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Prepared by Pickler Memorial Library Staff from the:
 MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th edition, 2009 
revised 6/09
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Articles from Journals

Article from a Printed Journal Brown, Erella. "The Lake of Seduction:
         Silence, Hysteria, and the Space of  Feminist."
         JTD: Journal of Theatre  and Drama
          (1996): 175-200. Print.

Article from a Printed Journal with Multiple Authors

Jones, Graham, Sheldon Hanton, and Declan
       Connaughton. “What is This Thing Called Mental
       Toughness? An Investigation of Elite Sport
       Performers.” Journal of Applied Sport Psychology
       14 (2002): 205-218. Print.

Article from an Online Journal

Evnine, Simon J.  "The Universality of Logic: On
        Rationality and Logical Ability." Mind 110.438
        (2001): n. page. Web. 31 July 2001.

Full-Text Journal Article from a Database

Holton, Woody. "The Ohio Indians and the Coming of 
         Revolution  in Virginia." The Journal of 
         Southern History
60.3  (1994): 53-478.
. Web. 31 July 1998.   

Articles from Magazines

Article from a Printed Magazine

 Gawande, Atul.  "The Man Who Couldn't Stop Eating.
              New Yorker
  9 Jul. 2001: 66-75.  Print
Article from an Online Magazine Tyre, Peg. "Standardized Tests in College?"
              Newsweek. 16 Nov. 2007.Web.15  May

Full-Text Magazine Article from a Database

Gore, Rick.  "Pharaohs of the Sun."  National
 sp; Apr. 2001:34.  Academic
             Search Premier
. Web.  22 August 2001.


Book with a Single Author

Fleming, Thomas. Liberty!: The American Revolution.
              New York:Viking,1997. Print.

Book with Two Authors

 Sennett, Richard, and Jonathan Cobb. The Hidden
               Injuries of Class
. New York:
               Vintage Books, 1972. Print.

Book with Three or More Authors

Schwartz, David, Steve Ryan, and Fred Wostbrock.
               The Encyclopedia of  TV Game Shows
                New York: Facts on File, 1995.Print.

Article within a Book

More, Hannah. "The Black Slave Trade: A Poem."
                British Women Poets of the Romantic
. ; Ed. Paula R. Feldman. Baltimore:
                Johns Hopkins UP, 1997. 474-82. Print.

Article in an Encyclopedias  and other  Multi-Volume Works

Lumiansky, R.M.  "Chaucer."  The New Encyclopaedia
               Vol. 3. Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica,
                Inc., 2005. Print.

Electronic Book

Austen, Jane. Pride and Prejudice. Project
; Michael Hart. 1 June1998.
                Web. 29  June 2009.

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Salinger, Sharon V.  Rev. of Not All Wives:
                Women of Colonial Philadelphia
,  &
                by Karin Wulf.  Journal of American 
88 (2001): 184-185.  Print.

Government Documents

Government Documents

United States. Senate. Committee on the
              Judiciary. Hearing on the Hate Crimes
               Prevention Act of 1998.
105th Cong.,
               2nd sess. S.J. Res. 1529. Washington:
               GPO, 1999. Print.

Newspaper Articles

Newspaper Articles

Holden, Stephen. "Frank Sinatra Dies at 82." New York Times                  16 May  1998, natl. ed.: A1+. Print.

Online Newspaper

Carnes, Mandy. "Bulldogs rack up votes".
               Truman State Index
. Truman State
               University,22 April  2004. Web. 26
               April 2004.

Full-Text Newspaper Article from an Online Database

Cowell, Alan. "Britain Faces Flurry of Illegal
              Migrants Tunnel." New York Times 3
              Sept. 2001,late ed.  LexisNexis Academic . 
              Web. 19 Oct. 2001.

Primary Sources


Breslin, Jimmmy. Interview with Neal Conan. 
              Talk of the Nation.  Natl. Public Radio. 
              WBUR, Boston. 26 Mar. 2002. Radio.

Motion Picture

Platoon.  Prod. Arnold Kopelson. Dir. Oliver Stone.
                Perf. Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe, and
                 Charlie Sheen.  Hemdale Film Corporation, 1986.

Online (Digital) Collection

Eaves, Morris, Robert Essick, and Joseph
                 Viscomi,eds. The William Blake
Lib. of Cong. 28 Sept. 2007.Web.
                 20 Nov. 2007.

Web Pages

Web Pages

Lange, Dorothea.  The Migrant Mother. 1936. Prints and
              Photographs Div., Lib. of Cong. Dorothea  Lange:
              Photographer of the People.
Web. 9, May 2007.

Email Message

Email Message

Casper, Karl. "Re: Watered Down Curricula." Message to
              Todd Brown. 26 Oct. 2001. Email.


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