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October 2011

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Location: Electronic Journal

Call NumberTitle/Author
NO CALL NUMBERA.A.V. newsletter.
NO CALL NUMBERAmerican scientist.
NO CALL NUMBERBelgian journal of botany : bulletin de la Société royale de botanique de Belgique.
NO CALL NUMBERBulletin de la Société d'études philosophiques du sud-est.
NO CALL NUMBERBulletins de la Société de botanique de Belgique.
NO CALL NUMBERBulletins de la Société royale de botanique de Belgique [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERCamera obscura [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERCommon knowledge [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERComparative literature [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERDifferences [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBEREast Asian science, technology and society [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERGLQ [electronic resource] : a journal of lesbian and gay studies.
NO CALL NUMBERHistory of political economy.
NO CALL NUMBERJournal of health politics, policy and law [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERLabor [electronic resource] : studies in working-class history of the Americas.
NO CALL NUMBERLes études philosophiques : organe officiel de la Société d'études philosophiques.
NO CALL NUMBERNka [electronic resource] : journal of contemporary African art.
NO CALL NUMBERNovel [electronic resource] : a forum on fiction.
NO CALL NUMBERPublic culture [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERRadical history review [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERRevue philosophique de la France et de l'étranger.
NO CALL NUMBERSmall axe [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERSocial text [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERThe Minnesota review [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERThe journal of medieval and early modern studies [electronic resource].

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Location: General Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
AC8 .A115 1979Abbey's road / by Edward Abbey.
BD220 .B86 2010Origins of objectivity / Tyler Burge.
BD265 .T46 2011Thought experiments in methodological and historical contexts / edited by Katerina Ierodiakonou, Sophie Roux.
BD450 .S558 2010What is a person? : rethinking humanity, social life, and the moral good from the person up / Christian Smith.
BF1471 .R48 2009Rethinking ghosts in world religions / edited by Mu-chou Poo.
BF311 .H7795 2011bSoul dust : the magic of consciousness / Nicholas Humphrey.
BF575.A85 A43 2008Your perfect right : assertiveness and equality in your life and relationships / Robert E. Alberti, Michael L. Emmons.
BF637.C6 K46 2001On becoming a counselor : a basic guide for nonprofessional counselors and other helpers / Eugene Kennedy and Sara C. Charles.
BF76.5 .R629 2008Essentials of behavioral research : methods and data analysis / Robert Rosenthal, Ralph L. Rosnow.
BJ1188 .M39 2010Understanding religious ethics / Charles Mathewes.
BJ1311 .J36 2011An introduction to evolutionary ethics / Scott M. James.
BJ1521 .V564 2010Virtue and vice, moral and epistemic / edited by Heather Battaly.
BL240.3 .S3485 2011Science and religion around the world / edited by John Hedley Brooke and Ronald L. Numbers.
BL41 .G72 2010The new sciences of religion : exploring spirituality from the outside in and bottom up / William Grassie.
BL51 .O4 2010Frithjof Schuon and the perennial philosophy / by Harry Oldmeadow foreword by William Stoddart.
BL53 .P99 2009Supernatural agents : why we believe in souls, gods, and buddhas / Ilkka Pyysiäinen.
BL640 .G75 2011The price of freedom denied : religious persecution and conflict in the 21st century / Brian J. Grim, Roger Finke.
BL65.I55 B75 2011Religion at ground zero : theological responses to times of crisis / Christopher Craig Brittain.
BM487 .S3127 2010Qumran and Jerusalem : studies in the Dead Sea scrolls and the history of Judaism / Lawrence H. Schiffman.
BM674.643 .S982 2010The Szyk Haggadah / Arthur Szyk translation and commentary by Byron L. Sherwin with Irvin Ungar.
BP166.1 .F736 2005Texts and studies on the development and history of Kalām / Richard M. Frank edited by Dimitri Gutas.
BP60 .C45 2010Islamic fundamentalism : the story of Islamist movements / Youssef M. Choueiri.
BP75.3 .C36 2010The Cambridge companion to Muḥammad / edited by Jonathan E. Brockopp.
BQ9298 .Z36 2010Zen masters / edited by Steven Heine and Dale S. Wright.
BR162.3 .L66 2010The early Church : history and memory / Josef Lössl.
BS1235.52 .R43 2010Reading Genesis : ten methods / edited by Ronald Hendel.
BS2940.T5 O46 2010The Didache : a window on the earliest Christians / Thomas O'Loughlin.
BS680.J8 H68 2010Justice : the biblical challenge / Walter J. Houston.
BT736.6 .A67 2009Kingdom to commune : Protestant pacifist culture between World War I and the Vietnam era / Patricia Appelbaum.
BV4647.P6 G74 2009The poor will be glad : joining the revolution to lift the world out of poverty / Peter Greer & Phil Smith photography by Jeremy Cowart.
BV4935.W39 A3 2011Surprised by Oxford : a memoir / Carolyn Weber.
CC79.E85 I628 2010Indigenous archaeologies : a reader on decolonization / editors, Margaret M. Bruchac, Siobhan M. Hart, and H. Martin Wobst.
D2025.5.U64 K37 2007America and Europe after 9/11 and Iraq : the great divide / Sarwar A. Kashmeri foreword by Theodore Roosevelt IV.
DS371.412 C65 2011Understanding war in Afghanistan / by Joseph J. Collins.
DS79.76 .U533 2011U. S. Marines in Iraq, 2004-2005 : into the fray / by Kenneth W. Estes.
E184.J3 B68 1980The economic basis of ethnic solidarity : small business in the Japanese American community / Edna Bonacich and John Modell.
E216 .R25 2002The first American revolution : before Lexington and Concord / Ray Raphael.
E492.9 .D63 2011Freedom by the sword : the U.S. Colored Troops, 1862-1867 / by William A. Dobak.
E83.876 .D46 2011Custer on canvas : representing Indians, memory, and violence in the new West / Norman K. Denzin.
F128.9.J3 F857 2009Cultural migrants from Japan : youth, media, and migration in New York and London / Yuiko Fujita.
GB1205 .W64 2010A world of rivers : environmental change on ten of the world's great rivers / Ellen Wohl.
GE160.B92 C75 2010More people, more trees : environmental recovery in Africa = Plus de gens, plus d'arbres : réhabilitation de l'environnement en Afrique / William Critchley.
GF127 .W68 2011Rural / Michael Woods.
GF26 .E585 2010Environmental social sciences : methods and research design / [edited by] Ismael Vaccaro, Eric Alden Smith, Shankar Aswani.
GF49 .E47 2002Swimming lessons : keeping afloat in the age of technology / David Ehrenfeld.
GF75 .F56 1992Finding home : writing on nature and culture from Orion magazine / edited and with an introduction by Peter Sauer.
GN407.3 I54 1987The appropriation of nature : essays on human ecology and social relations / Tim Ingold.
GN484.35 .A33 2011Narrating the closet : an autoethnography of same-sex attraction / Tony E. Adams.
GN776.2.Y3 W67 2011Coexistence and cultural transmission in East Asia / editors, Naoko Matsumoto, Hidetaka Bessho, Makoto Tomii.
GV1785.B53196 C47 2011René Blum and the Ballets russes : in search of a lost life / Judith Chazin-Bennahum.
HC110.C3 U215 2011U.S. infrastructure / edited by Paul McCaffrey.
HC59.7 .S596 2010Southern engines of global growth / edited by Amelia U. Santos-Paulino, Guang Hua Wan.
HD9005 .B654 2010American wasteland : how America throws away nearly half of its food (and what we can do about it) / Jonathan Bloom.
HG178.33.D44 C66 2011Confronting microfinance : undermining sustainable development / edited by Milford Bateman.
HG2491 .F37 2010Crash of the titans : greed, hubris, the fall of Merrill Lynch, and the near-collapse of Bank of America / Greg Farrell.
HJ2051 .K663 2010Jimmy Stewart is dead : ending the world's ongoing financial plague with limited purpose banking / Laurence J. Kotlikoff.
HQ1033 .N494 2010Same-sex marriage : a reference handbook / David E. Newton.
HQ1190 .H466 2011Why stories matter : the political grammar of feminist theory / Clare Hemmings.
HQ767.9 .B48 2011Beyond early literacy : a balanced approach to developing the whole child / Janet B. Taylor ... [et al.].
HQ77.9 .S27 2010Trans people's partnerships : towards an ethics of intimacy / Tam Sanger.
HQ798 .D3976 2007Female adolescence in American scientific thought, 1830-1930 / Crista DeLuzio.
HV2474 .D43 2011Deaf around the world : the impact of language / edited by Gaurav Mathur, Donna Jo Napoli.
HV4998 .N488 2010Substance abuse : a reference handbook / David E. Newton.
HV603 2004.A78 I53 2011The Indian Ocean tsunami : the global response to a natural disaster / edited by Pradyumna P. Karan and Shanmugam P. Subbiah cartography by Dick Gilbreath.
HV6545.2 .P658 2011Coping with choices to die / C.G. Prado.
HV8073 .K668 2011Genetic justice : DNA data banks, criminal investigations, and civil liberties / Sheldon Krimsky and Tania Simoncelli.
HV8593 .W57 2010Understanding torture / J. Jeremy Wisnewski.
JA85.2.U6 V45 2010Centrist rhetoric : the production of political transcendence in the Clinton presidency / Antonio de Velasco.
JZ1720 .B67 2011The borderlands of Southeast Asia : geopolitics, terrorism, and globalization / edited by James Clad, Sean M. McDonald, and Bruce Vaughn.
JZ5584.A7 P46 2010Peace and security in the Asia-Pacific : theory and practice / Sorpong Peou.
JZ6300 .M66 2011Monopoly of force : the nexus of DDR and SSR / edited by Melanne A. Civic and Michael Miklaucic with a foreword by James N. Mattis.
K3318 .C58 2010Regulating lobbying : a global comparison / Raj Chari, John Hogan and Gary Murphy.
KF4749 .K365 2010To secure the liberty of the people : James Madison's Bill of Rights and the Supreme Court's interpretation / Eric T. Kasper.
KF8742 .M296 2010The American Supreme Court / Robert G. McCloskey revised by Sanford Levinson.
KZ1203.M55 A76 2010Twilight of impunity : the war crimes trial of Slobodan Milosevic / Judith Armatta.
LA217.2 .M391 2010Exploring the myths and realities of today's schools : a candid review of the challenges educators face / Richard P. McAdams.
LB1027.5 .A876 2002Applying the standards for educational and psychological testing : what a counselor needs to know / Association for Assessment in Counseling.
LB1027.5 .E45 2006Emotionally intelligent school counseling / edited by John Pellitteri ... [et al.].
LB1027.5 .S36 2008School counselors share their favorite group activities : a guide to choosing, planning, conducting, and processing / edited by Louisa L. Foss ... [et al.].
LB1027.55 .O94 2011The Oxford handbook of school psychology / edited by Melissa A. Bray and Thomas J. Kehle.
LB1028.24 .A275 2010Action research for teacher candidates : using classroom data to enhance instruction / edited by Robert P. Pelton foreword by Richard Sagor.
LB1028.3 .E76 2010Towards discursive education : philosophy, technology and modern education / Christina E. Erneling.
LB1050.455 .H35 2011Empowering struggling readers : practices for the middle grades / Leigh A. Hall, Leslie D. Burns, Elizabeth Carr Edwards.
LB1573.3 .G66 2011Teaching early reading and phonics : creative approaches to early literacy / Kathy Goouch and Andrew Lambirth.
LB1575 .L37 2010Reading globally, K-8 : connecting students to the world through literature / Barbara A. Lehman, Evelyn B. Freeman, Patricia L. Scharer.
LB1900 .K6 no.1342Raijin, thunder runner : a composition for orchestra / by John Richard Freese III.
LB1900 .K6 no.1348Moments gained / by Grant Kling.
LB1900 .K6 no.1349Glucose-induced resistance and gene expression in irradiated Escherichia coli / by Megan L. Folkerts.
LB1900 .K6 no.1350Adaptation to college life as it relates to hometown population / by Rebecca J. Cramer Mehmert.
LB2331 .H88 2011The scholarship of teaching and learning reconsidered : institutional integration and impact / Pat Hutchings, Mary Taylor Huber, Anthony Ciccone.
LB2806 .F6295 2010Curriculum, community, and urban school reform / Barry M. Franklin.
LB2822.8 .E36 2011Educational change : from traditional education to learning communities / Clifford H. Edwards.
LB2844.1.N4 J64 2010Finding success the first year : a survivor's guide for new teachers / Matthew Johnson.
LB875.D5 F36 2011Dewey & the dilemma of race : an intellectual history, 1895-1922 / Thomas D. Fallace foreword by Robert Westbrook.
LB880.F732 K57 2010Paulo Freire & the cold war politics of literacy / Andrew J. Kirkendall.
LC3715 .G37 2010Educating emergent bilinguals : policies, programs, and practices for English language learners / Ofelia García , Jo Anne Kleifgen foreword by Jim Cummins.
LC4031 .M27 2010Building transitional programs for students with disabilities : how to navigate the course of their lives / Christy Mahanay-Castro.
ML128.M2 L49 2011The madrigal : a research and information guide / Susan Lewis Hammond.
ML200 .M38 2010The musical ear : oral tradition in the USA / Anne Dhu McLucas.
ML310.5 .N48 2002New music of the Nordic countries / edited by John D. White chapters by Jean Christensen ... [et al.].
ML3111 .S75 2010The makers of the sacred harp / David Warren Steel with Richard H. Hulan.
ML3527 .H47 2010Forever doo-wop : race, nostalgia, and vocal harmony / John Michael Runowicz.
ML3534 .R62 2011Rock brands : selling sound in a media saturated culture / edited by Elizabeth Barfoot Christian.
ML3800 .S885 2011Extraordinary measures : disability in music / Joseph N. Straus.
ML3820 .L83 2011Music, disability, and society / Alex Lubet.
ML390 .M4647 2011Women composers of classical music : 369 biographies from 1550 into the 20th century / Mary F. McVicker.
ML410.G75 N48 2010The new Percy Grainger companion / edited by Penelope Thwaites.
ML419.D39 W38 2011The studio recordings of the Miles Davis Quintet, 1965-68 / Keith Waters.
ML419.V13 S56 2011Last stop, Carnegie Hall : New York Philharmonic trumpeter William Vacchiano / Brian A. Shook.
ML422.S99 C43 2011George Szell : a life of music / Michael Charry.
MT1 .H39 2010Threading the concept : powerful learning for the music classroom / Debra Gordon Hedden with contributions by Valerie Anne Baker and David L. Gadberry.
MT3.U5 A47 2010Alternative approaches in music education : case studies from the field / edited by Ann C. Clements.
N105 .D64 1998Learning in and through art : a guide to discipline-based art education / Stephen Mark Dobbs.
N2294 .G34 2011Display & art history : the Düsseldorf gallery and its catalogue / Thomas W. Gaehtgens and Louis Marchesano.
N33 .G65 2006Looking at prints, drawings and watercolours : a guide to technical terms / Paul Goldman.
N6370 .V36 2011Van Eyck to Dürer : the influence of early Netherlandish painting on European art, 1430-1530 / Till-Holger Borchert with contributions by Julien Chapuis ... [et al.].
N6512 .S54 2011Since '45 : America and the making of contemporary art / Katy Siegel.
N6537.J83 R37 2010Donald Judd / David Raskin.
N6537.L28 A4 2010John La Farge's second paradise : voyages in the South Seas, 1890-1891 / Elisabeth Hodermarsky with essays by Henry Adams ... [et al.].
N6537.S648 L96 2010Nancy Spero : the work / Christopher Lyon.
N6537.T47 A4 2010Paul Thek : Diver, a retrospective / Elisabeth Sussman and Lynn Zelevansky with contributions by George Baker ... [et al.].
N72.T4 S73 2001Devices of wonder : from the world in a box to images on a screen / Barbara Maria Stafford and Frances Terpak with an object list by Isotta Poggi.
N7369.P35 A4 2010Nam June Paik / edited by Sook-Kyung Lee and Susanne Rennert, for Tate Liverpool and Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf.
N8261.W27 C53 2010Water and art : a cross-cultural study of water as subject and medium in modern and contemporary artistic practice / David Clarke.
N8354 .D43 2011The deconstructive impulse : women artists reconfigure the signs of power, 1973-1991 / edited by Nancy Princenthal essays by Tom McDonough ... [et al.].
NA106 .B59 2011Buildings, landscapes, and memory : case studies in historic preservation / Daniel Bluestone.
NA2500 .R42 2010Architecture and beauty : conversations with architects about a troubled relationship / Yael Reisner with Fleur Watson.
NA2750 .A543 2011Architectural design / Jane Anderson.
NA4442.V57 A57 2009Air House A History, 100th Anniversary, Air Force History and Museums Program 2009.
NA5474 .F37 2011The architecture of the Scottish medieval church, 1100-1560 / Richard Fawcett.
NA5484 .O29 2010Churches in early medieval Ireland : architecture, ritual and memory / Tomás Ó'Carragáin.
NC1002.L63 H95 2011Symbol / Angus Hyland and Steven Bateman.
NC242.P74 A4 2011Pre-Raphaelite drawing / Colin Cruise.
NC257.B8 A4 2010bMichelangelo : the drawings of a genius / Achim Gnann with a preface by Klaus Albrecht Schröder.
ND1535 .A8813 2011Acrylics / Text, Josep Asunción and Gemma Guasch English translation by Michael Brunelle, Beatriz Cortabarria, and Jone Brunelle.
ND237.G656 A4 2011Grillo / foreword, Robert A. Whyte.
ND2420 .B458 2009David Bellamy's complete guide to watercolour painting.
ND3343.8 .M67 2010Imagining the past in France : history in manuscript painting, 1250-1500 / Elizabeth Morrison and Anne D. Hedeman with contributions by Elisabeth Antoine ... [et al.].
ND497.B73 A4 2010Ford Madox Brown : a catalogue raisonné / Mary Bennett.
ND497.B73 A4 2010Ford Madox Brown : a catalogue raisonné / Mary Bennett.
ND553.G45 A83 2010Théodore Géricault / Nina Athanassoglou-Kallmyer.
NE90 .B213 v.88Illustrated bartsch : german book illustration before 1500 / edited by Carol Schuler and Miriam West.
NK4028.T34 H45 2011The art of Toshiko Takaezu : in the language of silence / edited by Peter Held [foreword by Jack Lenor Larsen].
NK720 .G54 2011Gifts of the Sultan : the arts of giving at the Islamic courts / edited by Linda Komaroff.
NK8880.A1 F58 2010Five centuries of Indonesian textiles : the Mary Hunt Kahlenberg Collection / edited by Ruth Barnes and Mary Hunt Kahlenberg essays by Ruth Barnes ... [et al.] photography by Bruce White.
NK9612 .S65 2010A revolution in wood : the Bresler collection / Nicholas R. Bell.
NX650.P6 S56 2011Dark matter : art and politics in the age of enterprise culture / Gregory Sholette.
P120.V37 L5194 2011Linguistic universals and language variation / edited by Peter Siemund.
P302.84 .S24 2011Salience : multidisciplinary perspectives on its function in discourse / edited by Christian Chiarcos, Berry Claus, Michael Grabski.
PA227 .H76 2010Greek : a history of the language and its speakers / Geoffrey Horrocks.
PA3948.C9 P43513 2010Ctesias' History of Persia : tales of the Orient / [translated with commentaries by] Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones and James Robson.
PA8260 .C27 2010The Cambridge companion to Bede / edited by Scott DeGregorio.
PN1992.6 .M3775 2010The citizen machine : governing by television in 1950s America / Anna McCarthy.
PN1993.5.I86 I87 2011Israeli cinema : identities in motion / edited by Miri Talmon and Yaron Peleg.
PN1995.9.B62 F69 2011Body shots : Hollywood and the culture of eating disorders / Emily Fox-Kales.
PN1995.9.D4 G385 2011Detecting women : gender and the Hollywood detective film / Philippa Gates.
PN1995.9.F54 A947 2011Dark borders : film noir and American citizenship / Jonathan Auerbach.
PN1995.9.F54 M55 2011Siren city : sound and source music in classic American noir / Robert Miklitsch.
PN1995.9.I73 Q4513 2010Mediated ethnicity : new Italian-American cinema / edited by Giuliana Muscio ... [et al.].
PN1995.9.L48 C673 2011Cold war femme : lesbianism, national identity, and Hollywood cinema / Robert J. Corber.
PN1995.9.O64 C58 2010When opera meets film / Marcia J. Citron.
PN1995.9.T55 M37 2011Out of time : desire in atemporal cinema / Todd McGowan.
PN1995.9.U64 R66 2011American history goes to the movies : Hollywood and the American experience / W. Bryan Rommel-Ruiz.
PN1995.9.W6 R335 2011Neo-feminist cinema : girly films, chick flicks and consumer culture / Hilary Radner.
PN1997.85 .T78 2011True to the spirit : film adaptation and the question of fidelity / edited by Colin MacCabe, Kathleen Murray and Rick Warner.
PN1998.3.A58 P66 2011Michelangelo red Antonioni blue : eight reflections on cinema / Murray Pomerance.
PN1998.3.R39 M34 2011Nicholas Ray : the glorious failure of an American director / Patrick McGilligan.
PN1998.3.R4 R56 2010The Apu trilogy : Satyajit Ray and the making of an epic / Andrew Robinson.
PN2061 .M463 2011Actor's alchemy : finding the gold in the script / Bruce Miller.
PN2062 .B65 2011Stagecraft : Stanislavsky and external acting techniques : a companion to using the Stanislavsky system / Robert Blumenfeld.
PN4867.2 .M47 2010Can journalism be saved? : rediscovering America's appetite for news / Rachel Davis Mersey.
PN56.B62 K73 2010Home bodies : tactile experience in domestic space / James Krasner.
PN6193.M8 A34 1904AAbenteuer und Reisen des Freiherrn von Münchhausen.
PQ8180.17.A73 Z67346 2010Gabriel García Márquez / editor, Ilan Stavans.
PR116 .D74 2011Modernist short fiction by women : the liminal in Katherine Mansfield, Dorothy Richardson, May Sinclair and Virginia Woolf / by Claire Drewery.
PR6052.A6657 S46 2012The sense of an ending / Julian Barnes.
PS310.M57 F67 2011Gender, race, and mourning in American modernism / Greg Forter.
PS3537.T316 Z473 1992Where the bluebird sings to the lemonade springs : living and writing in the West / by Wallace Stegner.
PS3537.T3234 Z71569 2011John Steinbeck's short stories / edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom.
PS3563.A8584 Z475 1987Nine-headed dragon river : Zen journals, 1969-1982 / Peter Matthiessen.
PS3565.B75 T4885 2011Tim O'Brien's The things they carried / edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom.
PS3566.E2187 B56 2011Binocular vision : new & selected stories / Edith Pearlman.
PS3572.O5 A6 2011Novels & stories 1963-1973 / Kurt Vonnegut Sidney Offit, editor.
Q147 .B47 2010The X factor : personality traits of exceptional science teachers / by Clair Berube.
Q175.5 .F477 2010The science of liberty : democracy, reason, and the laws of nature / Timothy Ferris.
QA273 .H3546 2008Handbook of probability : theory and applications / Tamás Rudas, editor.
QA3 .A57 no.1000The Schrödinger model for the minimal representation of the indefinite orthogonal group O(p, q) / Toshiyuki Kobayashi, Gen Mano.
QA3 .A57 no.1001Multicurves and equivariant cohomology / N. P. Strickland.
QA3 .A57 no.1002Supported blow-up and prescribed scalar curvature on Sn / Man Chun Leung.
QA3 .A57 no.1003Iterated function systems, moments, and transformations of infinite matrices / Palle E.T. Jorgensen, Keri A. Kornelson, Karen L. Shuman.
QA3 .A57 no.1004Axes in outer space / Michael Handel, Lee Mosher.
QA76.7 .D6713 2011Introduction to the theory of programming languages / Gilles Dowek, Jean-Jacques Lévy.
QC793.5.N42 C56 2010Neutrino / Frank Close.
QD78 .B78 2011Handbook of basic tables for chemical analysis / Thomas J. Bruno, Paris D.N. Svoronos.
QE522 .L63 2010Volcanoes : global perspectives / John P. Lockwood and Richard W. Hazlett.
QE701 .P59 1985Phanerozoic diversity patterns : profiles in macroevolution / James W. Valentine, editor.
QH481 .S55 1982Philopatry, inbreeding, and the evolution of sex / William M. Shields.
QH505 .V625 2009Glimpses of creatures in their physical worlds / Steven Vogel.
QL444.M33 K536 2011Lobster / Richard J. King.
QL548 .G58 2011Butterflies of North America / Jeffrey Glassberg.
QL685.7 .R36 1995The ecology of migrant birds : a Neotropical perspective / John H. Rappole.
QL692.A435 N47 2010Newman's birds of Southern Africa / [Kenneth Newman] revised by Vanessa Newman scientific consultant: Faansie Peacock.
QL694.N4 D5 1972Avifauna of the Eastern Highlands of New Guinea / [by] Jared M. Diamond.
QL695.5 .S63 1976The web of adaptation : bird studies in the American tropics / by David W. Snow.
QL696.F3 N48 1979Population ecology of raptors / by Ian Newton ill. by Jim Gammie.
QL696.P2367 M36 1992The pinyon jay : behavioral ecology of a colonial and cooperative corvid / by John M. Marzluff and Russell P. Balda illustrated by Tony Angell and Caroline Bauder.
QL696.P2367 W66 1984The Florida scrub jay : demography of a cooperative-breeding bird / Glen E. Woolfenden and John W. Fitzpatrick.
QL696.P56 K64 1987Population ecology of the cooperatively breeding acorn woodpecker / Walter D. Koenig, Ronald L. Mumme.
QL698.3 .B76 1987Helping and communal breeding in birds : ecology and evolution / Jerram L. Brown.
QL698.5 .A7 1963A study of bird song.
QL737.R68 S56 2009Prairie dogs : communication and community in an animal society / C.N. Slobodchikoff, Bianca S. Perla, Jennifer L. Verdolin.
QL737.U53 1975Mountain sheep and man in the northern wilds / Valerius Geist.
RJ 506 A9 F68 2011Look at my eyes : Autism spectrum disorders: Autism and PDD-NOS early intervention and navigating the system / Melanie Fowler.
SB299.S4 S434 2011Sesame : the genus Sesamum / edited by Dorothea Bedigian.
SB951.4 .H43 2007Herbicide handbook / editor, Scott A. Senseman Herbicide Handbook Committee, S.A. Senseman, chair K.L. Armbrust ... [et al.].
SD396 .H67 1971The adaptive geometry of trees / by Henry S. Horn.
SF433 .M552 2009Dog behaviour, evolution, and cognition / Ádám Miklósi.
TD303.A1 D56 2010Managing water in river basins : hydrology, economics, and institutions / M. Dinesh Kumar.
TH4965 .M3313 2011Walls : elements of garden and landscape architecture / Günter Mader and Elke Zimmermann.
TK5105.888 .T67 2011Starting your career as a freelance web designer / Neil Tortorella.
TR139 .L54 2010Witness in our time : working lives of documentary photographers / Ken Light introduction by Kerry Tremain.
TR140.S7 H639 2011Alfred Stieglitz : a legacy of light / Katherine Hoffman.
TR23 .G53 2011Photography and the USA / Mick Gidley.
TR642 .P56 2010Photography after conceptual art / edited by Diarmuid Costello and Margaret Iversen.
TR729.W54 B76 2011Developing animals : wildlife and early American photography / Matthew Brower.
TT 820 A34 2011Afghan lover's collection.
TT157 .C2154 2011Vintage craft workshop : fresh takes on 25 classic projects from the 60s and 70s / Cathy Callahan.
TT325 F53 2011Wood finishing 101 : the step-by-step guide / Bob Flexner.
TT504.6.S65 B37 2010FashionEast : the spectre that haunted socialism / Djurdja Bartlett.
TT820 .M66 2009Yarn bombing : the art of crochet and knit graffiti / Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain.
TT854.3 .B87 2011Harvesting color : how to find plants and make natural dyes / Rebecca Burgess photographs by Paige Green.
UA15 M54The Military balance.
UA812 .U89 2009A military history of the Ottomans : from Osman to Atatürk / Mesut Uyar and Edward J. Erickson.
Z271 .S73 2011Adventures in bookbinding : handcrafting mixed-media books / Jeannine Stein.
Z478.6.P5 V64 2011The bookrunner : a history of inter-American relations : print, politics, and commerce in the United States and Mexico, 1800-1830 / Nancy Vogeley.
Z710 .C43 2007Beyond the internet : successful research strategies / Barbara A. Chernow.
Z8957 .S53 2004Max Weber : a comprehensive bibliography / Alan Sica.

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Location: Internet

Call NumberTitle/Author
NO CALL NUMBERActual and perceived coaches' sportspersonship behaviours and their relationship with young athletes' sportspersonship orientations [electronic resource] / Laurissa C. Kenworthy.
NO CALL NUMBERDeception in sport [electronic resource] : a conceptual and ethical analysis / Adam Pfleegor.
NO CALL NUMBERManaging volunteers in Canadian community sport organizations [electronic resource] / Joel M. Mrak.
NO CALL NUMBERPerceptions of athletic training services at NCAA Division II and NAIA institutions [electronic resource] / Lawrence Antwan Reynolds.
NO CALL NUMBERThe effect of yoga on soreness and torque loss following a DOMS-inducing exercise [electronic resource] / Taffy Hawkins.
NO CALL NUMBERThe physical and psychological stress of police officers [electronic resource] / Elizabeth Ann Gilbert.

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Location: Media Audio Books

Call NumberTitle/Author
PN2287.D358 A33 2011Seriously-- I'm kidding [sound recording] / Ellen DeGeneres.
PN2287.F4255 A33 2011Bossypants [sound recording] / Tina Fey.
PR9105.9.R66 S273 2009Sarah's key [sound recording] / by Tatiana de Rosnay.
PS3553.O51165 F553 2011The fifth witness [sound recording] / Michael Connelly.
PS3566.A822 K553 2011Kill me if you can [sound recording] / James Patterson and Marshall Karp.
PS3566.I372 S563 2011Sing you home [sound recording] : [a novel] / Jodi Picoult.
PS3568.O243 C433 2011Chaos in death [sound recording] / J. D. Robb.
PS3618.O838 O53 2011On borrowed time [sound recording] / David Rosenfelt.
PS3622.I527 C363 2011The Camelot conspiracy [sound recording] : the Kennedys, Castro and the CIA : a novel / E. Duke Vincent.

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Location: Media Compact Disc

Call NumberTitle/Author
M1366 .T765 2011 04-13Jazz combos, April 13, 2011 [sound recording].
M5.T75 C43 2011[Chamber Music Society, April 4, 2011] [sound recording].

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Location: Media DVD

Call NumberTitle/Author
D770 .I5 2009In which we serve [videorecording] / produced by Noel Coward, Anthony Havelock-Allen written by Noel Coward directed by Noel Coward & David Lean.
F319.R67 R67 2007Rosewood [videorecording] / Warner Bros. presents a Peters Entertainment production in association with New Deal Productions produced by Jon Peters written by Gregory Poirier directed by John Singleton.
PN1995.9.C45 L3584 2011Lassie [videorecording].
PN1995.9.E96 T73 2010Trash humpers [videorecording] / Alcove Entertainment a film by Harmony Korine writer/director, Harmony Korine producers, Amina Dasmal & Robin Fox produced by Charles/Marie Anthonioz.
PS3573.I4565 R362 2002Rambling Rose [videorecording] / Studio Chanal screenplay by Calder Willingham produced by Renny Harlin directed by Martha Coolidge.
PN1995.9.C55 F383 2008Father of the bride [videorecording] : Father of the bride part II / Touchstone Pictures.
BF1099.D4 E34 2010Edge of dreaming [videorecording] / filmed and directed by Amy Hardie an Amy Hardie Productions/Passion Pictures/Hardworking Movies co-production with VPRO, Ch4, ZDF/Arte/POV.
BL240.3 .P75 2006Science and religion [videorecording] / The Teaching Company.
BL240.3 .P75 2006Science and religion [videorecording] / The Teaching Company.
BM561 .C442 2004Introduction to Judaism [videorecording] / Shai Cherry.
BM561 .C442 2004Introduction to Judaism [videorecording] / Shai Cherry.
BM561 .C442 2004Introduction to Judaism [videorecording] / Shai Cherry.
BQ7935.B777 K86 1998Kundun [videorecording] / directed by Martin Scorsese written by Melissa Mathison produced by Barbara De Fina [Touchstone Pictures presents a Cappa/DeFina production].
BT303.2 .E372 2000The historical Jesus [videorecording] / The Teaching Company.
BT303.2 .E372 2000The historical Jesus [videorecording] / The Teaching Company.
D804.195 .F68 2010Four seasons lodge [videorecording] / director, Andrew Jacobs producers, Matt Lavine, Andrew Jacobs writers, Kim Connell, Andrew Jacobs produced in association with Rainlake Productions.
D883 .E47 2010Elsewhere [videorecording] / directed by Nikolaus Geyrhalter dramaturgy, Wolfgang Widerhofer script, research, Silvia Burner ... [et al.] produced by Nikolaus Geyrhalter Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion in coproduction with Bayerischer Rundfunk Film und Teleclub.
DA330 .S53 2010The shadow of the tower [videorecording] / produced by Jordan Lawrence directed by Anthea Browne-Wilkinson ... [et al.] written by Rosemary Anne Sissons ... [et al.].
DC204 N37 2010Napoleon & love [videorecording] / Thames Television Production Acorn Media Group Inc. written by Philip Mackie directed by Reginald Collin ... [et al.] produced by Reginald Collin.
DD801.B387 L83 2008Ludwig [videorecording] / Mega Film Roma Rai Trade producers, Dieter Geissler, Ugo Santalucia writing credits, Suso Cecchi D'Amico, Enrico Medioli, Luchino Visconti directed by Luchino Visconti.
DS119.7 .P76 2011Promised lands [videorecording] / a film by Susan Sontag directed by Susan Sontag produced by Nicole Stéphane an ANCINEX production.
DS934 .K56 2010880-01 Kim Chŏngilia [videorecording] = Kimjongilia, the flower of Kim Jong Il / Lorber Films in association with the Doc Channel presents a Green Garnet productions presents directed and produced by N. C. Heikin.
E748.H945 H83 2010Hubert Humphrey [videorecording] : the art of the possible / South Hill Films WNET.ORG Thirteen written and produced by Mick Caouette.
E840.8.K4 R452 2003RFK [videorecording] / Fox Television Studios written by Hank Steinberg directed by Robert Dornhelm.
GV1195 .B49 2004Beyond the mat [videorecording] / Universal Family & Home Entertainment and Imagine Entertainment present a film by Barry Blaustein produced by Brian Grazer ... [ et al.] directed by Barry Blaustein.
HD5325.M615 H37 2001Harlan County war [videorecording] / Showtime presents a Millbrook Farm/Cort Madden Company production executive producers Robert W. Cort ... [et al.] written by Peter Silverman directed by Tony Bill.
HD9970.5.C674 B38 2009The battle of Mary Kay [videorecording] / an Alliance Atlantis production in association with Turtleback Productions produced by Ian McDougall written by Patricia Resnick directed by Ed Gernon.
HG4928.5 .F56 2010Floored [videorecording] : for some, risking everything is nothing / TraderFilm presents a film by James Allen Smith directed by James Allen Smith produced by Joseph Gibbons, Steve Prosniewski, James Allen Smith.
HQ281 .B332 2010Not for sale [videorecording] / producer and director, Robert Marcarelli.
HV6431.C37 C37 2011Carlos [videorecording] / Daniel Leconte presents in association with the Sundance Channel in co-production with Egoli Tossell Film a movie produced by Film En Stock produced by Daniel Leconte written by Olivier Assayas and Dan Franck directed by Olivier Assayas.
HV6431.C37 C37 2011Carlos [videorecording] / Daniel Leconte presents in association with the Sundance Channel in co-production with Egoli Tossell Film a movie produced by Film En Stock produced by Daniel Leconte written by Olivier Assayas and Dan Franck directed by Olivier Assayas.
HV6433.I75 S845 2004Suicide bomber no. 47 [videorecording] : the story of Wafa Idriss / camera and direction, Patrick Chauvel production, Films et Marguerite, AVP News.
HV6604.B7 B87 2004Bus 174 [videorecording] = Ônibus 174 / THINKFilm in association with HBO/Cinemax Documentary Films presents a Zazen Production produced by José Padilha and Marcos Prado directed by José Padilha [and] Felipe Lacerda.
HV8699.U5 M73 2000Mr. Death [videorecording] : the rise and fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. / Lions Gate Films presents Independent Film Channel Productions in association with Channel 4 presents a Fourth Floor/Scout production produced by Michael Williams, David Collins, Dorothy Aufiero produced & directed by Errol Morris.
JC421 .R232 2004Interpreting the 20th century [videorecording] : the struggle over democracy / Teaching Company lecturer, Pamela Radcliff.
JC421 .R232 2004Interpreting the 20th century [videorecording] : the struggle over democracy / Teaching Company lecturer, Pamela Radcliff.
JC421 .R232 2004Interpreting the 20th century [videorecording] : the struggle over democracy / Teaching Company lecturer, Pamela Radcliff.
JC421 .R232 2004Interpreting the 20th century [videorecording] : the struggle over democracy / Teaching Company lecturer, Pamela Radcliff.
JC421 .R232 2004Interpreting the 20th century [videorecording] : the struggle over democracy / Teaching Company lecturer, Pamela Radcliff.
JN2738.I58 A34 2011L'affaire farewell [videorecording] / Nord-Ouest et Le Bureau présentent en association avec Cofinova 5 un film de Christian Carion produit par Christophe Rossignon scénario original Éric Raynaud adaptation et dialogues, Christian Carion producteurs, Bertrand Faivre, Philip Boëffard.
JX5437.8 .P372 2000Nuremberg [videorecording] / TNT presents an Alliance Atlantis/Productions La Fête production in association with Leahy Ross Conners/British American Entertainment, and Cypress Films producers, Ian McDougall, Mychele Boudrias written for television by David W. Rintels directed by Yves Simoneau.
KD621.G37 G37 2010Garrow's law. Series 1 [videorecording] / written by Tony Marchant, Stephen Russell, and Damian Wayling directed by Peter Lydon produced by Dominic Barlow.
M1366.S26 F67 2001For love or country [videorecording] / HBO Films presents a CineSon production in association with Jellybean Productions, Inc. a Joseph Sargent film produced by Celia Costas written by Timothy J. Sexton directed by Joseph Sargent.
M1500.D68 C66 2010Le convenienze ed inconvenienze teatrali [videorecording] : (Viva la mamma) / musique de Gaetano Donizetti livret, Domenco Gilardoni une coproduction Bel Air Media ... [et al.] produit par François Duplat ... [et al.] réalisé par Andy Sommer.
M1500.S89 R67 2010Der Rosenkavalier [videorecording] / the Rank Organization presents a Paul Czinner production music by Richard Strauss libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal produced and directed by Paul Czinner.
M1630.18.R45 L58 2010Live from Austin TX. R.E.M [videorecording] / a production of KLRU-TV producer, Terry Lickona director, Gary Menotti.
ML410.V47 L54 2003Verdi [videorecording] / a RAI-Antenne 2, Bavaria, BBC, SVT2, TSS coproduction.
ML420.G15 G35 2011Gainsbourg (vie héroïque) [videorecording] / Studio 37 One World Films présente une coproduction One World Films ... [et al.] un conte de Joann Sfar produit par Marc du Pontavice, Didier Lupfer.
MT100.W2 G742 2010The music of Richard Wagner [videorecording] / professor Robert Greenberg.
MT100.W2 G742 2010The music of Richard Wagner [videorecording] / professor Robert Greenberg.
MT145.B42 G742 2005Beethoven's piano sonatas [videorecording] / Robert Greenberg.
MT821 .S56 2005The singer's voice [videorecording] / by Joan Wall and Robert Caldwell produced by PST...Inc.
PN1993.5.F7 D48 2010Deux de la vague [videorecording] / Lorber Films [presented by] Films à Trois ecrit par Antoine de Baecque réalisé par Emmanuel Laurent.
PN1995.75 .L363 2011Landmarks of early soviet film [videorecording] : 4 disc DVD collection of 8 groundbreaking films / produced by Jeffery Masino and David Shepard.
PN1995.9.A3 T78 1999True lies [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents a Lightstorm Entertainment production screenplay by James Cameron produced by James Cameron, Stephanie Austin directed by James Cameron.
PN1995.9.B53 T4 2011The ten commandments [videorecording] / directed by Cecil B. DeMille produced by Motion Picture Associates, Inc. a Paramount Picture.
PN1995.9.C55 B746 2011Bridesmaids [videorecording] / Universal Pictures presents, in association with Relativity Media an Apatow production directed by Paul Feig written by Annie Mumolo & Kristen Wiig produced by Judd Apatow, Barry Mendel, Clayton Townsend.
PN1995.9.C55 B85 1999Bulworth [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents produced by Warren Beatty, Pieter Jan Brugge screenplay by Warren Beatty & Jeremy Pikser directed by Warren Beatty.
PN1995.9.C55 G73 2011The great dictator [videorecording] / Charles Chaplin Film Corporation written & directed by Charles Chaplin.
PN1995.9.C55 M75 2011Morning glory [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures presents a Bad Robot production a Roger Michell film produced by J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk written by Aline Brosch McKenna directed by Roger Michell.
PN1995.9.C55 M86 2010The muse [videorecording] / [presented by] October Films produced by Herb Nanas written by Albert Brooks & Monica Johnson directed by Albert Brooks.
PN1995.9.C55 N53 2010Nice guy Johnny [videorecording] / IFC Films written and directed by Edward Burns.
PN1995.9.C55 R357 2003Raising Victor Vargas [videorecording] / a Studio Canal production in association with Forensic Films producers, Alain de la Mata, Peter Sollett, Robin O'Hara, Scott Macaulay written & directed by Peter Sollett.
PN1995.9.C55 S284 2000Saving Grace [videorecording] / Fine Line Features Portman Entertainment presents in association with Sky Pictures and Wave Pictures a Homerun production story by Mark Crowdy screenplay by Craig Ferguson and Mark Crowdy produced by Mark Crowdy directed by Nigel Cole.
PN1995.9.C55 W445 2005Welcome to the dollhouse [videorecording] / a Suburban Pictures production produced, written and directed by Todd Solondz.
PN1995.9.D4 S63 1998The Spanish prisoner [videorecording] / a Sony Pictures Classics release Magnolia Productions Sweetland Films presents a Jean Doumanian production of a David Mamet film.
PN1995.9.D55 D39 2004The day after tomorrow [videorecording] / 20th Century Fox Centropolis Entertainment Lions Gate Films Mark Gordon Productions producers, Roland Emmerich, Mark Gordon screenplay by Roland Emmerich & Jeffrey Nachmanoff directed by Roland Emmerich.
PN1995.9.F35 P28 2005The parent trap [videorecording] / [presented by] Walt Disney written for the screen and directed by David Swift The parent trap II / [presented by] The Disney Channel produced by Joan Barnett written by Stuart Krieger directed by Ronald F. Maxwell.
PN1995.9.F35 P282 2005The parent trap [videorecording] / Walt Disney Productions a Nancy Meyers/Charles Shyer film produced by Charles Shyer directed by Nancy Meyers.
PN1995.9.F35 T86 2000Tumbleweeds [videorecording] / Fine Line Features presents in association with Spanky Pictures a Solaris production with River One Films a Gavin O'Connor film.
PN1995.9.F6714 A7646 2011L'armée du crime [videorecording] / AGAT Films & Cie présente une coproduction AGAT Films & Cie StudioCanal France 3 Cinéma scénario, Robert Guédiguian, Serge Le Péron, Gilles Taurand produit par Domique Barneaud, Marc Bordure, Robert Guédiguian.
PN1995.9.F6714 P678 2011Potíche [videorecording] / Mandarin Cinéma présente en coproduction avec FOZ ... [et al.] avec la participation de Canal + produit par Eric & Nicolas Altmayer un film de François Ozon scénario, adaptation, et dialogues, François Ozon.
PN1995.9.F6714 V47 2004Verso sera [videorecording] = By nightfall / Italian International Film Leo Pescarolo & Erich Heumann presentano una coproduzione Italo-Francese Ellepi Film s.r.l., Paradis films regia di Francesca Archibugi prodotto da Leo Prescarolo, Guideo De Laurentiis sceneggiatura di Francesca Archibugi, Gloria Malatesta, Claudia Sbarigia.
PN1995.9.F6715 H47 2001Herz aus Glas [videorecording] = Heart of glass / ein Film von Werner Herzog nach einem Drebuch von Herbert Achternbusch Werner Herzog Filmproduktion.
PN1995.9.F67166 G36 2011En ganske snill mann [videorecording] = A somewhat gentle man / Paradox presenterer en film av Hans Petter Moland manus, Kim Fupz Aakeson prodsenter, Finn Gjerdrum & Stein B. Kvae.
PN1995.9.F67167 S24 2002Safar-i Qandahār [videorecording] = Kandahar / Makhmalbaf Film House, Bac Films, Studio Canal produced, written, directed and edited by Mohsen Makhmalbaf.
PN1995.9.F6718 R33 2011Rage [videorecording] / un producción de Guillermo Del Toro un producción de Telecinco Cinema ... [et al.] en asociación Tequila Gang una película de Sebastián Cordero producida por Álvaro Augustín, Rodrigo Guerrero, Eneko Lizarraga, Bertha Navarro, Guillermo Del Toro guión y dirección Sebastián Cordero.
PN1995.9.F6718 T596 2006Todo el poder [videorecording] = Gimme power / Altavista Films & Nuvisión presentan producción Francisco Gonzalez Compeán, Fernando Sariñana dirección Fernando Sariñana. La ley de Herodes = Herod's law / Bandidos Films presentan guión Luis Estrada ... [et al.] escrita y dirigida por Luis Estrada.
PN1995.9.F8 B75 1999Bride of Frankenstein [videorecording] / a Universal picture produced by Carl Laemmle, Jr. screenplay by William Hurlbut directed by James Whale.
PN1995.9.F8 F73 1999Frankenstein [videorecording] : [the man who made a monster] / Universal Pictures Corporation produced by Carl Laemmle, Jr. screenplay, Garrett Fort, Francis Edwards Faragoh directed by James Whale.
PN1995.9.G3 W45 2005White heat [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Warner Bros.-First National picture screen play by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts produced by Louis F. Edelman directed by Raoul Walsh.
PN1995.9.H6 C734 2000Creature from the Black Lagoon [videorecording] / Universal Pictures Co.
PN1995.9.H6 P43 2000Phantom of the Opera [videorecording] / a Universal Picture screenplay by Eric Taylor, Samuel Hoffentstein adaptation by John Jacoby directed by Arthur Lubin produced by George Waggner.
PN1995.9.H6 W625 1999The wolf man [videorecording] / Universal screenplay by Curt Siodmak directed by George Waggner.
PN1995.9.L6 P86 2003Punch-drunk love [videorecording] / Revolution Studios/New Line Cinema presents a Joanne Sellar/Ghoulardi Film Co. production produced by Joanne Sellar, Daniel Lupi and Paul Thomas Anderson written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.
PN1995.9.M65 R56 2000RKO 281 [videorecording] / HBO Pictures presents in association with WGBH Boston a Scott Free production a Benjamin Ross film Labrador Films produced by Su Armstrong written by John Logan directed by Benjamin Ross.
PN1995.9.M83 M856 1999The mummy [videorecording] / Universal Picture Carl Laemmle presents director, Karl Freund.
PN1995.9.M86 E34 20038 mile [videorecording] / Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment present a Brian Grazer/Curtis Hanson production producers, Brian Grazer, Curtis Hanson, Jimmy Iovine writer, Scott Silver director, Curtis Hanson.
PN1995.9.P6 B54 2000The big brass ring [videorecording] / Millenium Films presents a Donald Zuckerman/PFILMCO production a George Hickenlooper film.
PN1995.9.S694 S724 1998Star trek, first contact [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures.
PN1995.9.T4 R66 2006The Ron Clark story [videorecording] / producers, Tom Cox ... [et al.] written by Max Ensco & Annie de Young directed by Randa Haines a Granada America production in association with Old Bean Town Films a co-production with Alberta Film Entertainment.
PN1995.9.V3 D723 1999Dracula [videorecording] / Universal Studios produced by Carl Laemmle, Jr.
PN1995.9.W4 B547 2005Big Jake [videorecording] / Batjac Productions a Cinema Center Films presentation a Batjac production produced by Michael Wayne written by Harry Julian Fink and R.M. Fink directed by George Sherman.
PN1997.2 .B55 2010The blind side [videorecording] / Alcon Entertainment Zucker/Netter Productions produced by Broderick Johnson, Andrew A. Kosove, Gil Netter written by John Lee Hancock directed by John Lee Hancock.
PN1997.5 .C74 2000Creature comforts [videorecording].
PN1997.5 .N56 20099 [videorecording] = Numéro 9 / Focus Features Relativity Media Starz Animation produced by Timur Bekmambetov, Tim Burton, Dana Ginsburg, Jinko Gotoh, Jim Lemley story by Shane Acker screenplay by Pamela Pettler directed by Shane Acker.
PN1997.5 .P59 2007Pixar short films collection. Volume 1 [videorecording].
PN1997.5 .R56 2011Rio [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox Animation presents a Blue Sky Studios production screenplay by Don Rhymer and Joshua Sternin & Jeffrey Ventimilia and Sam Harper produced by Bruce Anderson, John C. Donkin directed by Carlos Saldanha.
PN1997.5 F292 2010Fantasia [videorecording] : Fantasia 2000 / Walt Disney Pictures directors, Ben Sharpsteen ... [et al.].
PQ2287.M5 B682 2011Les misérables in concert [videorecording] : the 25th anniversary, live, the O₂ : the legendary musical / based on the novel by Victor Hugo music by Claude-Michel Schönberg lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer original French text by Alain Boublil and Jean-Marc Natel concert produced by Cameron Mackintosh film director, Nick Morris.
PQ4390 .D2734 1999Dante and the divine comedy [videorecording] / Cromwell Productions producer, Lara Lowe written by Dave Manson, Sonia Overall.
PQ4862.A6745 N682 2001The legend of 1900 [videorecording] = Légende du Pianiste sur l'ocean / Alliance Atlantis directed by Giuseppe Tornatore.
PR2807.A2 D57 2011Discovering Hamlet [videorecording] / written and directed by Mark Olshaker produced by Larry Klein Unicorn Projects, Inc.
PR5774 .I512 2004The invisible man [videorecording] / a Universal picture directed by James Whale produced by Carl Laemmle, Jr. screenplay, R.C. Sherriff.
PR6005.H66 A33 2010The Agatha Christie hour. Set 1 [videorecording] / Thames Television dramatized by Freda Kelsall, William Corlett and T.R. Brown directed by Michael Simpson, Desmond Davis and Brian Farnham produced by Pat Sandys.
PR6005.H66 A3312 2010The Agatha Christie hour. Set 2 [videorecording] / directed by John Frankau ... [et al.] produced by Pat Sandys.
PR6005.R68 C52 2009The citadel [videorecording] / a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture directed by King Vidor produced by Victor Saville screenplay, Ian Dalrymple, Frank Wead, Elizabeth Hill additional dialogue, Emlyn Williams.
PR6066.E116 D362 2010The damned United [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures and BBC Films present in association with Screen Yorkshire a Left Bank Pictures production directed by Tom Hooper screenplay by Peter Morgan produced by Andy Harries.
PS3513.E2 H692 2001Dr. Seuss' how the Grinch stole Christmas [videorecording] / Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment a Brian Grazer Production screenplay by Jeffrey Price & Peter S. Seaman produced by Brian Grazer directed by Ron Howard.
PS3563.O5537 I242 2000The ice storm [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight Pictures presents a Good Machine production an Ang Lee film produced by Ted Hope, James Schamus and Ang Lee screenplay by James Schamus directed by Ang Lee.
PS3611.I44 S382 2008The secret life of bees [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight Pictures presents an Overbrook Entertainment and Donners' Company production produced by James Lassiter, Joe Pichirallo, Lauren Shuler Donner, Will Smith screenplay by Gina Prince-Bythewood directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood.
QA37.3 .E392 2011Mathematics describing the real world [videorecording] : precalculus and trigonometry / Bruce H. Edwards.
QA37.3 .E392 2011Mathematics describing the real world [videorecording] : precalculus and trigonometry / Bruce H. Edwards.
QA371 .D482 2011Mastering differential equations [videorecording] : the visual method.
QA371 .D482 2011Mastering differential equations [videorecording] : the visual method.
QC903 .M43 2010Measuring the earth's temperature [videorecording] / produced by Centre Communications, Inc. for Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc. producer, Ron Meyer director/writer, Ron Meyer.
QH70.F8 A55 2009Un animal, des animaux [videorecording] / Les Films d'Ici ... [et al.] présentent un film de Nicolas Philibert producteur délégué, Serge Lalou.
QL737.P96 N46 2011Nénette [videorecording] / Les Films d'ici présentent en coproduction avec Forum des Images un film de Nicolas Philbert producer, Serge Lalou directed by Nicolas Philibert.
RC388 .D66 2002Door-to-door [videorecording] / TNT presents a Rosemont Productions International Production in association with Angel/Brown Productions in association with Spirit Dance Productions producer, Warren Carr writers, William H. Macy, Steven Schachter director, Steven Schachter.
SF287 .P382 2010The modern horseman's countdown to broke [videorecording] : real do-it-yourself horse training in 33 comprehensive steps / Sean Patrick.
TL540.E3 E98 2010The extraordinary life of Amelia Earhart [videorecording] / producer/director, David Hamilton writer, William Manley.
TR140.G33 S63 2010Smash his camera [videorecording] / Magnolia Pictures a Got the Shot Production film produced by Adam Schlesinger and Linda Saffire directed by Leon Gast.

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Location: Media Score

Call NumberTitle/Author
M322.R68 .T75 2002Trio per clarinetto, violoncello e pianoforte (1973) / Nino Rota.
M322.R68 .T75 2002Trio per clarinetto, violoncello e pianoforte (1973) / Nino Rota.

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Location: Microform Film

Call NumberTitle/Author
Cabinet 17 F472.A2 A3[Adair County, Missouri vital records]. Circuit Court case files / [microform] / Adair County, Missouri Circuit Court.

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Location: Missouriana Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
E185.93.M7 N63 2010African Americans in mid-Missouri : from pioneers to ragtimers / Rose M. Nolen.
F466 .B246 2010The Santa Fe Trail in Missouri / Mary Collins Barile.
F474.A77 A785 2008Arrow Rock : where the past is the future / edited by Abigail Pheiffer, Leah Gallo and Shane Epping.
F474.K57 K577 1960Kirksville, northern Missouri's progressive center of education.
GR111.A47 .C35 2009Stories from the heart : Missouri's African American heritage / collected and told by Gladys Caines Coggswell.
GV875.S3 F452 2011Gibson's last stand : the rise, fall, and near misses of the St. Louis Cardinals, 1969-1975 / Doug Feldmann.
HN80.E27 H37 2011Abandoned in the heartland : work, family, and living in East St. Louis / Jennifer F. Hamer.
HV6248.M256 J64 2011The Mack Marsden murder mystery : vigilantism or justice? / by Joe Johnston.
HV6452.M8 M35 2009Outlaw tales of Missouri : true stories of the Show Me State's most infamous crooks, culprits, and cutthroats / Sean McLachlan.
HV6465.M8 H87 2010White man's heaven : the lynching and expulsion of blacks in the Southern Ozarks, 1894-1909 / Kimberly Harper.
L903.M8 M37MDR's school directory. Missouri.
PS1302 .K53 1994Mark Twain on writing and publishing / [compiled by Kathy Kiernan].
QE131 .V56 2011Gargoyle country : the inspiring geology of Springfield and Greene County / by Jerry D. Vineyard.

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Location: Popular Reading

Call NumberTitle/Author
BF575.G7 L337 2011Healing grief, finding peace : 101 ways to cope with the death of your loved one / by Louis E. LaGrand.
BR1725.W325 A3 2011One call away : answering life's challenges with unshakable faith / Brenda Warner with Jennifer Schuchmann.
E840.8.C43 A3 2011In my time : a personal and political memoir / Dick Cheney with Liz Cheney.
E842 .O38 2011Jacqueline Kennedy : historic conversations on life with John F. Kennedy, interviews with Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., 1964 / foreword by Caroline Kennedy introduction and annotations by Michael Beschloss.
GV1062 .L83 2010A few degrees from hell : the 2003 Badwater Ultramarathon / Scott Ludwig.
GV1250.2.Y36 A3 2011All in / Jerry Yang with Mark Tabb.
HC102.5.J63 J63 2011I, Steve : Steve Jobs, in his own words / edited by George Beahm.
HF5415.153 .G35 2011The innovation secrets of Steve Jobs : insanely different : principles for breakthrough success / Carmine Gallo.
HN25 .H367 2011The wealth cure : putting money in its place / Hill Harper.
HQ1075 .W36 2010Living dolls : the return of sexism / Natasha Walter.
HV1347 .D38 2011Kisses from Katie / Katie Davis, with Beth Clark.
ML418.M2 A3 2011It's so easy : and other lies / Duff McKagan.
NK2113 .B346 2011Soulspace : creating a home that is free of clutter, full of beauty, and inspired by you / Xorin Balbes foreword by Marianne Williamson.
PN1998.3.M665 A3 2011Here comes trouble : stories from my life / Michael Moore.
PN2287.D358 A3 2011Seriously-- I'm kidding / Ellen DeGeneres.
PN6727.A383 E46 2010Elmer / written & illustrated by Gerry Alanguilan.
PN6727.C499 D36 2010Dante's Divine comedy / adapted by Seymour Chwast.
PN6727.C565 W55 2010Wilson / by Daniel Clowes.
PN6727.S255 T84 2011 21 : the story of Roberto Clemente : a graphic novel / by Wilfred Santiago.
PN6727.S79 M37 2010Market day / James Sturm.
PN6728.A4689 M54 2010The amazing screw-on head and other curious objects / by Mike Mignola, Katie Mignola colors by Dave Stewart letters by Clem Robins & Pat Brosseau.
PN6728.R4938 M33 2010The return of the Dapper Men / written by Jim McCann art by Janet Lee lettered by Dave Lanphear edited by Stephen Christy.
PR6051.R285 O55 2011Only time will tell / Jeffrey Archer.
PR6120.O98 S26 2011Sanctus / Simon Toyne.
PS3552.O495 N54 2011The night strangers : a novel / Chris Bohjalian.
PS3552.R718 L48 2011Lethal / Sandra Brown.
PS3553.A73257 C55 2011The Christmas shoppe / Melody Carlson.
PS3553.H4838 A63 2011The affair : a Reacher novel / Lee Child.
PS3558.O3447 D68 2011The dovekeepers : a novel / Alice Hoffman.
PS3563.A2364 A13 20111225 Christmas Tree Lane / Debbie Macomber.
PS3563.I7358 S43 2011Second nature : a love story / Jacquelyn Mitchard.
PS3569.A516 W533 2009Wicked prey / John Sandford.
PS3569.P363 B477 2011The best of me / Nicholas Sparks.
PS3573.O6418 O27 2011An O'Brien family Christmas / Sherryl Woods.
PS3604.I2255 L36 2011The language of flowers : a novel / Vanessa Diffenbaugh.
RM237.87 .D38 2011Wheat belly : lose the wheat, lose the weight, and find your path back to health / William Davis.
SF295.565.S66 L48 2011The eighty-dollar champion : Snowman, the horse that inspired a nation / Elizabeth Letts.
SF411.47 .K38 2011Going home : finding peace when pets die / Jon Katz.
TT705 .B225 2011Sewing in a straight line : quick & crafty projects you can make by simply sewing straight / Brett Bara.
TX714 .F58 2011Joanne Fluke's Lake Eden cookbook / Joanne Fluke.

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Location: Rare Books

Call NumberTitle/Author
N7433.4.K466 D63 2010DNA collector book : live can damage your health = Livre collecteur d'ADN : vivre peut nuire à votre santé / Christine Kermaire.
N7433.4.K466 F654 2009Flight textile book two / Christine Kermaire.

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Location: Reference

Call NumberTitle/Author
AY67.N5 W7The World almanac and book of facts.
BF176 T45 1984Test critiques / Daniel J. Keyser, Richard C. Sweetland, general editors.
BL590 .R46 2011Religious celebrations : an encyclopedia of holidays, festivals, solemn observances, and spiritual commemorations / J. Gordon Melton, editor with James A. Beverley, Christopher Buck, Constance A. Jones.
BL590 .R46 2011Religious celebrations : an encyclopedia of holidays, festivals, solemn observances, and spiritual commemorations / J. Gordon Melton, editor with James A. Beverley, Christopher Buck, Constance A. Jones.
BL82 .P46 2010The Penguin handbook of the world's living religions / edited by John R. Hinnells.
HA1955 .A49African statistical yearbook. Annuaire statistique pour l'Afrique.
HN90.P8 G34The Gallup poll: public opinion.
KF101.1 .D535Digest of United States Supreme Court reports.
KFM7830 .A47Vernon's annotated Missouri statutes.
L900 .P48Peterson's private secondary schools.
L901 .B468 2011The best 376 colleges / by Robert Franek ... [et al.].
L901 .I54The Insiders' guide to the colleges.
L901 .N48The Fiske guide to colleges / by Edward B. Fiske [et al.].
L901 .P448Peterson's two-year colleges 2012.
L901 .S567 2010Best buys in college education / Lucia Solórzano.
LA217.2 .A45 2011The almanac of American education, 2011 / edited by Deirdre A. Gaquin and Sarah E. Baltic.
LB1771 .W6Requirements for certification of teachers, counselors, librarians, administrators for elementary and secondary schools.
LB2351.2 .C6414 2011College handbook 2012 / College Board.
LC4705 .L434 2009Learning disabilities sourcebook : basic consumer health information about dyslexia, auditory and visual processing disorders, communication disorders, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and other conditions that impede learning, including attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorders, hearing and visual impairments, chromosome-based disorders, and brain injury along with facts about brain function, assessment, therapy and remediation, accommodations, assistive technology, legal protections, and tips about family life, school transitions, and employment strategies, a glossary of related terms, and directories of additional resources / edited by Joyce Brennfleck Shannon.
ML128.B49 F67 2007A blues bibliography / Robert Ford.
PN1993.5.U6 B653 2011Historical dictionary of American cinema / M. Keith Booker.
QA47 .M3152CRC standard mathematical tables and formulae.
RC1206 .E53 2011Encyclopedia of sports medicine / edited by Lyle J. Micheli.
Z5725 .S93 2010Death and dying : an annotated bibliography of the thanatological literature / John F. Szabo.
Z695.1.P7 T48 2007Thesaurus of psychological index terms.

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Location: Special Collections Faculty

Call NumberTitle/Author
F3721.1.S54 H55 2007Highland Indians and the state in modern Ecuador / edited by A. Kim Clark and Marc Becker.

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Location: Special Collections Schwengel

Call NumberTitle/Author
E457.5 .O74 2011Killing Lincoln : the shocking assassination that changed America forever / Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard.

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Location: U S Documents


Encouraging Discovery
Call NumberTitle/Author
HE 1.2:M 86/2Let's move faith and communities : toolkit for faith-based & neighborhood organizations.
HE 20.4002:F 46/KITFight BAC! [kit] : presenter's kit.
HE 20.427:IL 6/KITIllness management and recovery [kit] : evidence-based practices KIT.