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American Statistics Index

Location: Microfiche Cabinet 23, Drawer 9 - Cabinet 25, Drawer 7


American Statistics Index (ASI) is a comprehensive guide and index to the statistical publications of the U. S. government.  The library has the printed index and much of the microfiche collection to go with it.  Other documents listed in the index may be found in the U. S. documents collection or in the Library’s general collection.  ASI has two parts, the INDEX volume and the ABSTRACT volume located at Micro Reference HA 1 A54.

How to search the collection

Look in the index and then in the abstract volume.  Follow these steps:
1.  In the INDEX volume, find the subject you are interested in, such as “alcohol abuse”

Alcohol abuse and treatment
Employee drug abuse, work effects, and
employer testing and aid costs and
effectiveness, 1983-88, compilation of
papers, (90) 4498-62

2.  After the keywords describing the document is a number (see above).  Look up this number in the ABSTRACT volume:
(90) indicates the 1990 volume
4498-62 is the entry number

3.  The entry in the abstract volume will look similar to this:

4498-62        DRUGS IN THE WORKPLACE:
                                Research and Evaluation Data
1989. vi+340 p.
ADM 89-1612
NIDA Res. Mono. 91
Item 831-C-8
GPO $10.00.  ASI/MF/6
S/N 017-024-01384-6
MC 90-3871.  LC 89-603051
Compilation of 19 papers on drug use among
employed persons, effects on work productivity
and stability, and costs and effectiveness of employer
prevention and treatment programs, various…

4.  Read the abstract (summary) and decide if the document provides the information you need.  If it does, there are several places it might be.

a)  Check Microfiche Cabinet 23, Drawers 9 – Cabinet 25, Drawer 7.  Fiche is filed by year, then number.
b)  If the fiche is not there, do a title search for the item in Truman’s Library Catalog.
c)  If you still cannot find it, check with a Reference Librarian who will look for it in the Government Documents using the
SuDoc number from the reference.
The SuDoc number is the number with the small circle in front of the letter. (See above example.)

Note:  The library does not receive everything indexed by ASI, but we will have most of it.


American Statistics Index  issued in two parts:  Part 1: Index and Part 2: Abstract. (Micro Reference HA 1 A54)

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Time Period: 20th Century  

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