In Memory of Our Students
Who Gave Their Lives in the Service of Their Country

The World War I service flag honoring all First District Normal school students who had served in the armed forces was dedicated by President Eugene Fair on July 18, 1918, and a Soldiers Memorial Fund was established to create some type of permanent memorial to those who had died.  This memorial eventually took the form of two bronze plaques which were completed and installed February 1928; one contained the text of Fairís 1918 speech and the other, a list of the honorees.  They were quietly hung in the Library when received; no formal ceremony was held.

A list of the Northeast Missouri State students who lost their lives and President Walter Ryleís 1942 service flag dedication address appear on two World War II memorial plaques.  They were unveiled by four men and women representing student veterans at an Armistice Day program in Kirk Auditorium, November 11, 1948.  Brigadier General Willard W Irvineís dedicatory address was followed by taps and a 3-volley gun salute by MacDougall-Lowe American Legion Post No 20.

Dedication of the Korean War memorial was held in Kirk Auditorium on Veterans Day, November 11, 1957.  Lt Col Robert L McKinney, Assistant to the President, gave the address and Janet Howell, daughter of Capt Robert Newland Howell Jr, unveiled the plaque on which her fatherís name appears. The ceremony closed with taps and a 3-volley gun salute by MacDougall-Lowe American Legion Post No 20.

The Viet Nam War memorial plaque, sponsored by the campus Veteransí Club, was dedicated in a solemn Veterans Day ceremony on the Quad, November 11, 1980.  Club President Sam Guzzo and University President Charles McClain unveiled the plaque and Bill Elmore, President of the National Organization of Concerned Veterans, gave the dedicatory address. 

In the spring of 2009, the four memorial plaques were permanently installed on the covered & lighted wall at the entrance to the Ruth W Towne Museum & Visitors Center, northeast corner of Normal & Franklin Streets (across from McClain Hall).


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Service flag dedication address plaques are not shown here, but text transcripts may be requested


In honor of the former students of this school
who gave their lives in the World War


Paul Bibee Hubert MacDougall
Harold Bohon Wilford W Martin
Claude Duff Loyd McAllister
Sedric Dye Guy McFadden
Walter W Fountain Walter J Slover
Dale Geoghegan William H Smith
Pearl E Gonnerman Edgar Thompson
Marcus Hatfield  

In honor of the former students of this college
who gave their lives in World War II


Carl B Atteberry Norman Victor Lane

William M Baker 

Howard Eugene McGilton
Clyde Mathreldred Bass Howard McVey
Jack Blanton Harris Roy Meadows

Edwin Pearl Burkhart

Victor Wayne Meyer
Glenn Estal Crandall  John Robert Potter
William S Davis Clifford Ratliff
Clinton Ford J Thomas Rieger

Everett Willis Griffith

Philip Eugene Rieger
Raymond S Grinstead Wayne Roberts
Gerald David Hall James Russell Rowland
Gail Leroy Hayes John Robert Shores
Elbert Hays Dale E Shouse

Glenn Hensley

Fred Burton Sleyster
Bryan Hoerrmann Jr Mark Wayne Steen
William J Hopkins Harold S Swingler
George Walter Johnson Max E Turner
Byron Earl King Arlington Vieth

Fred J Kob

Delbert Waddill
Karl William Kumm Chellis White

In honor of the former students of this college
who gave their lives in the Korean War


Jerry Purdin Davis Gerald E Miller
Wilfred E Hall Louis Plagakis
Elmer Earl Holcomb Perry Wilson Porter Jr
Robert Newland Howell Jr Donald Dewey Sevits
Robert Joseph Lawrence  


In honor of the former students of this university
who gave their lives in the Viet Nam War


Jedh C Barker Jean Mason Kraus
Alan Bedrock Fagatocle Lokeni
Bill L Berstler James Edward Magel
Jay O Clarkson Tom L Masten
Dwight Cook Terry Miller
Ronald Kenneth Cullers Richard James Rhodes
Paul David Ekart Richard Eugene Rutherford
William Michael Harper Thomas Sherry
Harry Todd Harrison Robert Lee Watts
Lloyd Wesley Jones Richard C Westburg


In Memory of
Ryan Campbell

Truman Class of 2001
Sergeant, 1st Armored Division, US Army
killed in a car bomb attack, Baghdad, Iraq
April 29, 2004


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