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Calendar of letters and papers, Foreign and Domestic of the reign of Henry VIII, 1509-1545

Location: Microfiche Cabinet 16, Drawer 8


These are printed transcriptions of the papers of the reign of Henry VIII.  This collection documents the workings of the English government. For the first two decades of Henry VIII’s reign, the State Papers covered the country’s foreign policy and domestic problems, while the second half of his reign was marked by matters concerning the reformation of church and state. Thomas Wolsey dominated domestic policy during Henry’s reign. This collection includes correspondence with various Popes, Charles V, aristocratic politicians such as Howard, Suffolk, Worcester, Shrewsbury, Dacre and Darcy, and important ecclesiastical figures. Included are letters from Catharine of Aragon and Thomas Boleyn.

How to search the collection

There is an index at the end of each volume.  Each entry in the index has a number (or sometimes several numbers).  Use that number to find the document in the microfiche.  Sometimes the volumes are divided into parts, so pay careful attention to what part your document number is in.  The card and page numbers on the microfiche are not used in finding information in this collection.


There is a guide with brief summaries of all the documents in a volume at the beginning of each volume and an explanation of the scope of the collection on the first microfiche.

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Great Britain -- History -- Sources.

Great Britain -- History -- Henry VIII, 1509-1547 -- Sources.

Time Period: 16th Century  

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