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The Archives is composed of those items produced by the University as part of its operations in fulfilling its educational mission. It includes business papers, legal documents, official and unofficial (including student) publications, departmental papers, newsletters, presidential papers, speeches, theses, brochures, posters, programs, etc. The items come in various formats such as handwritten documents, books or other printed materials, videos, sound recordings, microforms, art, photographs, ephemera. There are also some things from other sources about or relating to the University which are not technically archival documents.

Many of the published items in the Archives have been catalogued and appear on the Library Catalogue, with "Truman Archives" as the location. Additional copies of some publications may also be found in other collections throughout the Library.

Finding aids and other materials are being converted to searchable on-line versions and will be added to this page as time goes by. This will always be a work-in-progress so if what you need  is not yet here, send us an email or drop by and ask us in person.

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Finding Aids and Indexes:
Masters Theses
Education Specialist Theses

Audio-Visual Materials
Undergrad Research & Literary Journals
Family Sciences/Home Economics Division
(Index to University Publications)

University History & Heritage:
History and Traditions (and other Important Trivia)


Students & Alumni:
Alumni Rosters: 1917 & 1924
Student Rosters: 1867-1870 & 1871-1900
Veterans Memorials

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The Index 
The Archives makes the 1909-2001 editions of our campus newspaper available on microfilm in the Library's Periodicals Department.
Truman Micro Newspapers Cabinet 36B Drawer 4

Current and recent past editions are also available on The Index website.


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