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Democratic Party National Convention, 1832-1968a

Location: Microfilm JK 2311 D4 1832-1968


These records report the daily proceedings of the Democratic National Conventions, including lists of delegates, order of business, addresses, resolutions, voting results, appointments and nominations.

The film follows the chronological order of convention business.
Reel 1. 1832-1892 — Reel 2. 1896-1912 — Reel 3. 1916-1928 — Reel 4. 1932-1936 — Reel 5. 1940-1952 — Reel 6. 1956-1960 — Reel 7. 1964-1968 and Index, 1880-1968.

How to search the collection

There is an index to the Democratic National Conventions for the years 1880-1968. It is shelved right next to the microfilm at Microfilm JK 2311 D4 1880-1968.


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Democratic National Convention.

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