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Congressional Globe, 1833-1873

Location: Microfilm J11 R 398


The Congressional Globe contains important state papers and public documents of the 23rd Congress to the 42nd Congress, 1833-1873. Messages of the President and reports of cabinet officers are included until the close of the 39th Congress. “The Globe is the third of the four series of publications containing the debates of Congress. It was preceded by the Annals of Congress and the Register of Debates and succeeded by the Congressional Record. The first five volumes of the Globe (23rd Congress, 1st Session through 25th Congress, 1st Session, 1833-37) overlap with the Register of Debates. Initially the Globe contained a “condensed report” or abstract rather than a verbatim report of the debates and proceedings. With the 32nd Congress (1851), however, the Globe began to provide something approaching verbatim transcription.” (Library of Congress American Memory Website).

This collection is also available full-text at Library of Congress American Memory Website.

How to search the collection

The easiest way to find information in this collection is to use the Library of Congress American Memory Website.

There is a print  index to the Congressional Globe at Microfilm Reference KF 35 Index .

1. Pay careful attention to the Congress and session that you are using in the index.

2. Write down the page numbers for the information that you want.

3. Go to the Microfilm J 11 R398.  Reel  through the microfilm looking for the Congress and Session that you want, then the page number.


Sessional Indexes to the Congressional Globe. Micro Reference KF 35 Index

Library of Congress American Memory Website

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