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Dictionary of American Hymnology: First Line Index

Location: Microfilm ML 102 H95 E4 1984


The Dictionary of American Hymnology Project (DAH), with the support of the Oberlin College Library and the Hymn Society in the U. S. and Canada, comprises four sources for research: an index of first lines of hymns from 1649 to 1978 with a supplementary index 1978 to present; a bibliography of some 5000 hymnals published in America (1817 denominational + 3192 non-denominational); an author file, and a biographical file.  Pickler Memorial Library owns only the first source – Dictionary of American Hymnology: First Line Index. This collection is a reproduction of 1,233,000 IBM-type cards created as a master-file of raw data of hymnals and their texts by the Hymn Society of America over a 25 year period.  Information was typed on the cards with occasional handwritten corrections, additions, deletions, and editorial marks.  The cards are in alphabetical order, from reel 002 to reel 179.  It excludes collections of hymns by simple authors, gospel song-books published after 1960, and hymns in American Indian, Hawaiian, and Eskimo languages.

How to search the collection

Reel 001 is an introduction with details on hymn sequence, information found on each card, references to essays on selected hymns, authors’ pseudonyms, identification of denominational code numbers and an extensive listing by identification number of some 6000 hymnals with bibliographic detail. The first and last hymns of each reel are at the beginning of the reel.


Dictionary of American Hymnology: First Line Index Guide. Edited by Leonard Ellinwood.  New York: University Music Editions, 1984. (Microfilm ML 102 H95 E4 1984 Guide) gives the contents of each reel and also reprints pages 1-26 of Reel 001 which provides useful detail needed in using the Dictionary of American Hymnology: First Line Index.

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