Pickler Memorial Library



Special Collections and Museums

Reading Room Rules & Procedures


  1. Upon arrival, you will be required to sign in and agree to our Policies Governing Use statement.
  2. All personal belongings must be stowed in a locker. Pencils, paper, and or/laptops are permitted in the reading room.
  3. The stacks are closed to the public, so you will need to complete a call slip to request the materials you wish to see. Special Collections staff will retrieve the items from the shelf and bring them to you at the desk.
  4. You must submit a photo ID with your call slip. We will hold the ID while you are using our materials and will return it when you complete your research and have returned all books and documents to us.
  5. You must use a lead (erasable) pencil or laptop to take notes; we do not allow the use of ink pens. If you don't have a pencil, you may borrow one of ours. Electric outlets are located within a cord's length of study tables if you want to save your batteries.
  6. You will be limited to one box at a time when using manuscript or archival documents.
  7. Our staff will do all photocopying or scanning but we reserve the right to refuse to copy if we feel the materials are too fragile or if other restrictions apply. Flashless photos may be taken of some documents, but please ask first. We will copy or scan only materials from our collections; you will have to use the coin-op machines located throughout the building or scanners in ITC for everything else. See Copy Policies for copy charges and for provisions of the copyright laws under which we operate.
  8. You may be required to wear white cotton gloves (which we will supply) while using rare or fragile books and documents.
  9. Since spills could permanently damage our irreplaceable materials, no food or drink of any kind, including water, is allowed. Water bottles must be kept closed and inside book bags or brief cases at all times. There are water fountains just a few steps outside our doors should you feel the need for a bit of refreshment.