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Benjamin Franklin’s Account Books

Location: Microfilm E 302.6 F8 F8 1977


The microfilm collection of  Benjamin Franklin’s Account Books  is an exact reproduction of Mr. Franklin’s  “1) domestic and personal accounts; 2) business accounts, primarily but not exclusively, of Franklin; 3) the accounts of the Philadelphia Post Office during and after Franklin’s tenure as Philadelphia postmaster; and 4) Franklin’s public accounts when he served as colonial agent in London and when he, along with John Adams and Silas Deane, represented the new nation at the court of Louis XVI.” (Guide to Microfilm Edition of Benjamin Franklin’s Account Books).

How to search the collection

1. Look through the Guide to Microfilm Edition of Benjamin Franklin’s Account Books (Microfilm E 302.6 F8 F8 1977 Guide) to determine what you would like to look at in the collection. It contains a Roll Contents (reel list) of each book that is on each reel.  There is also an annotated bibliography for each book on each of the reels.  Both list things in the order that they appear on the reels.  There is no subject, title, author or keyword access for this collection.

2. Write down the Roll number and item number for the item you want to read.

3.  Carefully reel through the microfilm until you find the item you want.  Each item is preceded by a small card which says which number and what it is.


Guide to Microfilm Edition of Benjamin Franklin’s Account Books.
Wilmington, Del. : Scholarly Resources, 1977. (Microfilm  E 302.6 F8 F8 1977 Guide).

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Subject Categories:

Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790.

Time Period: 18th Century  

Subject keywords: U. S. History