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Architecture of Washington, D. C.

Location: Microfilm NA 735 W3 A72 1976


The Architecture of Washington, D. C.  is the pilot project for the Dunlap Society, a non-profit educational organization founded in 1974 to broaden and encourage the study and awareness of American art.  Included in the collection are: v. 1. The White House (10 sheets). The Octagon (2 sheets). Treasury Building (4 sheets). General Post Office (2 sheets). Washington Monument (3 sheets). State, War, and Navy Building (5 sheets). Pension Building (2 sheets). Union Station (4 sheets). Lincoln Memorial (4 sheets). Supreme Court Building (4 sheets).–v. 2. The United States Capitol, pre-1850 (11 sheets). The United States Capitol, post-1850 (10 sheets). Patent Office Building (4 sheets). Smithsonian Institution Building (4 sheets). Library of Congress (5 sheets). Pan American Union Building (4 sheets). The Federal Triangle (8 sheets). Jefferson Memorial (2 sheets).

How to search the collection

There is a table of contents at the beginning of each chapter detailing the contents on each fiche within that chapter. This introductory material is found in the first frames of that chapter on the microfiche as well as in printed form preceding each chapter. Included with the contents is a page full of factual information concerning each building documented on the fiche.


The microfiche is filed in binders along with the printed table of contents and information necessary to guide the user through the collection.

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Architecture -- Washington (D.C.) -- History

Time Period: 18th Century   19th Century   20th Century  

Subject keywords: Art, Architecture & Design