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Alumni Roster: 1917

The Bulletin of the First District Normal School 17:4 (April 1917)

It is now eighteen years since a publication was made of the names of the graduates of the First District Normal School with their present occupations and addresses. The collecting of them has been difficult and is not as yet complete. Some of the addresses, too, have not been verified, and there are probably many errors. This directory in its incompleteness is published with the idea that it is the forerunner of a directory which shall be complete and accurate.

There has been some question as to what constitutes a graduate of this Normal School since there have been many different certificates and diplomas. It has been decided that one shall be counted as a graduate who receives a diploma authorizing the holder to teach in any of the public schools of Missouri for life.

It is earnestly desired that errors in this directory will be reported promptly; that every one who chances to scan it will endeavor to assist in making a more nearly perfect list. Kindly report errors and changes at once to P.O. Selby, Registrar, First District Normal School, Kirksville, MO.

Graduation Year Name, Occupation, City
1900 Alice Adams, Mrs. W.J. Shepard, Columbia
1905 Coral Adams, Mrs. Kube (widow), Teacher Greenwood School, Kirksville
1913 Eunice V. Adams, Teacher in high school, Kirksville
1902 Mattie Adams, Mrs. W.T. Bovie, Boston, Mass.
1910 Nell V. Adams, Teacher in high school, Butler
1907 Wallace Adams, Adams Bros. Hardware, Kirksville
1908 Will R. Adams, Adams Bros. Hardware, Kirksville
1913 Ola Cleo Ader, Teacher in high school, Cincinnati, Ia.
1916 Mary E. Alderton, Rural school teacher, Canton 
1890 J.T. Aldridge
1895 Fred William Alexander, (former address) Moberly
1906 Nell Alexander, Teacher in high school, Paris
1905 Thomas Alexander, Professor of Elementary Education, George Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville, Tenn.
1908 Daisy Alkire, Teacher, 3672 Massachusetts St., Gary, Ind.
1905 Maude Alkire, Mrs. Wright, Forbes, Holt Co. 
1892 Catherine Eleanor Allen
1902 Effa Alta Allen, Mrs. Ed Grim, Kirksville
1903 Grover C. Allen, Druggist, Moundville 
1902 H.T. Allen, Publisher, Dawson County Review, Glendive, Mont.
1910 Ross C. Allen, Dentist, Kirksville
1903 Bertha Allison, Mrs. C.E. Tompkins, Prescott, Wash.
1908 Fern B. Allison, Mrs. Black, Kahoka
1882 J.O. Allison, Lawyer, New London; member Board of Regents of First District Normal School
1890 Emma Ammerman
1900 Susan Luella Anderson, died
1881 W.B. Anderson, Superintendent, Monticello 
1914 Katherine Elizabeth Andrews, Teacher in high school, Troy 
1916 James Thomas Angus, Principal of elementary school, Fulton
1916 Wilmer Kendall Armstrong, Superintendent, Meadville 
1916 Bertha Eleanor Arni, Primary teacher, Okmulgee, Okla.
1885 R.B. Arnold, died
1902 S.W. Arnold, Mills & Arnold Lumber Co., Kirksville
1899 Cordelia Ashlock, Mrs. John G. Brown, Helena, Mont.
1903 Kate Ashlock, Mrs. J.H. Seigfried, Kenawick, Wash.
1894 George Washington Atterberry
1880 I.F. Atterbury
1909 Bertha Autenreith, Mrs. Earl Meeks, 5900 McPherson Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
1893 Charles Bagg
1882 Nellie Bagg, Mrs. Glaize
1911 Florence Bailey, Mrs. T.C. Carpenter, Des Moines, Iowa
1911 Jessie E. Bailey, Teacher in high school, Moberly 
1903 Loa E. Bailey, Librarian, Portland, Ore.
1912 S. Leonard Bailey, Osteopath, Carthage 
1904 Charlotte Bain, Webster Groves 
1893 Susan Adelia Baird, Elementary school teacher, Kirksville
1901 Edna Baker, Mrs. A.P. Dralle, Fresno, Cal.
1900 Florence Baker
1899 Gwyn H. Baker, Fresno, Cal.
1879 W.B. Baker, California [died 1889 per 1924 Alumni Directory]
1874 W.H. Baker, California
1878 Anna Baldwin, Mrs. G.W. Sublette, 1929 3d Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn.
1879 Cora B. Baldwin, Mrs. Haston, Kindergarten teacher, 6105 York Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal.
1880 Olivia A. Baldwin, Missionary, 246 Cedar St., San Diego, Cal.
1915 Flora E. Ballard, Teacher in high school, Bethany 
1905 Zula A. Ballenger
1905 Harriet H. Ballenger
1911 Ina G. Baltzell, Teaching near Elsberry 
1909 James E. Baltzell, Superintendent, Worden, Montana
1907 Charles Banks, Superintendent, Kirksville
1904 W.J. Banning, Farmer, Route 1, Kirksville
1909 Pearle Elizabeth Barker, Mrs. Earl Johnson, Browning
1903 Ray Barker, Elementary school teacher, Kirksville
1913 Vergil H. Barker, Superintendent, Glasgow 
1874 J.U. Barnard, died
1885 R.E. Barnard, Teaching in high school, Cabool 
1900 Susie Barnes, Student, Columbia University, New York City
1888 E.E. Barnett, Arrow Rock 
1913 Paul W. Barnett, Principal of high school, De Soto 
1884 R.W. Barrow, Lawyer, Macon 
1907 Mabel A. Bartholomew
1876 John Barton
1912 George V. Baskett, Furniture and undertaking business, Gorin 
1904 Clara Belle Bassett, Mrs. Koblitz, 311½ W. Rollins St., Moberly 
1894 William Batchelar
1907 Mabel Bates, Teaching in elementary school, Palo Alto, Cal.
1906 John Baum, Farming, Savannah 
1914 Marvin F. Beach, Teaching in high school, Moberly 
1906 Mary Beatty, Mrs. Harry L. Kitselman, Muncie, Ind.
1908 H.S. Beckner, Farming, Rutledge
1887 Adaline Bell
1912 Maude Bell, Teacher of eighth grade, Macon 
1887 G. Bellamy, died
1907 John Claybourn Beattie, Farming, Hamilton 
1910 G.F. Bennett, Farming, Bement, Ill.
1909 Emma Benning, Moberly 
1907 Allen Berger, Teaching Manual Arts in Okla. A&M College, Stillwater, Okla.
1910 Eolian Baird Berger, Teaching rural school, Middletown 
1910 Sarah Elvira Berger, Middletown 
1873 C.W. Bigger, Lawyer, Carthage 
1915 Ruth Hall Billington, Kirksville
1903 Clara Blackwell, Teaching in Whittier School; address Rt. 1 Box 55A, Mt. Washington, Kansas City
1894 Hubbard Blair, Superintendent, Earle, Ark.
1904 Vera Blake, home address Rockport
1893 Clarence Alva Blocher, Principal Morse School; address 3132 Euclid, Kansas City
1897 Christopher Columbus Blue, Florida, Mo.
1897 John Carlyle Bohne
1897 Elmer Clinton Bohon, Superintendent, Savannah
1907 Mertie E. Bohon, Mrs. Elmer Gardhouse, Ewing
1900 A. Grace Bohrer, Mrs. Oliver McCardell, 132 A St., Washington, D.C.
1913 Ira Everett Boley, Principal of elementary school, Fort Madison, Ia.
1915 James Clarence Bond, Superintendent, Keytesville 
1893 L. Alice Bond, Mrs. W.B. Christy, Kirksville
1910 Adda Bondurant, Mrs. Noah Kapper, Wyaconda 
1906 C.E. Bonnett, Professor of Political Science in University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, N.M.
1909 Stephen Fish Bonney, Superintendent, Shelbina 
1913 Jackson A. Boucher, Principal, Mooresville 
1909 Manly D. Boucher, Superintendent, Monroe City 
1914 S. Morris Boucher, Teacher in high school, Paris 
1915 Wiley Reeves Boucher, Superintendent, Smithville 
1900 Genevieve Bovard, Home address Monroe City 
1890 C.W. Bowen, Proprietor Bowen’s Drug Store and Conductor of Bowen Institute of Pharmacy, Brunswick 
1899 Pansy Bowen, Mrs. H.H. Laughlin, Cold Spring Harbor, L.I., N.Y.
1892 Ruby Dorothy Bowen, Mrs. J.A. Cooley, Kirksville
1885 A.M. Boyd, Milan
1895 James Perry Boyd, Attorney, Paris
1897 Walter Scott Boyd, Former address, Vandalia 
1904 M.A. Boyes, Osteopath, 1024 Market St., Parkersburg, W.Va.
1912 Florence Bradley, Assistant director of physical education, public schools of Kansas City; address South Side Inn, Kansas City 
1911 Helen Bradley, Teacher in Karnes School, Kansas City; address South Side Inn, Kansas City
1875 J.R. Bradley, Merchant, Bucoda, Wash.
1886 S.P. Bradley, Superintendent, Rolla 
1905 Ida Ione Bradshaw, Mrs Valliere.
1886 A.J. Bradsher, Farmer, Clifton Hill 
1899 Delos Austin Bragg, Farming, La Plata
1908 Minnie Bragg, Mrs. McClellan, Dwight, Ill.
1908 Louise H. Brandes, Moscow Mills 
1907 Florence Brasfield, Teacher, Indianapolis, Ind.
1896 Ida Brashear, Mrs. Geo. R. Barker, Boise, Idaho
1892 Minnie Brashear, Professor of English, University of Idaho, Moscow, Id.
1904 Roma Brashear, Librarian, Galveston, Texas
1916 Neita Brawford, Elementary school teacher, Unionville
1912 Cora Brennenstuhl, Trenton 
1901 Basil Brewer, Cincinnati, Ohio
1903 Jessie Brewer, Pasadena, Cal.
1904 Margaret Brewer, Mrs. O.D. McKasson, Kirksville
1916 Anna Elizabeth Brewington, Student, University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
1915 Eula Grace Bridges, Teacher, St. Charles, Ill.
1909 F.E. Bridwell, Superintendent, Marceline
1904 Eleanor Brier, Mrs. Robert Minton, Mound City 
1904 Samuel Charles Brightman, Superintendent, Lamar 
1904 De Etta Broadbent, Joplin 
1911 Fred E. Brooks, Minister, Mineola, L.I., N.Y.
1898 Claude S. Brother
1898 Amy Brown, St. Joseph
1884 J.D. Brown
1903 Leona Brown, Mrs. Thorpe, Dallas, Tex.
1906 M.O. Brown, Superintendent, Miller 
1904 Sallie Brown, County superintendent, Lincoln County, Troy 
1912 Sylva G. Browne, Assistant Librarian, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1907 Corintha Bruce, Teaching rural school, Chillicothe 
1899 H.S. Bruce, Oklahoma
1886 J.J. Brummitt, Ogden, Utah
1914 Fred Bruner, Teacher in high school, Unionville 
1899 Cora Clyde Buchanan, died 1916
1907 Mattie Buchanan
1902 Sara F. Buchanan, Mrs. McBee, Greentop
1905 Ernest H. Buck, St. Maries, Idaho
1905 Jesse V. Buck, Superintendent, Couer d’Alene, Idaho
1896 Frank Fitzhugh Buckner, from Paris
1915 Christine Editha Bunch, Teacher in high school, Frankford
1904 Joseph E. Burch, Superintendent, Kemmerer, Wyoming
1894 Mary Porter Burk, from Trenton 
1905 Sarah Bliss Burkeholder, Teacher in high school, Lees Summit 
1907 Alice Burnham, Teacher in high school, Neosho
1913 William Elwood Burnham, Teacher in high school, Sikeston 
1897 Pius Elmer Burns
1911 J.A. Burnside, Superintendent, Huntsville 
1914 W.H. Burress, Principal of high school, Bethany
1908 Ora Franklin Burris, Kirksville
1891 George Finley Burton
1875 Jennie Burton, died
1908 Clyde Busby, Superintendent, Canton 
1916 Carey Pharaba May Butler, Student of Music, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
1911 Cecil Letitia Belle Butler, Lexington 
1911 T. Vergil Buzard, Shipping clerk, Taylor Paper Co., Memphis, Tenn.
1876 Sallie C. Callaway, Mrs. Larkins, Visalia, Cal.
1904 Sidney E. Calvert, Student, Washington State College, Pullman, Wash.
1912 Arlie G. Capps, Student, University of Missouri, Columbia 
1917 Ora Lee Capps, Farming, Stahl
1900 J.A. Carmack, Student, University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
1899 Adra Carnahan, from Economy 
1877 Ella Carothers, Mrs. T.H.B. Dunnegan, Bolivar 
1896 Manville Carothers, Post Office clerk, Kirksville
1908 Lucy Grant Carpenter, Mrs. Bly, Centralia 
1876 William Thomas Carrington, President, State Normal School, Springfield
1880 A.B. Carroll, Chicago, Ill.
1884 Beryl F. Carroll, Ex-Governor of Iowa, President, Provident Life Insurance Co., Des Moines, Iowa
1915 Senora Lucille Carsten, Teacher in high school, Kirksville
1903 Clay L. Carter, Farming, Hallsville 
1907 Ethyl Carter, from Moberly 
1911 Isabelle Carter, Student, University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
1913 Jennie V. Case, Elementary school teacher, Humphreys
1911 Susan Case, Mrs. Paul Phipps, Princeton
1916 Amy Casebeer, Chula
1900 Adah Caskey, Mrs. Irvin Cockrell, 2310 Andrews Ave., New York City
1887 Mollie Chambliss
1888 Mollie Chancellor, Mrs _____, New Franklin 
1915 Anna Byrd Chapman, Hunnewell 
1914 Nellie G. Cheuvront, Principal of high school, Emerson 
1916 Nellie Beatrice Childers, Teacher in high school, Cincinnati, Iowa
1885 C.C. Childress, Superintendent, Willows, Cal.
1900 Lottie Christine, Mrs. Caryl Smith, Aberdeen, Wash.
1917 Edith Elizabeth Christy, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville   
1911 Edith Clarkson, Teacher in high school, Memphis
1916 Glen Uriel Cleeton, Principal, Kinloch 
1901 Artie Keller Cleveland, Teaching, Santa Ana, Cal.
1915 Mabel Claire Clough, Mrs.H.M. Patterson, St. Louis
1916 Madalin Clough, Wyaconda
1912 Robert S. Clough, Student, University of Missouri, Columbia 
1874 Thomas Cloyd
1913 A.B. Cluster, Middletown 
1909 Susan Almira Clymans, Mrs. M.M. Ramsey, Trumbull, Neb.
1908 Ada Cochran, Mrs. Fred E. Brooks, Mineola, L.I., N.Y.   
1914 Lois Dean Cochran, Teacher in high school, Knox City
1912 Sina Inez Cochran, Teacher in high school, Knox City
1900 W. Lemuel Cochrane
1916 Lowell Ercell Cockrill, Teaching rural school, Edgerton 
1911 Belle Cockrum, Teacher in high school, Armstrong 
1907 Mary Ethel Cockrum, Mrs. Leslie, Bartlesville, Okla.
1900 Alexander Brainard Coffey, died 1915
1911 Bessie L. Coffey, Mrs. John Megown, Big Timber, Mont.
1904 S.A. Coffman, from Rush, Andrew Co.
1914 Charley C. Cokerham, Superintendent, Udell, Iowa
1892 Jennie E. Cole
1873 William E. Coleman, died 1893
1913 Hubert Lee Collett, Insurance agent, Kirksville
1916 Ruth Faustina Collett, Novinger 
1904 Cora B. Collier, from Trenton
1882 S.A. Conway
1888 E.L. Cooley, Physician, Lister Bldg; home, 937 Hamilton Ave., St. Louis 
1905 A.E. Coppers, Teacher in high school; address, 214 Washington Ave., Batavia, Ill.
1913 Luna Corbin, Mrs. Farmer, Evanston, Wyo.
1916 Orlando Clell Corbin, Teacher in high school, Kirksville
1899 Lida Corken
1887 Charles W. Cornelius, Osteopath, 485 Cherbrooke St., Winnipeg, Ont., Canada
1908 B.L. Cornmesser, Teacher in high school, Pine Bluff, Ark.
1911 G.W. Corporon, Editor, Arcadia, Kansas
1906 Thomas Albert Costolow, Lawyer, 3735 Wayne Ave., Kansas City 
1911 William Evert Costolow, Student, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.
1916 Lura Cowan, Teacher in high school, Gorin
1881 T.S. Cox, Texas
1915 Ben Rudy Craig, Teacher in high school, Kirksville
1909 Carrie Craig, Walnut, Ill.
1916 John William Craig, Teacher in high school, Kirksville
1915 Malcolm Everette Craig, Student in Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.
1910 Wade Stanley Craig, Teacher in Manual Arts high school, Los Angeles, Cal.
1895 Thomas Austin Craighead, Superintendent, Krebs, Okla.
1914 Nola Crandall, Teacher in high school, Green City 
1906 Clara N. Crawford, Teacher; address, Y.W.C.A., Jacksonville, Fla.
1904 Daphne Crawford, Teacher in high school, Monroe City 
1893 Lydia Margaret Crawford, died
1916 Lula J. Crecelius, Assistant librarian, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1908 Margaret Crecelius, Porter School, Kirksville
1906 Edna L. Creek, Mrs. Alfred Seyb, Kahoka 
1916 Mary Crigler, Teacher in elementary school, Novinger 
1899 Ellen J. Crockett, Kingston 
1902 George Crockett, Contractor, Kingston 
1913 Herman Lee Crookshank, Superintendent, Laclede
1913 John A. Crookshank, Principal of high school, Excelsior Springs 
1913 Luther Vincent Crookshank, Superintendent, Braymer 
1884 S.A. Crookshanks, Dinuba, Cal.
1912 Bessie Crystal, Teacher in high school, Marceline 
1906 Frank Culler, Lawyer, Palmyra  
1874 G.W. Cullison, Lawyer, Harlan, Iowa
1877 Irene Cumberlin, Mrs. Murphin, Moulton, Iowa
1911 Bertha Cummins, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1908 Dimple Cupp, Mrs. Wallace Adams, Kirksville
1879 A.O. Daman
1903 George Nelson Dance, Lawyer, W. Paden St., Blackwell, Okla.
1904 Cannie Damron, Mrs. Bert Harry, Doniphan 
1910 Ora M. Daniel, Clarence, Mo.
1911 Bessey L. Daugherty, Teacher in elementary school, Cameron 
1907 Blanche C. Daugherty, Mrs. Lewis Sims, Cameron 
1873 C.B. Daughters, Manhattan, Kansas
1915 Joseph M. Davidson, Superintendent, Greencastle 
1893 Allie Davis, Teacher in elementary school, Shoshone, Wyo.
1910 Fanny Davis, Mrs. Allee, Bloomfield, Iowa
1913 Glen Davenport Davis, Farming, Princeton
1916 India Davis, Teacher in high school, Cincinnati, Iowa
1904 Lucie Davis, Mrs. A.G. French, 135 Onondaga St., Syracuse, N.Y.
1915 Martha E. Davis, Teacher of a rural school, Willow Creek, Mont.
1884 Miriam Davis, Mrs. Frank Mitchell, Mound City 
1872 O.P. Davis, died
1898 Sallie Frances Davis, Mrs. Wilson (widow), Kirksville
1911 Lenora Davisson, Bethany
1914 Flossie Deaver, Principal of high school, Wyaconda 
1902 Morris Edwin Derfler, Physician, Novinger 
1899 John A. De Tienne, Osteopath, New York City, N.Y.
1916 Ethel M. Devier, Mrs. Grover T. Bennett, Teacher in high school, Novelty 
1893 Mae De Witt, Mrs. Warren Hamilton (widow), Kirksville
1893 Martha De Witt, Mrs. Andrew Wilson, Ness City, Kans.
1909 L. Jennie Deyoe, from Lucerne 
1902 C.E. Dickson, Banker, Collinsville, Okla.
1907 Grace Dickson, Mrs. Ralph R. Campbell, Gibbs 
1905 Virgil E. Dickson, Director practice school, State Normal School, Cheney, Wash.
1911 George W. Diemer, Superintendent, Excelsior Springs 
1916 George Earl Dille, Superintendent, Lewistown 
1895 Samuel Rodgers Dillman, Minister
1885 Silas Dinsmoor, Osteopath, 232 Little St., Sewickly, Pa.
1911 Walter N. Dobson, Osteopath, Century Bldg., St. Louis 
1907 Vivian Dobys, Mrs. George, Chicago, Ill.
1898 Ethel Ardelia Dockery, Mrs. Geo. A. Still, Kirksville
1904 Julia Estelle Dockery, Kirksville
1900 Leota Lillian Dockery, Mrs. Geo. McCole, Great Falls, Mont.
1896 Jeanie Dodson, Mrs. Foster, San Francisco, Cal.
1912 Lillian I. Doll, Teacher, Fay, Nevada
1907 Dagmar Doneghy, Scholar, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pa.
1913 Adolph Dooley, Principal, Eaglesville
1878 J.C. Dooley, 1947 E. Grand Ave., Des Moines, Ia.
1915 Laurie Doolittle, Director of practice schools, K.S.N.S, Kirksville
1911 Clyde A. Dorsey, with J.F. Dorsey’s dry goods and grocery, Kirksville
1905 Elbert M. Dorsey, High school principal, Pasco, Wash.
1915 Letha Dorsey, Primary teacher, Tulsa, Okla.
1914 Gladys Doss, Teacher in high school, Lancaster
1900 Joseph C. Dougherty, Teacher, Fort Smith, Ark.
1912 Ada F. Douglas, Teacher of rural school, Centralia
1895 Alva Erastus Dowell, from Granger
1894 Alice Elzira Downing, from Trenton
1904 Clyde V. Downing, Civil engineer, Kansas City
1913 S. Carrie Downing, Newark
1914 Elva Doyle, Mrs. Chas. Reed, died 1916
1891 Edwin Oswald Doyle, Attorney, Moberly
1872 W.N. Doyle, Texas
1872 W.F. Drake, died
1904 Fred W. Dralle
1911 Loretta Dralle, Principal of high school, Canton
1895 Enoch Marvin Drinkard
1894 Warren Mitchell Duffie, Osteopath, Hamilton
1902 Fanny Dulaney, from Hurdland
1908 Nora E. Dunham, traveling in Europe, address 7 Shaftsbury Square, Belfast, Ireland
1902 Bert L. Dunnington, Osteopath, Springfield
1913 Mattie Dutton, Columbia
1916 Claude N. Dye, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1879 Anne Dysart
1899 Jean Eames
1901 Anna Margaret Earhart
1901 Cassius V. Eaton, Shelbyville
1878 Charles L. Ebaugh, Washington, D.C.
1892 Robert Lee Eberts, Hardware dealer, Plattsburg
1894 Lena Edelen, Teacher, Gorin
1914 Glenn S. Edwards, Teacher in Lenox Hall, St. Louis
1886 Jennie Edwards, from Troy
1914 S.B. Edwards, Superintendent, Camden Point
1887 W.B. Edwards, Elementary school principal, St. Louis
1890 Charles Eiring, from Salisbury
1889 William Eiring, from Salisbury
1905 C.C. Eisiminger, Farmer and stockman, Bolckow
1904 Hallie Eisiminger, Mrs. Geo. P. Linden, Iliolo, P.I.
1913 A.G. Elam, Banker, Perry
1894 William Samuel Eller, Cashier in bank, Mexico
1910 Olive Ellis, Teaching in high school, Palmyra
1878 S.D. Ellis, died
1889 Isabel Ellison, Mrs. A.M. Vinsonhaler, 3540 Harney St., Omaha, Neb.
1890 Julia B. Ellison, Mrs. Uri J. Hill, 1027 W. 56th St., Kansas City
1915 Albert Felix Elsea, Superintendent, Novelty
1902 Sadie M. Elwood, died
1901 Anna Ely, from Monroe City
1915 Buel F. Enyeart, Superintendent, Caliptaria, Cal.
1908 Effie P. Enyeart, Mrs. A.P. Shibley, El Centro, Cal.
1912 Grace C. Enyeart, Mrs. A.S. Hill, Shelbyville
1887 Andrew Erickson, formerly Superintendent at Canon City, Colo.
1902 Alice F. Erwin, from Houston
1883 J.S. Erwin, 2613 E. Seventh St., Kansas City
1915 Leota Eubanks, Mrs. Ralph W. Hayward, Plattsburg
1914 M. Leolin Eubanks, Mrs. A.J. McIntyre, Searchlight, Nevada
1897 Aida Evans, Mrs. Buckmaster, Covington, Ky.
1902 Bertha Evans, 112 Lincoln St., Denver, Colo.
1886 Ella Evans
1900 Ella Evans
1898 Minnie May Evans, Mrs. Will Boat, St. Louis
1892 Nellie Matilda Evans, Osteopath, Miami, Fla.
1901 T.M. Evans, Physician, Chemical Bldg., St. Louis
1913 Anna E. Fahrni, Mrs. A.S. Hollis, Detroit, Mich.
1901 Eugene Fair, Professor of American History, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1897 Fred Fair, Attorney, Gallatin
1915 John Goods Farmer, Superintendent, La Grange
1898 Andrew Samuel Faulkner, Professor of Education, State Normal School, Durant, Okla.
1893 Emmeline A. Fee, Teaching, Gray, Okla.
1912 W. Brice Fell, Teacher, Alexis, Ill.
1907 Nelle Fenn, Teaching in elementary school, Joplin
1907 Mathias Callaway Ferguson, Principal of elementary school, Evanston, Wyo.
1876 W.C. Ferrell, Lawyer, Denver, Colo.
1914 Mary Ann Fidler, Teaching in high school, Sturgeon
1915 Thurba Fidler, Teacher, Demonstration rural school, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1916 Mabel Jennie Fields, Teaching in high school, Ironston
1916 Bertha Fife, Unionville
1906 Ava Finegan, Mrs. C.G. Gaberdiel, Eldorado, Kansas
1911 Clive M. Finegan, Teaching in high school, Madison, Wis.
1899 Ida May Finegan, Mrs. Abner Jones, died 1906
1913 Ina V. Finegan, Teaching in high school, Ridgeway
1907 Vera Finegan, Associate professor of commerce, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1878 H.A. Fink, died
1911 Clarence M. Fish, Teacher in Missouri Wesleyan College, Cameron
1910 Elsie M. Fish, Mrs. Stephen Blackhurst, Avalon
1912 Melvin E. Fish, Teacher in high school, Sulphur, Okla.
1887 G.W. Fisher, St. Joseph
1902 Marcy Carmen Fisher, Teacher, Frederick, Okla.
1894 Mary Marguerite Fisher
1915 Hazel Fletcher, Teacher in high school, Centralia
1912 Julia M. Foght, Mrs. Osborne, Evanston, Wyoming
1905 Jennie Foglesong, Greentop
1900 Alice Foncanon, Mrs. G.W. Deegan, Red Lodge, Mont.
1895 Dorothea Caroline Foncanon, Mrs. E.C. Grim, Kirksville
1909 Grace Foncanon, Mrs. Brewer, Imperial, Cal.
1897 Mayme Foncanon, with Drs. Grim & Grim, Kirksville
1907 Grace Fones, Mrs. Goddard, Joplin
1904 James Everett Ford, Attorney and State Senator, Trenton
1915 Goldie Forrest, Mrs. Weber, Dewitt
1874 Sue Forsythe, Mrs. Eaton, Shelbyville
1898 Asa Dillard Foster
1880 C.E. Foster
1916 Gladys Fowler, Teaching in high school, Unionville
1911 Philip J. Fowler, Adair County superintendent of schools, Kirksville
1904 Leon Fraiser, Teacher, Torrington, Wyo.
1882 Ida Frankland
1911 S.T. Frazier, Principal of high school, Springdale, Wash.
1916 Love Frederick (Mrs.): Elsberry   
1894 Julia Emma Freeland, Lakenan
1906 Lena Fuller, Mrs. H. Pollard, Espanola, N.M.
1907 Nelle Fuller, Student in physical education school, Indianapolis, Ind.
1913 Wayne R. Fuller, Student, University of Missouri, Columbia
1916 Arthur Lee Funk, Principal of high school, Queen City
1907 Ebbert A. Funk, Principal of high school, Caney, Kansas
1897 Eugene E. Funk, died
1887 Ella Funk, Gower
1906 Florence H. Funk, Principal of Greenwood school, Kirksville
1888 George R. Funk, Attorney, Portland, Ore.
1887 Georgie Funk, Mrs. Meyers, Gower
1886 Kate Funk, Mrs. J.M. Simpson, Spokane, Wash.
1888 Lisse Funk, Kirksville
1911 Earl A. Funkhouser, Teacher of Manual Arts, Jonesboro, Ark.
1896 Maggie Furtney, from Trenton
1897 James Lewis Gallatin, Principal, Archie
1912 Beulah E. Gammon, Dareborn
1914 Marion Francis Gardner, Mrs. Roy Blackwell, Kirksville
1903 Roy L. Gardner, County superintendent, Wapello County, Ottumwa, Iowa
1886 Nannie Garrett
1908 John P. Gass, Superintendent, Sedalia
1915 Ada Gentry, Vinita, Okla.
1915 Esther Gentry, Vinita, Okla.
1890 Fannie Gentry, Mrs. Lobban, San Antonio, Texas
1914 Frankie Gentry, Teacher, Frederick, Okla.
1912 Mary B.V. Gentry, Mrs. Eugene S. Briggs, Trenton
1891 Mary Lavinia Gerard
1890 George Gex, Strother
1888 Sallie Gex, Mrs. D.L. Roberts, died
1913 Walter W. Gibbany, Student, University of Missouri, Columbia
1902 Francis J. Gibbons, Assayer and mining engineer, Cortland, Ariz.
1899 Mabel Gibbons, Osteopath, Scranton, Pa.
1908 Estelle Gibson, Mrs. Wm. Paul, Oakhurst, Cal.
1910 Hazel Gibson, Elsberry
1914 Le Nell Gibson, Student, University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
1914 Logan M. Gilbreath, Teaching in high school, La Plata
1904 Lura Gilbreath, Mrs. W.O. Daniel, La Plata
1901 Mabel Gilhousen, died
1901 Alta Lee Gill, Mrs. I.E. Taylor, Waupaca, Wis.
1911 Meta Gill, Library assistant and professor, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1877 Sereda Gilstrap, Mrs. C.W. Thomas, Woodland, Cal.
1893 Meade Robert Ginnings, Professor of mathematics, State Normal School, Macomb, Ill.
1900 Ennis Hubert Gipson, Lawyer, Sayre, Okla.
1909 Senta M. Goldberg, Mrs. John Titsworth, Knoxville, Tenn.
1915 Emory L. Gooch, Principal of high school, Glasgow
1904 C.T. Goodale, Teaching in Westport High School, Kansas City
1899 J.A. Goodwin, Superintendent, Ridgeway
1894 Benjamin Franklin Gordon
1894 Lina Gore, Paris
1913 Shirley Gorrell, Mrs. C.M. Wise, Kirksville
1886 Fannie Graer, Mrs. J.W. Martin, died
1914 Claudia Marie Gray, Student, University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill.
1911 Helen Gray, Library assistant, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1911 Irma Mary Gray, 301 Richmond, San Antonio, Texas
1879 Addie M. Green
1897 Harry L. Green, Lawyer, Kansas City
1891 Jennie Green, Professor of Latin, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1890 Sue Greenleaf, from Monroe City
1881 Ada M. Greenwood, Mrs. McLaughlin, Pekin, Ill.
1901 Mary C. Greenwood, Mrs. S.J. Miller, Kirksville
1902 Ottie M. Greiner, Elementary school teacher, Kirksville
1884 Mary Griffith
1885 W.W. Griffith, Superintendent, Ferguson
1895 Ezra Clarence Grim, Physician and surgeon, Kirksville
1914 Georgia R. Grimes, Teaching in high school, Armstrong
1884 J.H. Grove, Furniture dealer, Brownwood, Texas
1885 William D. Grove, Superintendent, Poplar Bluff
1893 Benjamin F. Guthrie
1891 Churchill Phillips Guthrie
1882 F.W. Guthrie
1882 J.A. Guttery
1909 Grace Guy, Mrs. C.M. Weyand, 14 Sacramento St., Cambridge, Mass
1911 Clara Habermeyer, Principal of high school, Cainesville
1905 Bessie E. Hale, Mrs. Loetz, Lake City, Fla.
1874 Helen Haliburton, Mrs. Sam McReynolds, Carthage
1900 Blanche Hall
1904 Harry Hall, Lawyer, Lancaster
1878 Manlove Hall, Albany
1901 Wannee A. Hall, Mrs. Earl Gillespie, Trenton
1889 C.W. Haman
1914 Lula E. Hamilton, Mrs. Mark DeGraff, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
1900 Robert Emmett Hamilton, Professor in American School of Osteopathy, Kirksville
1891 Mary Katherine Hammond
1890 Frank Wisdom Hannah, Osteopath, 704 Traction Terminal Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind.
1887 Mattie Hannah, Mrs. U.G. Humphreys, Galt
1913 Paul Lacey Hardesty, Supervisor of Music; address: 55 Freeman St., Battle Creek, Mich.
1875 Ben T. Hardin, Lawyer, 822 Scarritt Bldg., Kansas City
1913 Jessie Harding, Teaching in elementary school, Savannah
1897 Ada Lee Harlan, died 1910
1897 Myrtle Della Harlan, Mrs. C.V. Kerr, 2208 Grandview Ave., Cleveland, Ohio
1896 August Harman, Greencastle
1903 Ada O. Harmon
1876 L.E. Harpham, Lawyer, Chicago, Ill.
1893 Mamie Harrington, Mrs. Schwarz, Kirksville
1907 Ertle Leslie Harrington, Professor of Science, State Normal School, Maryville
1907 G. May Harris, Mrs. Lovell, Waco, Texas
1888 H. Clay Harvey, Superintendent, McAllen, Texas
1890 Lizzie Harvey, died
1881 E.H. Hatch, Chicago, Ill.
1895 Jessie Bird Hatcher, from Shelbyville
1908 Della Havenor, Partner in a general store, Coleman
1906 Edna Hawkins, Mrs. A.C. McDaniel, 401 E. 21st St., Oakland, Cal.
1895 Kate Bell Hawkins, from Paris
1901 G.L. Hawkins, Principal of an elementary school, St. Louis
1911 Edna Opal Hays, Teacher in high school, Butler
1892 Thomas Alonzo Hays
1889 Fannie Heald, Mrs. L.M. Ottofy, 5228 Vernon Ave., St. Louis
1891 Lillian Hunter Heald, Mrs. J. Richmond, 529 Hanley Road, Clayton
1890 Nina Heald, Mrs. Arthur McClure, O’Fallon
1905 O.E. Heaton, Principal of Sherman School, Spokane, Wash.
1911 H.E. Heinberg, University of Missouri, Columbia
1891 Blanche Heiny, Teacher, Milwaukee, Wis.
1897 Frank Raymond Heiny (Heine), Osteopath, Ottari Sanitarium, Asheville, N.C.
1913 Eliza J. Henderson, Mrs. W.W. Gibbany, Columbia
1903 Gertrude Heller, Teacher in high school, Lancaster
1900 Davella Hendricks, from Monroe City
1902 Clyde Hennon, Stenographer and clerk, Wabash Railroad office, 1428 Railway Exchange Bldg., St. Louis
1891 James Cunningham Hennon, Teacher, Rt. 5, Grandfield, Okla.
1901 Vena Hennon, Mrs. G.E. Hawkins, 459 Providence, St. Louis
1876 Nelson B. Henry, Minister M.E. Church South, Ironton
1915 Walter R. Henry, Superintendent, Green City
1880 T.L. Herbert
1903 Charles A. Heryford, from Hale
1902 Frank Heyd, Contractor, Tillamook, Ore.
1900 Jacob Wilhelm Heyd, Professor of German, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1916 Emilie Hickerson, Teacher in high school, Moberly
1908 Lula Hicks, Principal of high school, Wellston
1910 Zella L. Higbee, Mrs. Ralph Crum, Tiffin, Ohio
1896 Homer A. Higgins, Milan
1916 Joseph Vincent Robert Hilgert, Teacher in Rast High School, Des Moines, Iowa
1913 Ambrose S. Hill, Superintendent, Shelbyville
1895 Anna C. Hill, Mrs. Wright, from Novelty
1900 Essie Hill, Teacher; address 604 Conley Ave., Columbia
1909 Olivia Hill, Mrs. T.A. Costolow, Kansas City
1911 Arthur A. Hoech, Superintendent, Wellsville
1897 John Henry Hoefner, Osteopath, 1332 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa.
1911 Ralph M. Hogan, Student, University of Chicago
1897 Virginia Holderman, Teacher, Salisbury
1898 Kate Holdsworth, from Paris
1887 A.L. Holliday, from New Market, Iowa
1886 G.M. Holliday, from New Market, Iowa
1884 J.E. Holliday, from New Market, Iowa
1877 E.E. Hollipeter
1907 Ina Holloway, Mrs. Warner Mills, Kirksville
1882 J.L. Holloway, Osteopath, 435 Wilson Bldg., Dallas, Texas
1907 Ola K. Holloway, Mrs. Ellis Parsons, Okemah, Okla.
1903 Russell E. Holloway, Lawyer, Columbia
1887 W.L. Holloway, Trenton
1881 W.R. Holloway, Minister, Proprietor of Variety Store, Henrietta, Okla. 
1908 Minnie Holman, Mrs. Bousman, Springfield
1897 Essie Holmes, Mrs. O.B. Smith, Kirksville
1913 Ethel Hook, Teaching in high school, Kirksville
1896 James Arthur Hooke, Assistant engineer, sewer department, 311 City Hall, St. Louis
1912 Walter A. Hopkins, Superintendent, Grayson
1913 Gertrude K. Horn, Glenwood
1906 I.M. Horn, Clerk of Scotland County, Memphis
1912 E.L. Horton, Superintendent, Parkston, S.D.
1910 Gertrude Hosey, Teaching in high school, Montgomery City
1914 Harriet Emma Howard, Teacher of Kindergarten, State Normal School, LaCrosse, Wis.
1912 John Wesley Howe, University of Colorado, Boulder
1915 Edward Newland Howell, Teaching in high school, Unionville
1885 Mary Howell, Mrs. Geo. Finegan, died 1909
1908 Roberta Howell, Teaching in elementary school, Columbia
1892 Cassandra Emma Hubbard
1889 E.T. Hubbard, St. Joseph
1878 Rebecca E. Hubbell, died 1914
1896 Edwin E. Huffman, from Bolckow
1910 G.A. Hulen, Teaching in Ark. A&M College, Jonesboro, Ark.
1904 Eula Hull
1901 M. Braxie Hull, Mrs. Alsdorf
1906 P.B. Humphrey, Superintendent, Caney, Kansas
1908 M. Eugene Humphreys, farming, Galt
1887 U.G. Humphreys, Galt
1915 Shirley Adelaide Hunt, Principal of high school, Bowling Green
1910 Laura Lute Hurd, Mrs. A.C. Rose, Bedford, N.Y.
1904 Lena Hutcherson, Mrs. W.B. Hardesty, 1819 S. Clarkson, Denver, Colo.
1911 C.E. Hutton, Superintendent, Hinton, Okla.
1911 Minta Hutton, Mrs. C.E. Hutton, Hinton, Okla.
1875 R.S. Iles, Lawyer, President of Hamilton Club, Chicago, Ill.
1902 T.W. Imbler, Farming, Kirksville
1917 Roy Inbody, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1895 Louis Ingold, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Univ. of Missouri, Columbia
1899 Oscar Ingold, Professor of Mathematics, Christian University, Canton
1912 George B. Israel, Mail carrier, Kirksville
1899 William Horace Ivie, Osteopath, Berkeley, Cal.
1913 Courtney Jackson, Teaching in high school, Huntsville
1875 A.H. Jamison, died.
1887 G.E. Jamison, Portland, Ore.
1908 George Harold Jamison, Associate Professor of Mathematics, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1893 Ruth Jeffers, from New Florence
1909 Mary Jenkins, Teacher in high school, Poplar Bluff
1900 Vida Jenkins, from Harris
1904 Ida Adele Jewett, Associate Professor of English, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1905 Phoebe John, from Golden City
1903 Cloe F. Johns, Superintendent, Versailles
1913 Ora Johns, Kirksville
1886 Etta L. Johnson, Mrs. Kiggins
1880 H. Johnson
1904 Louise Johnson, Teacher in high school, Richmond
1884 R.E. Johnson
1915 Stella May Johnson, Teaching in high school, Edina
1906 Caltha A. Johnston, Mrs. A.D. Pierson, Columbia
1907 Cecil Y. Johnston, Lieut. in U.S. Navy; address, c/o Postmaster, New York City, N.Y.
1905 Dora E. Johnston, Teacher in Metropolitan Business College; address, 1694 W. 25th St., Cleveland, Ohio
1901 E. Gertrude Johnston, Mrs. Oliver Stigall, 3608 Wabash, Kansas City
1907 Leon S. Johnston, Student, University of Missouri, Columbia
1902 Mary Elizabeth Johnston “Bessie”, Teaching in high school, Carthage
1914 Benjamin Harrison Jolly, St. Charles County superintendent, St. Charles
1915 Benjamin C. Jones, Teaching in high school, McAllen, Texas
1906 Elmer Orlando Jones, Attorney, La Plata
1892 Evan Richard Jones
1903 Grace Jones
1882 J.W. Jones
1908 James L. Jones, Lawyer, 3107 E. 27th St., Kansas City
1911 R.H. Jones, Representative of the Macmillan Co., Chicago, Ill.
1905 Roberta Jones, Student, University of Chicago; address, 6032 Ellis Ave., Chicago, Ill.
1900 Roxana Howard Jones, Sullivan County superintendent, Milan
1911 Edith J. Jordan, Teacher in high school, Kahoka
1904 Rubie Kay, Mrs. Robert Nicholas (widow), Bookkeeper, Savings Bank, Kirksville
1916 Josephine Christina Kaye, Mrs. Earle Dille, high school principal, Lewistown
1896 Arch E. Kennedy, Tulsa, Okla.
1902 Maud M. Kennen, Mrs. Vincent Waddock, 1363 Semple Ave., St. Louis
1914 James R. Kerr, Superintendent, La Belle
1901 Nelson Kerr, Superintendent, Kirkwood
1887 Nannie Key, Mrs. Dufur
1903 I. Allen Keyte, Teacher, Gunnison, Colo.
1910 Lena Keyte
1886 C.M. Kiggins
1886 Henry J. King, Teacher in Placer Union High School, East Auburn, Cal.
1905 W.N. King, from Thompson
1907 Nina M. Kintner, 3635 Bell St., Kansas City
1903 Lucy C. Kirby, Mrs. H.C. Mix, Steeplerock, N.M.
1914 Elsie Lucretia Kirk, Matron, State Normal School, Cheney, Wash.
1878 John R. Kirk, President, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1912 Laura Pauline Kirk, Teacher in high school, California, Mo.
1913 Mary Elizabeth Kirk, Teacher in high school, California, Mo.
1901 Robert L. Kirk, Superintendent, Springfield, Oregon
1901 Thomas J. Kirk, died 1915
1916 Todd Kirk, Teacher in high school, Quincy, Ill.
1912 Victor Kirk, Teacher in high school, Cherokee, Iowa
1911 Iva Kirtley, Mrs. A.G. Minnick, Lock Springs
1906 D. Kittel, Teaching, Desloge
1906 L. Fay Knight, Principal of high school, Milan
1879 Rice Knox, Texas
1915 Helene G. Koenemann, Elementary school teacher, Ferguson; home address: 2634 Hord Ave., St Louis
1911 Louise W. Koenemann, Elementary school teacher, Jennings; home address: 2634 Hord Ave., St Louis
1904 Lydia Koenemann, Mrs. J.A. Macknight, 505 E. 121st St., New York City, N.Y.
1893 James Alva Koontz, Student, Columbia University, New York City, N.Y.
1913 Herbert William Kretzmeier, Superintendent, Harris
1911 Eldina Kropf, Student, University of Missouri, Columbia
1897 Eugene Lake, from Bayfield
1876 E.O. Larkins, Visalia, Cal.
1910 Anna B. Larson, Monroe City
1910 Caroline Larson, Mrs. C.L. Wadsworth, Monroe City
1894 George Mark Laughlin, Dean, American School of Osteopathy, Kirksville
1900 Harry H. Laughlin, Director, Eugenics Record Office, Cold Spring Harbor, L.I., N.Y.
1910 Mary E. Lear, Professor of Chemistry, Lindenwood College, St. Charles
1911 Boone P. Leatherman, died 1912
1904 Bessie Leazenby, Mount Moriah
1896 Arthur Lee, Superintendent, Clinton
1904 H.A. Lemon, from Clearmont
1900 N. June Lemon, from Clearmont
1900 Sadie Lemon, Mrs. Dowell, from Clearmont
1874 Julia Lester, Mrs. Bosworth (widow), Kirksville
1909 Laura Ellen Lewis, Elementary school teacher, St. Louis
1912 William A. Lewis, President Fort Hays State Normal School, Fort Hays, Kansas
1915 Josephine Lillard, Mrs. Lowell Cockrill, Principal, Maywood (1916-17)
1898 Orrin Henry Lind, died
1885 Allie Link, Mrs. J.F. Whitacre, Kirksville
1899 Bess Hannah Link, Mrs. E.L. Longpre, Kankakee, Ill.
1887 Eugene Link, Osteopath, 87 Broad St., Stamford, Conn.
1903 Eunice Virginia Link, Mrs. Percy W. Bonfoey, Oklahoma City, Okla.
1881 W.F. Link, Osteopath, Knoxville, Tenn.
1898 Robert Neely Linville
1912 Rose L. Lisenby (Mrs.), Student, University of Chicago
1916 E. Margaret Little, Teacher in elementary school, New London
1916 Margaret Lloyd, Teacher, Herndon, Va.
1900 Emma Long, Teacher in Washington School, Kirksville
1916 Essie Louise Long, Teacher in high school, Gower
1906 Lura Hope Loomis, Mrs. A.B. Cramb, University Place, Neb.
1901 Alta Lorenz, Mrs. Eugene Fair, Kirksville
1899 Mayme Lorenz, Mrs. Ed Sloop, Queen City
1904 Anna Letter, Mrs. C.R. Stone, 3890 Juanita, St. Louis
1881 Robert B. Loudon
1907 Belle Lowe, Teacher in high school, Chillicothe
1887 E.D. Luckey “MacKenzie”, Superintendent, Des Plaines, Ill.  
1916 Merle Lutes, Teaching in high school, Grant City
1898 John Daniel Luther, Clayton
1911 Grace Lyle, Professor of Fine Art, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1898 Hattie Agnes Lyon, Teacher in high school, Kirksville
1888 Fannie K. Mackey, died
1895 Joe Shelby Maddox, Hatter, Columbus, Ohio
1916 Lanius Waldemar Madsen, Principal of high school, Greencastle
1916 Nellie Madsen, Mrs. Lloyd J. Graham, Teaching in elementary school; address, 209 N. Morton, Okmulgee, Okla.
1911 Carl E. Magee, Banker, Plevna
1909 Viola Magee, Teacher in high school, Brookfield
1913 William Leslie Magruder, Principal of high school, California, Mo.
1910 Seth Leslie Mapes, Superintendent, Kahoka
1907 Opal Markey, Mrs. Will R. Adams, Kirksville
1903 Rolla Varnon Markland, Teacher of manual training, Springfield, Ill.
1909 Ida Lee Marks, Supervisor of art in high school, Imperial, Cal.
1903 Thomas Marksbury, from Emerson
1915 Mellie May Marlow, Teacher of domestic science, Farmington, N.M.
1893 John Davis Marr, Proprietor of book store, Clarence
1908 Elton Lewis Marshall, Attorney, Chillicothe
1912 Agnes Marston, 729 Elm Ave., Long Beach, Cal.
1909 Edith Marston, Principal of high school, Brunswick
1900 Elsie Mae Martin, died.
1906 Ruth Martin, Mrs. Dewey Shambaugh, Norwalk, Conn.
1894 Sadie Martin
1915 Aldena J. Mason, Teaching in elementary school, Kirksville
1909 Bertha E. Mason, Teaching fourth grade, Freewater, Ore.
1901 Mittie W. Mason, Mrs. H.L. Day, Cairo
1906 Bertha Mathews, Teaching in State Normal School, Edmond, Okla.  
1906 Irma Mathews, Mrs. McLennan, 313 W. Lowrey Ave., Hugo, Okla.
1872 I.N. Matlick, died        
1909 Samuel F. Mauck, Cooper County Superintendent of Schools, Boonville
1913 Charles C, Maxwell, Teaching in high school, Macon
1898 Julia McBeth, from Clinton
1892 Mattie May “Metta” McCall, Teacher, St. John, Kansas
1898 Morgan H. McCall, Novelty
1915 Murial McCandless, Principal of high school, Stanberry
1915 Margaret E. McCaul, High school principal, Ketyesville
1906 Ella McClain
1911 Hattie R. McClain, Osteopath, La Belle
1904 W.M. McClain
1905 Maude McClanahan, Mrs. H.S. Beckner, Rutledge
1908 Mary Elizabeth McCool, Mrs. F.W. Tinker, Linwood, Utah
1909 Ocie B. McCool, Teaching in elementary school, Hammond, Ind.
1887 Charles K. McCoy, in California
1899 Zoa Lee McDowell, Kirksville
1909 George E. McFadden, Principal of high school, Charleston
1878 H. McGary
1909 Amy McGee, California
1901 F.L. McGee, Farmer, Molino
1912 Guy F. McGee, Farmer, Osgood
1895 James Thomas McGee, Banker, New Cambria
1875 J.S. McGhee, died
1913 Juanita McGuire, Supervisor of music and art, Kirksville
1903 Mabel McHendry, Teacher, Robidoux School, St. Joseph
1901 Elmer A. McKay, Springfield
1895 Lyda McKay, Mrs. Joe Cary, Carrollton
1910 May McKee
1888 A.L. McKenzie, President, Central College of Osteopathy, Kansas City
1907 Edna McKenzie, Mrs. E.E. Tucker, 448 8th Ave. E., Twin Falls, Idaho
1907 James Herbert McKinney, Attorney, Linneus
1910 Ada Fay McKnight, Milan
1897 Milton Ira McMurry, Live stock dealer, Stettler, Alberta, Canada
1900 N.F. McMurry
1875 J.S. McPhail, Visalia, Cal.
1907 Essie A. McQuoid, Arizona
1906 Leila Bell McReynolds, Mrs. Floyd Beckner, Colorado Springs, Colo.
1916 Mary Dale McReynolds, Teaching in elementary school, Cincinnati, Iowa
1907 Ralph McReynolds, Physician, Quincy, Ill.
1909 Harvey Lee McWilliams, Director of physical education for men, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1912 Stella L. McWilliams, Mrs. Nathan E. Wells, Lucerne
1913 Catherine Nelson Meade, Mrs. Munster, San Pedro, Cal.
1916 W. Everett Meals, Student assistant in History, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1896 Mabel Mennie, from Macon
1906 Edna Middleton, Teaching in high school, Unionville
1911 Fred S. Milam, Principal, Sutton School, Maplewood
1913 Gladys Millay, Mrs. S.L. Bailey, Carthage
1914 Ada Lenore Miller, Rural school teacher, Rt. 2, Milan
1910 Anna R. Miller, Mrs. A.L. Threlkeld, Unionville
1898 Birdie Forest Miller, Mrs. Taubman, Deputy County Recorder, Kirksville
1902 Clara Miller, from Greentop
1913 Evalena Miller, Teaching, Seattle, Wash.
1895 Frances Miller 
1911 Golda T. Miller (Mrs.), Mrs. J.A. Miller, Sand Springs, Okla.
1904 J.A. Miller
1910 James Albert Miller, Superintendent, Sand Springs, Okla.
1884 Libbie K. Miller, Mrs. Frank Travers, Des Moines, Iowa
1904 Lowa Miller
1905 Margaret Virginia Miller, Mrs. O.R. Fairbrother, Luray
1914 Marie F. Miller, Teaching in high school, Wellsville
1900 Mary Miller, from Memphis
1909 Ola E. Miller, Teaching in Washington School, Kirksville
1884 W.H. Miller
1911 Anna Mary Mills, Mrs. Paul Simmons, 5833 Jackson Ave., St. Louis
1903 Carrie Mills, Mrs. Mott, died
1915 Horace A. Mills, with Mills & Arnold Lumber Co., La Plata
1909 John Courtland Mills, Jr., Prosecuting Attorney of Adair County, Kirksville
1907 Mabelle A. Mills, Mrs. Harry C. Kirkbride, Norristown, Pa.
1900 Myra Mills, Mrs. S.W. Arnold, Kirksville
1908 Warner Mills, Mills & Arnold Lumber Co., Kirksville
1911 H.E. Millsap, Dallas, Texas
1909 Roberta Minter, Kirksville
1903 R.L. Minton, Mound City
1904 Herbert Mitchell, Veterinarian
1881 Lon S. Mitchell, 4426 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis
1885 O.M. Mitchell
1901 T.M. Mitchell, Grocery clerk, 3822 Front St., San Diego, Cal.
1915 Edna Montgomery, Mrs. Noah Hull, Kirksville
1903 Blanche Moore, Primary teacher, Bozeman, Mont.
1907 Evelyn Moore, Mrs. Chas. E. Getchell, Festus
1914 F. Lillian Moore, Mrs. Herman Miller Craig, 920 Princeton Ave., Lansing, Mich.
1909 Hattie M. Moore, Festus
1907 J.C. Moore, Doctor of Medicine, Brimfield, Ill.
1916 Myrtle Robinson Moore, Teaching in high school, Milan
1916 Willis Everett Moore, Principal of high school, Bethel
1910 W.K. Moore, Teacher in high school, La Grange
1900 J.C. Moorman, Maysville
1903 Leonidas Augustus Moorman, died
1902 A.R. Morgan, Principal of an elementary school, 3632 Blaine Ave., St. Louis
1913 Barton S. Morgan, Principal of high school, Wilson Creek, Wash.
1904 Fred Buckner Morgan, Assistant in Botany, University of Missouri, Columbia
1910 James Grover Morgan, Editor Unionville Republican, Putnam County Representative to General Assembly, Unionville
1903 S.E. Morlan, Druggist, Pollock
1909 Evaline Moser, Teacher; address, Box 116, University Station, Seattle, Wash.
1909 Genevieve Moses, Mrs. Richard Tumley, Great Bend, Kansas
1894 Francis Marion Motter, 416 W. End Ave., Chicago, Ill.
1901 Pearl Moulton, Mrs. K.J. Cardy, Flandreau, S.D.
1910 Robert J. Mulford, Publisher Spickard Gazette, Spickard
1891 William Allen Muir, died
1905 Bessie Munn
1910 John R. Murdock, Professor of History in State Normal School, Tempe, Ariz.
1912 Myrtle M. Murdock (Mrs.), Mrs. John R. Murdock, Tempe, Ariz.
1916 Lora Murfin, Principal of high school, DeWitt
1893 Charles Murphy
1897 Clarence Washington Murphy, Apdo. 36 Bis, Mexico City, D.F., Mexico
1905 Minnie E. Murphy, Mrs. W.N. Tolman, Macon
1905 John Patrick Murphy, Lawyer, Jefferson City
1905 William Charles Murphy, Lawyer, Springfield
1906 Jessie Murray, Teacher in the Musser School; address: 1008 S. 15th St., St. Joseph
1893 John Roy Musick, died 1901
1907 Maude Myers, Teacher in elementary school, Kirksville
1917 Merle Myers, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1915 Nellie Catharine Myers, Teaching in high school, Appleton City
1908 James R. Nagel
1912 Eva Nance, Teacher in Panhandle Agricultural Institute, Goodwell, Okla.
1906 F.B. Nance, Superintendent, Orville, Wash.
1887 George P. Nason, Minister, New Rochelle, N.Y.
1916 David Edward Neale, Traveling representative, Lyons & Carnahan, Kirksville
1902 Lillian Neale, Teaching in elementary school, Vandalia
1897 Henry Extra Neese, from Bay, Mo.
1915 Roy T. Neff, Teacher in high school, Hannibal
1883 Aven Nelson, Dean and Professor of Botany, University of Wyoming, Laramie
1893 Camile Nelson, Mrs. Swan, Osteopath, King Bldg., Johnson City, Tenn.
1913 Harriet Nelson, Teacher in high school, Lincoln
1915 Louis Francis Nelson, Teacher in high school, Palmyra
1913 Julia Bernice Netherton, Gilman City
1913 Pearle Netherton, Gilman City
1908 A.J. Newman, Student, University of California, Berkeley
1913 Berdie Newmyer, Mrs. V.H. Barker, Glasgow
1911 Ethel Newmyer, Mrs. W.W. Alexander, Trenton
1916 Lena Newmyer, Elementary school teacher, La Plata
1913 Lola Newton, Teacher in high school, La Plata
1904 Jessie Nicholas, Mrs. W.E. Shirley, Kirksville
1905 Robert M. Nicholas, died 1915
1901 Susan Nicholas, Mrs. B.L. Dunnington, Springfield
1906 Bertha Nichols, Webb City
1916 Helen Marie Nichols, Teacher in elementary school, Kahoka
1914 T.G. Nichols, Superintendent, Knox City
1910 J.L. Nierman, Superintendent, Hopkins
1907 Blanche May Nixon, Teacher, Gary, Ind.
1909 Bertha Noel, Twin Falls County Superintendent, Twin Falls, Idaho
1899 Eugenia Frances “Genie” Nolan, Teacher in high school, Webster Groves
1895 John Henry Nolen, State Commissioner of Land Reclamation, Jefferson City
1911 Alletha Norfolk, Mrs. S.K. Burley, Monterey, La.
1907 Elizabeth Northcraft
1907 Lettie Northcraft
1898 Lilly Lee Northcut, Ms. L.F. Dare, St. Louis
1886 Mary L. Northcutt, Mrs. Locke, Laddonia
1900 May E. Northcutt, Mrs. Tom Hinkson, La Belle
1880 Flora Northup, Mrs. Scheurer, Long Beach, Cal.
1911 Josephine Norwood, Teacher in high school, Ada, Okla.
1913 Lois Mabel Norwood, Ridgeway
1896 George Byron Novinger, died
1916 Mabel Lois Nulton, Teacher in high school, Brookfield
1910 Linnie Hazel Nutter, Mrs. Amspaugh, Maryville
1907 Grant Oberg, Farming, Norborne
1907 W.C. Ogier, Superintendent, Alice, Texas
1876 Ada C. Oldham, Jefferson City
1879 Ralph E. Oldham, Jefferson City
1877 W.D. Oldham, Lawyer, Kearney, Neb.
1915 Rena Garriott Olds, Delaware, Ohio
1894 John Wilfley Oliver
1875 A.R. Orr, Visalia, Cal.
1913 Joseph O. Otterson, Superintendent, Gorin
1895 Fred Benjamin Owen, Lawyer, 609 Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla.
1889 George H. Owen, Dentist, Metropolitan Bldg., St. Louis
1883 Lura Owen, Mrs. Lon Mitchell, 4426 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis
1894 Martha Owen
1895 Maud Owen, Teacher in high school, Oklahoma City, Okla.
1903 N. Mabel Owen
1914 Winifred Owens, Mrs. C.H. Rice, Independence
1913 J. Frank Page, Assoc. Professor of English, Kansas State Agricultural College, Manhattan, Kan.
1897 Earl Victor Parrish, Secretary Commercial Club, Omaha, Neb.
1912 Ophelia A. Parrish, died 1915
1915 Ruth Conrad Parsons, Mrs. Walter Henry, Green City
1913 Fred E. Patrick, Superintendent, Lancaster
1885 F.M. Patterson
1893 Henry E. Patterson, died
1914 Henry Milton Patterson, Principal of elementary school, St. Louis
1913 Ida May Patterson, Mrs. Jack Hart, Corydon, Iowa
1889 Lucy Patterson, Mrs. Jesse Motter, 316 15th Ave. W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1888 Lula Patterson
1888 Marie W. Patterson
1891 Rosa Patterson, Mrs. E.A. West, Pardeeville, Wis.
1910 William Leslie Patterson, Principal of elementary school, Normandy
1913 Jene B. Patton, Richmond
1893 Calvin Henry Paul, Brashear
1899 G.W. Pauly, Osteopath, Colorado Springs, Colo.
1899 Leona Pauly, Mrs. G.W. Pauly, Osteopath, Colorado Springs, Colo.
1887 Walter A. Payne, Examiner, University of Chicago
1912 Anna E. Pearson, Teaching in high school, Carrollton
1914 Lizzie E. Pearson, Teaching in Ashland high school; address, Fayette
1916 Mancil Earl Peltz, Teaching in high school, Malad City, Idaho
1883 J.N. Pemberton, Osteopath
1900 Walker S. Pemberton, Superintendent, Mendon
1909 W. Clay Pence, Superintendent, Cincinnati, Iowa
1897 George Washington Pendergraft
1879 C.P. Perham, Merchant, New York City
1917 Elinor Inez Perley, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1917 Mary Deane  Perley, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1916 Margaret Perry, Elementary school teacher, Tulsa, Okla.
1891 John Ernest Petree, Farming, Kidder
1916 Leo H. Petree, Student assistant in music, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1901 Lettie Petree, Mrs. Delos Bragg, La Plata
1892 Louis Edward Petree, Lawyer, San Jose, Cal.
1897 Martha Petree, Osteopath, Paris, Ky.
1897 McDonald Petree, died
1916 Noel Harper Petree, Superintendent, Cainesville
1901 Nora Elma Petree, Mrs. Traughber, Los Angeles, Cal.
1897 Oran Adrian Petree, Farmer, Lemore, Cal.
1913 Harrison Summer Pfeiffer, Teacher, Green City
1915 Helen Pfeiffer, Teacher, Green City
1876 Lowa Phelps, Mrs. Murdy
1916 Tulsye Phelps, Teaching in high school, Cincinnati, Iowa
1895 Gertrude Phillips
1897 Nora Belle Phillips, Teacher, Salt Lake City, Utah
1886 L.M. Phillips, Grant City
1908 Paul E. Phipps, Superintendent, Princeton
1913 J.G. Pierce, Farmer, Lone Dell
1909 Clara Frances Pierson, Teacher in high school, Ridgeway
1905 Demar Pierson, Fellow, University of Missouri, Columbia
1896 Anna Margaret Pile, Teacher in Northeast High School, Kansas City
1916 Harva Pitts, Teacher in high school, Montgomery City
1887 Belle Plumb, from Kidder
1890 Emma Poe, died 1910
1878 C.M. Polley, died
1910 Egbert M. Polley, Student, University of California, Berkeley
1916 Herman B. Polson, ice cream manufacturer and poultry dealer, Maryville, Cal.
1910 Reba Polson, Teacher in high school, Yorktown, Ind.
1906 W.O. Pool, Osteopath, Wynnewood, Okla.
1903 Lelah Popplewell, Teacher in high school, Oklahoma City, Okla.
1899 Julia Louise Porter, Mrs. F.M. Garth, Kirksville
1901 Mary Porter, died 1906
1886 Stacy G. Porter, Mrs. Frank Miller, Kirksville
1886 W.T. Porter
1907 Frances E. Post, Teacher in high school, Kent, Wash.
1897 Frank Henry Potter, home address Palmyra
1912 Myrtle V. Potter, Mrs. Frank Shulze, Cicero, Ill.
1908 Bessie Gertrude Powell, Mrs. Silas Winn, Kirksville
1904 E.J. Powell, Chautauqua and Lyceum lecturer, 702 Midland Bldg., Kansas City
1900 Lida Powell, from Mexico
1915 Richard W. Powell, Superintendent, Hurdland
1903 Tilden Powell, Connected with a business college, St. Louis
1905 Tilden Powell (Mrs.), St. Louis
1886 A.L. Pratt
1898 Albert Benton Pratt, Helferstine & Pratt, Loans, Abstracts and Insurance, Unionville
1886 J.F. Pratt
1883 Mary Trimble Prewitt, Fayette
1886 I.A. Price, died
1875 Frank P. Primm
1904 Julia Proctor, Mrs. Charles Gould, 18 Cedar St., Schenectady, N.Y.
1913 Alonzo Lee Prosser, Army Y.M.C.A., Edinburg, Texas
1909 Ola Pryor, Teaching in elementary school, Moberly
1886 J.A.Pulliam
1887 Marguerite Pumphrey, Mrs. Smith
1907 Grace Quigley, Student, Columbia University, New York City
1913 Elizabeth Carmelita Quinn, Teaching in Benton School, Kirksville
1915 Leo Rachford, McAllen, Texas
1892 George Arthur Radford
1897 Saida Vivian Ragsdale, Mrs. Roy Noel, Paris
1905 Jess W. Rainwater, died 1908
1913 Calvin Henry Ramsay, Principal of high school, Bellflower
1915 Grover Cleveland Ramsey, Principal of high school, Memphis
1884 Carrie Randall, Mrs. Thwing
1907 Macie Randall, Mrs. J.G. Lutz, 1100 Monroe, Kansas City
1902 N.H. Randall, Real estate and insurance business, Marceline
1908 Nellie Randall, Teacher, Ventura, Cal.
1915 Minnie Rank, Teacher, Aline
1902 Ida F. Ray, Mrs. Muller, Teacher, Frederick, Okla.
1899 Jessie Ray
1912 George W. Reavis, University of Missouri, Columbia
1912 Louise Reckard, Mrs. Harry Allen, Kirksville
1916 Lucy Reddish, Teacher in high school, Frankford
1914 A.G. Reed, Student, A.S.O., Kirksville
1888 Minnie Reed
1901 Minnie Reed, Kirksville
1888 Mollie Reed, Mrs. E.L. Cooley, 937 Hamilton Ave., St. Louis
1901 Erma Reedal
1909 Madge Reese, Demonstration work in Home Economics, Bureau of Education, Washington, D.C.
1912 Cora A. Reid, Deming, N.M.
1909 Bessie M. Renner, Mrs. Asa G. Woodward, Los Angeles, Cal.
1896 Louise Bartlett Rex
1916 Floyd Reyner, Superintendent, Browning
1897 Carrie Reynolds, Mrs. Robert Conner, New Orleans, La.
1913 Dora L. Reynolds, High school principal, Shelbyville
1909 Eva Reynolds, Elementary school teacher, Riverside, Cal.
1915 Lester Farrar Reynolds, Assistant supervisor of music, Topeka, Kan.
1890 Adelia Richmond, Mrs. J. Reese Vails, Grand Junction, Colo.  
1882 Charles Riggle
1885 Fannie Riggs, Mrs. H.C. Long, Boston, Mass.
1901 N. Reuben Riggs, Farmer, Lawson
1889 W.L. Riggs, died
1911 W.L. Rinaman, Principal of an elementary school, Tulsa, Okla.
1893 Alethea Ringo, Kirksville
1898 Ethel Sarah Ringo, Mrs. J.E. Weatherly, Hannibal
1903 Eugenia Ringo, Mrs. L.A. Moorman (widow), Kirksville
1902 Audrey D. Risdon, Adair County Collector, Kirksville
1888 Prudie Risdon, Mrs. Tillery
1902 Eva Robbins, Red Lodge, Mont.
1909 Olive Robbins, Mrs. E.L. Harrington, Maryville
1904 C.A. Roberts, Teaching in high school, Webster Groves
1888 D.L. Roberts, Hardware merchant, Centralia
1885 Isom Roberts, died
1903 L.D. Roberts, Teacher in high school, Colorado Springs, Colo.
1900 Susan Roberts, Baptist missionary, Ongole, Guntur District, South India
1904 William Robertson, Superintendent, Webster Groves
1915 Elsie Missouri Robinson, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1913 Esther Robinson, South Gifford
1910 Nellie B. Rockhold, Teacher; address, 125 N. F St., Muskogee, Okla.
1905 Ethel Rodgers, High school principal, Newtown
1875 Lizzie Roe, Mrs. Carpenter
1912 Floyd B. Rogers, Salesman, Fort Collins, Colo.
1914 James Buford Rogers, Superintendent, Milan
1915 James Burton Rogers, Superintendent, Elsberry
1887 Ella Rolofson
1914 Edna M. Rolston, Teacher, State Normal School, Conway, Ark.   
1900 Mathilde B. Rombauer, Mrs. E.H. Henry, Kirksville
1893 J.T. Ronald, Ex-mayor, Seattle, Wash.
1917 Cophine Rook, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1911 C.C. Roselle, Principal of an elementary school, Mexico
1891 Allie Ross, Mrs. Suggett
1910 James Edward Rouse, Student, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1903 Grace Rucker, Student, University of Missouri, Columbia
1908 Leta D. Rudasill, Mrs. Earl Sloan, Yale, Okla.
1901 Lucy Rudasill, Mrs. Nelson Sears, Seattle, Wash.
1905 Minnie Ruffer, Teacher of second grade, Crystal City; address Festus
1906 Lena Rule, Rural school teacher, Smithville
1905 Ruth G. Rutherford, Mrs. J.H. McKinney, Linneus
1876 H. Clay Rutherford
1896 Ledrew Esper Ryals
1916 Walter Harrington Ryle, High school principal, Clifton Hill
1912 E.H. Salisbury, Principal, Pollock   [ed. note: listed as E.H. on Registrar’s records; Ernest H. on 1917 Alumni Roster, and Elijah H. on 1924 Alumni Roster]
1881 R.F. Sallee
1903 Susie Salling, Mrs. S.P. Mendors, Homer, La.
1913 Ruth E. Sanders, Mrs. Philip J. Fowler, Kirksville
1912 Bertha E. Sandry, Teaching, Overton, Nev.
1912 Clara Sanford, Supervisor of Music, St. Joseph
1909 O.G. Sanford, Superintendent, Palmyra
1886 Paul Sanford, Palmyra
1900 Perry O. Sansberry, Wyaconda
1891 C.A. Savage, Jamesport
1914 Eudora Helen Savage, Director practice schools, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1911 Fran Savage, Pattonsburg
1881 D.D. Sayer
1911 V.A. Schiefelbusch, High school principal, Sand Springs, Okla.        
1908 Eunice I. Schofield, 526 So. Guthrie St., Tulsa, Okla.
1906 E. Lillian Scott, from Canton
1900 Elea B. Scott, from Monticello
1901 Robert A. Scott, from Evansville
1904 Daisy Seaber, Teacher in high school, Jefferson City
1887 Laura Seals
1909 Mayme Sears, Mr. W.J. Sandry, Greencastle
1896 Sylvester Eugene Seaton, Superintendent, Macon
1913 Georgie Sebring, Mrs. James W. Walsh, St. Catharine
1917 Otis Andrew See, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1905 S.C. See, Teaching in Westport High School, Kansas City
1904 W.J. See, Principal of elementary school, St. Louis
1907 Walter G. See, Teaching in high school, Sedalia
1901 Enoch Berry Seitz, Contractor, 319 Prospect, Alton, Ill.
1898 Raymond E. Seitz, Representative of Lyons & Carnahan, Caruthersville
1913 June Selby, Teacher in high school, Kirksville
1911 Paul Owen Selby, Registrar and Professor of Commerce, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1877 R.V. Seward, Hardin
1884 Hopkins B. Shain, Judge of Thirtieth Judicial Circuit, Sedalia
1912 Nellie Shanks, Teaching in high school, McAllen, Texas
1900 Rose A. Shantz, Mrs. Watkins, Ruston, La.
1881 Lulu B. Sharp, Mrs. Corley, died 1917.
1908 Mamie Sharp, Teacher in high school, La Belle
1884 Minnie Sharp
1908 Ethel Shaw, Mrs. Frank Owens, Arizona
1917 Florence Shaw, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1916 Mary Emma Shearer, Teaching in elementary school, Castle Rock, N.M.
1907 Arleigh P. Shibley, Imperial County Superintendent of Schools, El Centro, Cal.
1898 William Elsworth Shirley, Attorney, Q.O.& K.C. Rail Road, Kirksville
1904 Raymond Shoop, Superintendent, Ironton
1913 William W. Shoop, Publishing house representative; address, 242 N. 16th St., Lincoln, Neb.
1892 Lida Athleen Shultz, Mrs. Risdon
1910 Frank Shulze, Engineer, Western Electric Co.; Address, 2308 S. 50th St., Cicero, Ill.
1886 J.M. Simpson, Lawyer, Spokane, Wash.
1913 Grover W. Sims, Director of Music, Oakland City, Ind.
1907 E.M. Sipple, Superintendent, Moberly
1911 L.B. Sipple, Professor of Rural Education, State Normal School, Kearney, Neb.
1914 Beulah Jewel Sires, Teacher in elementary school, Higbee
1901 Billie Pearl Six, Clerk, Department of Interior, U.S. Service, White Earth, Minn.
1915 Leon E. Slavens, Superintendent, Middletown
1907 A.E. Sloan, Yale, Okla.
1907 Georgia May Sloan, Mrs. W.G. Twyman, Collinsville, Okla.
1912 Fred L. Sloop, Student, University of Missouri, Columbia
1914 Ruth E. Sloop, Queen City
1916 Clara Lucille Smelser, Elementary school teacher, Tulsa, Okla.
1897 Alfred Hannah Smith, Auditor, Parker-Washington Co., 2309 Penn., Kansas City
1888 Alma Smith, Mrs. J.B. Dodson, died.
1912 Bess Smith, Teaching in high school, Wyaconda
1916 Bessye May Smith, Teaching rural school, Clarence
1892 Caddie Smith, died
1913 Clarence Arthur Smith, Superintendent, Moundville
1899 E. Claude Smith, Osteopath, Mills Bldg., Topeka, Kansas
1908 Frank Barton Smith, High school principal, Rio Vista, Cal.
1879 G.A. Smith, Humphreys
1872 J.T. Smith, Nevada
1902 Libbie Smith, from O’Fallon
1892 Lundy Byron Smith, Osteopath, Goldendale, Wash.
1906 Margaret Easton Smith, Mrs. C.B. Burus, Brookfield
1915 Martha W. Smith, High school principal, Powersville
1896 Minnie Smith, Mrs. J.I. Fowler, Kirksville
1913 Neva Sue Smith, Mrs. Henry V. Roberts, Auxvasse
1910 Ralph Benjamin Smith, High school agriculture teacher and farm advisor, Maple Lake, Minn.
1900 Rosa May Smith, from Monroe City
1911 Saloma Smith, Mrs. John C. Stewart, Basin, Wyo.
1902 Isadore Smoot, Mrs. John G. Grossenbacher, Washington, D.C.
1876 Minnie Smoot, died
1896 Zorada Snelling, Teacher in elementary school, Edina
1888 Sam M. Snodgrass, Pharmacist, Eldorado Springs
1912 W. Howard Snyder
1880 S.H. Soper, died
1911 Rolla Southern, Teaching in Arkansas
1915 Julia Sparks, University of Missouri, Columbia
1908 Minta Sparks, Shelbina
1910 M.W. Sparks, 5117 Walnut St., Kansas City
1916 Enoch Albert Sparling, High school principal, Chillicothe
1902 Martha E. Sparling, Mrs. Andrew Hansen, Kirksville
1883 Lottie T. Spencer, Mrs. Patrick O’Neil, Kansas City
1904 May Spivey, Mrs. R.B. Williamson, 1124 N. Denver, Tulsa, Okla.
1908 Sara Loree Sprecher, Teaching in high school, Kirksville
1891 Ida Stafford, Mrs. Geo. F. Burton
1906 Bert Allen Stagner, Teacher in high school; address, 335 Calaveras St., Fresno, Cal.
1915 Hortense Standley, Dalton
1902 David Stanley, Cainesville
1907 Leona Stanley, from La Plata
1909 Lena M. Starrett, Teaching in elementary school, Lawrence, Neb.
1911 Eda B. Stautermann, Teaching, Clark
1915 Ernest Estle St. Clair, Principal, Luray
1915 Lawrence L. St. Clair, Student, University of Missouri, Columbia
1909 Robert St. Clair, Principal, Harney Heights School, St. Louis
1885 J.J. Steele, Farming, Route 4, Tarkio
1882 R.R. Steele, Teacher; address, 760 E. Taylor St., Portland, Ore.
1906 Wm. L. Steiner, Superintendent, Owensville
1902 J.M. Stelle, in oil business, Kansas City
1912 Claude Stephens, Student, University of Missouri; address: 805 Missouri Ave., Columbia
1872 J.C. Stevens, died
1899 John B. Stigall, Representative of Silver, Burdette & Co.; address, Des Moines, Iowa
1892 Oliver Stigall, Representative of Silver, Burdette & Co.; address, 3608 Wabash, Kansas City
1872 Vincent Stine, died 1891
1914 Bonnie Stone, Teaching in high school, Bowling Green
1906 C.R. Stone, Principal, Horace Mann School; address, 3890 Juniata, St. Louis
1888 Pauline C.R. Stone, Mrs. Rozelle, died
1916 Ruth Stone, Teaching in high school, Lewis, Iowa
1900 Stella Stone, Mrs. Sweet
1906 Julia Storm, Teaching in high school, Salisbury
1895 Lena Lucile Storm, Mrs. W.E. Green, 51 Commerce Bldg., Kansas City
1915 Barrett Stout, Stout & Wells Music Dealers, Kirksville
1916 Mae Wells Stout, Mrs. Barrett Stout, Kirksville
1902 Geo. J. Stringer
1913 Lee Chapman Stuart, Superintendent, Ellington
1913 Eva Hester Stuck, Teacher in elementary school; address, 1109 Oak St., Oakland, Cal.
1908 Grover Cleveland Stuckey, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1907 L.L. Sturgeon, County superintendent, Seminole County, Wewoka, Okla.
1872 Seldon Sturges, San Francisco, Cal.
1878 G.W. Sublette, Civil Engineer, 1929 3rd Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn.
1878 Thomas E. Sublette, Publisher, Weekly Graphic, Kirksville
1898 Mary Sullivan, from Mexico, Mo.
1899 Frank K. Surbeck, Live stock commission firm, Chicago
1904 Tress Surbeck, Teaching in elementary school, Davenport, Iowa
1884 F.A. Swanger, Salt Lake City, Utah
1905 Arthur Malcolm Swanson, Farming, Greentop
1912 Harvey Guy Swanson, in charge of Demonstration School, Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville, Tenn.
1915 Anna L. Swartz, High school principal, Edina
1910 Mary Sweeney, Mrs. A.J. Newman, Berkeley, Cal.
1896 Arthur T. Sweet, with U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.
1910 Nettie Swift, Grant City
1900 Mary A. Talbot, Teaching, Fayette
1903 Christine Tall
1899 Britton Payne Taylor, Pastor, Central Church (M.E. South); Address, 3232 Euclid Ave., Kansas City
1901 J.A. Taylor
1905 C.E. Temple, State Plant Pathologist and Professor of Plant Pathology, Maryland State College of Agriculture, College Park, Md.
1897 Earl Stanley Terpening, Farmer, Ewing
1911 Claire Terrill, Teaching in high school, Moberly
1916 Jeanie Terrill, Teaching in Goshen College, Goshen, Ind.
1874 Sally Thatcher, Mrs. McKinney; Teacher in Thatcher School, Kansas City
1875 C.W. Thomas, Lawyer, Woodland, Cal.
1907 Dorothea Thomas, Music supervisor, Woodland, Cal.
1899 Nannie Thomas
1903 Sarah E. Thomas, Mrs. A.S. Hamilton, De Ridder, La.
1916 Vera Thomas, Teacher in Washington School, Kirksville
1874 Emmir Thompson, Mrs. C.E. Hannah, died
1916 Floyd Allen Thompson, High school principal, Brookfield
1887 Ida Thompson, Mrs. Price, died.
1901 Leonard M. Thompson, Traveling salesman, Osborn
1876 Maggie Thompson, Mrs. Henry
1876 O.M. Thompson, Fresno, Cal.
1894 William Charles Thompson, Teacher, 511 Ann St., Columbia
1898 Wiliam Benton Thornburg, Owatonna, Minn.
1911 A.L. Threlkeld, Superintendent, Unionville
1907 Lillie Throckmorton, La Belle
1905 James Sterling Tippett, Superintendent, Fayette
1880 W.E. Tipson, Iowa
1911 Allen D. Towne, Student, American School of Osteopathy, Kirksville
1915 Ruth L. Towne, Kirksville
1902 Jennie Townsend
1907 Leta Knox Townsend, Mrs. Guy Bailey, Kansas City, Kan.
1897 Lilah Townsend, Mrs. S.E. Lee, Editor, Savannah Reporter, Savannah, Mo.
1914 Opal Frank Townsend, Mrs. Warren Chadwick, Billings, Mont.
1912 William Henry Trainum, Ada, Ohio
1903 Myrtle Traughber, from Centralia
1905 James Franklin Treasure, County Farm Advisor, Muncie, Ind.
1890 Louise M. Trimble
1894 Lena Minerva Trowbridge, Mrs. C.H. Payson, Macon
1905 Cyrus G. Truitt, from La Plata
1909 La Claire Tucker, from Mexico
1914 Everett M. Turner, Farming, Goldsberry
1900 James Harrison Turner, Weston
1912 Ruth Turner, Teacher in high school, La Plata
1915 Hiram Ulysses Grant Turnmire, Putnam County Superintendent of Schools, Unionville
1910 W.E. Tydings, Representative of Bobbs-Merrill Co., Moberly
1913 Elizabeth K. Uhe, Student, University of Missouri, Columbia
1886 T.J. Updyke, died
1900 Fred W. Urban, Associate Professor of Mathematics, State Normal School, Warrensburg
1900 William C. Urban, Superintendent, Cameron
1916 Lizzie Utterback, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1911 Earl Van Horne, Principal of high school, Sikeston
1892 Ellen Eliza Van Horne
1916 Lucille Marie Van Pelt, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1910 Margaret Varney, Mrs. J.M. Horton, Paris
1897 A.P. Vaughn, Superintendent, Rosedale, Kansas
1913 Alice Vaughn, Teacher in high school, Fulton
1913 Alma Vaughn, Principal of high school, Meadville
1907 Chester A. Vaughn, died
1900 Jessie B. Vaughn, from Paris
1915 Mabel Vaughn, Elementary school teacher, Paris
1912 Maurice B. Vaughn, Superintendent, Montgomery City
1908 Victor Vaughn, Shelbina
1877 W.W. Vaughn, died
1895 Ambrose Dudley Veatch, Professor in Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa
1913 Viola Vogel, home address, Pattonsburg
1912 H.D. Voss, Alexandria
1902 June Wack, from Ferguson
1914 Clyde Harman Wady, Teacher in high school, Trenton
1907 Leslie J. Wagner, Teacher, Middletown
1901 Cora L. Walker
1877 E.H. Walker
1905 Ethel E. Walkup, from Colorado Springs, Colo.
1916 Sadie May Walters, Elementary school teacher, Trenton
1889 Wm. Wade Walters, Principal of elementary school; address, 5859 De Giverville Ave., St. Louis
1911 Frank Ward, Teacher in high school, Cedar Falls, Iowa
1895 Julia Alberta Wardner
1879 Arthur B. Warner, Proprietor, Good Cheer Farm, Route 1, Kirksville
1914 Earl Oliver Watkins
1890 Emily Watson
1902 Gertrude Watson, Red Lodge, Mont.
1886 J.J. Watson
1892 Sophia Campbell Watson, from St. Charles
1910 Eunice Wattenbarger, Student, University of Chicago
1915 Marion Wattenbarger, Student, University of Missouri, Columbia
1910 Olave Wayman, Princeton   
1910 Estelle Webb, Supervisor of Art, Chillicothe
1906 Hugh Webber, died 1916
1900 Inez Webber
1908 Mollie Weber, North Yakima, Wash.
1903 Lillian Louis Weedon, Shelbyville
1908 May Weldon, Teacher in Lowell School; address, 4924 Wise Ave., St. Louis
1903 Bessie Wells, Mrs. E.E. Grant, 5419 Meridian Ave., Seattle, Wash.
1914 Nathan E. Wells, Farming, Lucerne
1913 Nellie Wells, Teacher in Greenwood School, Kirksville
1916 Phradie Alice Wells, Student Assistant in Music, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1905 Rosabel Wells, Mrs. C.W. Snyder, Kirksville
1905 W.M. Wells, Farming, Lucerne
1875 Alta Wescott, Mrs. McLaury
1892 Anna Stafford Western
1900 Sadie Westrope, Mrs. John R. Gibbs, Muskogee, Okla.
1906 Charles M. Weyand, Field Secretary, Massachusetts Anti-Saloon League and Student in Theology, Boston University; address: 14 Sacramento St., Cambridge, Mass.
1906 Mary Weyand, Mrs. B.F. Martin, Billings, Mont.
1909 Florence Weyand, Monticello, Ark.
1914 Lillian G. Whaley, Teacher of domestic science; address, 36 Main St., Winsted, Conn.
1879 Z. Fletcher Wharton, 824 Twentieth St., Sacramento, Cal.
1888 Eva White
1912 Evan D. White, died 1915
1908 Frank E. White, died 1915
1874 J.M. White, died 1914
1900 Virginia Louise White, Mrs. Graham
1890 John A. Whiteford, Superintendent, Oklahoma City, Okla.
1912 Jewell Whitelock, Teaching in high school, Hannibal
1908 Addie Wilcox, Webster Groves
1911 Louise Wilcox, Supervisor of Music, Elgin, Ill.
1913 Carrie Ellen Wiley
1910 Sadie Wiley, Mrs. Alonso White, Palmyra
1902 Eunice Wilkes, Elementary school teacher, Tulsa, Okla.
1900 Lena Wilkes, Elementary school teacher, Tulsa, Okla.
1912 Louise A. Willard, Teaching in Greenwood School, Kirksville
1901 Mamie Willard, Elementary school teacher, Missoula, Mont.
1884 Nettie Willard, Mrs. Port Hovey, Kansas City
1915 Jeanne Willett, Teacher in high school, Gorin
1908 Anna Laura Wilson, Teacher in public school, Moscow, Idaho
1911 Edna Wilson, Teacher in high school, Otterville
1903 Edna Edith Wilson, died
1886 J.D. Wilson, Student, University of Missouri, Columbia
1912 Mabel Wilson, Teacher in high school, Windsor
1912 Mabel M. Wilson, Principal of high school, Green City
1916 Kathryn Barbara Wirth, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1911 Claude Merton Wise, Associate Professor of English, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1915 Russell Lawson Wise, Principal of Missouri School for the Blind, St. Louis
1901 Bonnie S. Wittmer, Mrs. McCLain, Bigarm, Mont. 
1894 Anna M. Wood, Principal, Central School, Moberly
1889 Ella Woods
1905 S. Birchie Woods
1897 William Irvin Woodson, Professor of Education, Southwest Texas Normal School, San Marcos, Tex.
1911 L. Avis Woodward, Mrs. Lawrence St. Clair, Columbia
1914 Olive Woodward, Teacher in high school, Cainsville
1914 Connie Jeanette Wright; Mrs. Reed, Bellefontaine, Ohio
1915 Edgar Arthur Wright, Associate Professor of Agriculture, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1880 Edmonia D. Wright, Mrs. Albert Herron, died.
1916 Flora Alma Wright, Teacher in high school, Monroe City
1901 Jessie M. Wright, Mrs. Robert L. Kirk, Springfield, Oregon
1916 Clara Etta Yadon, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville
1916 Mary E. Yates, Teacher in high school, Prairie Hill
1914 Maye S. Yeager, Mrs. H.L. Jaquiss, Teaching in consolidated school, Magnolia, Iowa
1909 Pauline Faye Yeager, Mrs. O.L. Moffitt, Teaching in high school, Milton, Iowa
1910 Dale Zeller, Student, K.S.N.S., Kirksville   
1904 Catherine Zimmerman
Archivist’s Notes
(1) This roster was compiled in 1916-17 and is now an historical record. Please do not report errors and changes as the introduction requests.
(2) Locations are in Missouri unless noted otherwise.
(3) The compiler used the initials of the school’s nickname “Kirksville State Normal School” rather than those of the correct name “First District Normal School”.
For information concerning this collection contact: speccoll@truman.edu