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CBS News Transcripts, 1975 – October 1987

Location: Microfiche Cabinet 18, Drawer 9-10


CBS News Transcripts  includes CBS Morning News, Midday News, Evening News, News with Walter Cronkite, and Weekend News with Dan Rather as well as 60 Minutes, Face the Nation (1978-1987), and Special Reports. This collection also has transcripts of the television programs Crossroads (1984), Going Places (1979-1980), Mike Wallace Profiles (1981), On the road with Charles Kuralt (1983), Our times with Bill Moyers (1983), Razzmatazz (1977-1982), 30 Minutes (1978-1982), Universe (1980-1982), Up to the Minute (1981-1982), West 57th (1985-1987), and Your Turn (1978-1980).

How to search the collection

1. Select the index year that you want in the CBS News Index (Micro Reference PN 4888 T4 C64A). Look up the topic that you want.

There is no index for the 1987 CBS News Transcripts.

2.  Entries in the CBS News Index look like this:


Watergate    My8: A3, 20, N2, P7, 19


“My8” is the date. “A” is the Morning News (see codes below). 3,20 are the pages in the transcripts for the May 8 Morning News. “N” is the Midday News. “2” is the page in the Midday News transcript. “P” is the Evening News. “7” is the page in the Evening News transcript. “19” is a correspondent story on page 19 of the Evening News transcript.


A= CBS Morning News
N=CBS Midday News
P=CBS Evening News
W=CBS Weekend News
F/N=Face the Nation
60M=60 Minutes
News Spl=CBS News Special
CBS Rpt=CBS Reports
Spl. Rpt.=CBS News Special Report
Spl. Rpt-YP=CBS Special Report for Young People
BOLDFACE PAGE NUMBER=Correspondent Story


3. Write the year down from the spine of the CBS News Index.

4. Go to the CBS News Transcripts in Microfiche Cabinet 18, Drawers 9-10.  They are arranged by year and then by day.  Pull out the day that you need.

5. The news programs on the microfiche are separated by pages that say they are the Morning News, etc. Go to the program and page in the transcript that you need.


CBS News Index. Glen Rock, N.J.: Microfilming Corporation of America, 1975-   (Micro Reference PN 4888 T4 C64A).