Villhard Innovation Lab

Welcome to the Doug & Diane Villhard Innovation Lab

A space designed to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and foster experimentation, creativity, and innovative thinking. The Lab is open to use unless reserved for a class presentation or an event. Questions about reservations can be directed to the Dean’s Office: (660) 785-4038 or


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Collaboration Space


Design Lab

Outfitted with a Lego wall and materials that can be easily assembled, altered, expanded, or even recycled, the Design Lab encourages creative play and idea generation through low-stakes prototyping. This includes a Lego robotics kit.

Both a PC and MAC computer with creative software installed are available for creating multimedia and graphic design projects. 

Podcasting Studio

Designed to record both audio and video, this room includes equipment and software to record, edit, and produce professional quality podcasts. 

Watch for details about reservations and training for using this studio.

If the Lab is reserved for an event, this studio may be unavailable.

data-video monitor and sound mixer
Videoconferencing room

Video Conferencing Studio

The room is equipped with a computer, a large display, and the Logitech Meetup videoconferencing system. 

The studio is available on a first come basis and has space for up to 4 people.

If the Lab is reserved for an event, this studio may be unavailable.