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Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1792-1941

Location: Microfilm F 61 M41


Published in seven series of 10 volumes each, these collections include papers relating to the Massachusetts Historical Society, historical papers, ecclesiastical history papers, biographies, genealogies, materials on Indians, geography and topography papers, and many others.  This collection also includes the Warren-Adams Papers, 1767-1822 published in volumes 72 and 73. The Warren-Adams Papers, 1767-1822, consist primarily of letters of John, Abigail, and Samuel Adams and James and Mercy Warren, and focus on the growing alienation between Great Britain and its mainland American colonies. This inside view of the patriot faction includes information on the Townshend duties, the Boston “Massacre,” the Boston Tea Party, the battles of Lexington and Bunker Hill, as well as political, military, and commercial problems surrounding the Revolutionary period.  (UMI Research Collections – Massachusetts Historical Society Collections)

How to search the collection

Volume 10 of each series contains a general table of contents and index for the series. The table of contents for each series has been reproduced in the printed guide – Guide to the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1792-1941 (Microfilm F 61 M41 Guide). The papers in this table of contents are methodically arranged by broad subjects.  Each title in the table of contents will have a small roman numeral with a number by it.  The roman numeral will direct you to the volume within the series and the number will direct you to the page within the series.  (Example: The following is in the General Table of Contents of the Ten Volumes in the First Series:  Letter from his Majesty’s Commissioners to Gov. Prince, written at Rhode Island, in 1664     v, 192.  Since this is in the first series, it would be in the First Series of microfilm reels, volume # 5 and on page 192.)


Guide to the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1792-1941 (Microfilm F 61 M41 Guide)

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