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Calendar of state papers, Foreign series, of the reigns of Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth I, 1547-1582

Location: Microfiche Cabinet 16, Drawer 8


These are printed transcriptions of the foreign papers of the reign of Edward VI, Mary, and Elizabeth I. These papers include correspondence, treaties, letters between heads of state, dispatches, working papers and material relating to military, naval and colonial policy.

How to search the collection

This collection is divided into three sets, each representing a reign. Each set of State Papers has an introduction which gives an overview of the reign and of the State Papers. Each set is arranged chronologically. There is an index at the end of each volume. Each entry in the index has a number (or sometimes several numbers). Use that number to find the document in the microfiche. Sometimes the volumes are divided into parts, so pay careful attention to what part your document number is in. The card and page numbers on the microfiche are not used in finding information in this collection.


There is a guide with brief summaries of all the documents in a volume at the beginning of the collection, and there is also an explanation of the scope of the collection on the first microfiche.

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Subject Categories:

Great Britain -- History -- Edward VI, 1547-1553 -- Sources.

Great Britain -- History -- Mary I, 1553-1558 -- Sources.

Great Britain -- History -- Elizabeth, 1558-1603 -- Sources.

Great Britain -- History -- Sources.

Time Period: 16th Century  

Subject keywords: Great Britain - History