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Confidential U.S. diplomatic post records : Russia and the Soviet Union ; from Czar to commissars, 1914-1918

Location: Microfilm E 183.9 R9 C58


“This collection contains American diplomatic reports from Russia. The reports deal with numerous subjects: the political and economic consequences of World War I, the military situation, the collapse of the Czarist regime and the establishment of the Provisional Government in the February Revolution, conflict between the Provisional Government and General Kornilov, the Russo-Japanese Entente, the Bolshevik coup d’etat in the October Revolution, activities of the Polish Provisional Government, the political situation in Romania, the Causasus, Estonia, Latvia, and the Ukraine, the question of recognition of the Soviet government by the Allies, the first meeting of the Soviet Congress, Soviet foreign policy, Trotsky, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, the arrival of Allied forces into Russia and the Russian response to them, the YMCA and the Red Cross relief activities, and the beginnings of the Soviet Political Police (the Cheka). The records are taken from National Archives record groups 84 and 59.” (Special Collections Division University of Missouri-Columbia Libraries.)

For more diplomatic records concerning Russia during 1916-1918 see:  Russia in Transition: the Diplomatic Papers of David R. Francis, U.S. Ambassador to Russia, 1916-1918.

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There is no subject index for this collection.  There is a reel index.


Confidential U.S. Diplomatic Post Records: Russia: from Czar to Commissars, 1914-1918.  Microfilm E 183.9 R9 C58 Guide.

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