwestern University Library.  World War II Poster Collection

Perseus Project, Tufts University*

University of North Texas Libraries.  World War Poster Collection

Image Search Engines

Camera Lens Bing Images Search

Creative Commons Search
Google Images Search

Yahoo Images Search
"The images on this handout are from the clipart collection provided free to authorized users of MicroSoft Office Software products."

Copyrignt & Fair Use Resources

Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States/ Cornell University

Copyright Expiration:  When Copyright Protection Becomes Public Domain / By Mary Bellis,

Online Books Page FAQ:  How Can I Tell Whether a Copyright Was Renewed?

U.S. Copyright Office Circulars

Intellectual Property and the Arts / College Art Association

When U.S. Works Pass Into the Public Domain / University of North Carolina

Chilling Effects Clearinghouse 

Copyright and Other Restrictions That Apply to Publication/Distribution of Images:  Assessing the Risk of Using a P&P Image / Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Div. 

Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials/ University of Texas System

Know Your Copyrights:  Using Copyrighted Works in Academic Settings / Association of Research Libraries (ARL)

Copyright and Fair Use / Stanford University Libraries

Digital Image Ethics

Digital Photography:  A Question of Ethics / Bonnie Meltzer

Essay: Chop and Crop  

The Photojournalistic Approach to Ethics / Organization of Ethical Photojournalism

Ethics in the Age of Digital Photography / John Long. Ethics Co-Chair and Past President NPPA

Model Releases

Legal Pitfalls in Taking or Using Photographs of Copyright Material, Trademarks and People / Lien Verbauwhede

Property and Model Releases.  American Society of Media Photographers

The Model Release: A Primer / by Michael Fulks. Apogee Photo Magazine

Basic Model Release. New York Institute of Photography

Model Releases.  Dan Heller Photography

Model and Property Releases.  PhotoShelter Blog

NOTE: Please note that while these links will assist you in locating many public domain images, they will also lead to images that have copyright/use restrictions.  It is the individual user's responsibility to ascertain any restrictions on the use of any images prior to use of said images.  Check licenses, terms of use, copyright statements and FAQs for each web resource to help you determine how you may ethically and legally utilize the images you find.  Regardless of whether a still or moving image is in the public domain, made available through Creative Commons licensing or whether permission to use an image has been granted by the copyright holder, it is the responsiblility of the user to provide proper attribution for each image used.  Pickler Memorial Library at Truman State University does not endorse any website and is not responsible for the misuse of any image or information made accessible through listed web resources.

Prepared by C. Rose, Assistant Professor & Technical Services Librarian, Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, Mo.

* Links added by Carol Lockhart, Reference Librarian, Truman State University, Kirksville, Mo.


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