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ERIC (Documents on Microfiche)

Location: Microfiche Cabinets 6-16


The ERIC (Documents on Microfiche) is a microfiche collection issued by the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) which selects, indexes and abstracts documents and reports dealing with education and educational research. Pickler Memorial Library’s collection of ERIC microfiche covers the years 1953-2001 (numbers ED 000001 – ED 455358).

How to search the collection

The collection includes a table of contents and is organized by chapter. Chapter One is on fiche 1-4, Chapter Two is on fiche 5 and 6, etc. Principal sources for the material contained in each chapter is given at the beginning of each chapter, for example, Chapter 1, “The Nomination of Harry S. Truman” contains Papers of Harry S. Truman from the Truman Library, Independence, Missouri as well as papers of Americans for Democratic Action, from the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.  
Fiche 19 contains document citations for all of the chapters, in order by fiche number followed by row letter.

Sample document citation:

Memorandum, James Rowe, Jr., to President Harry S. Truman, E48-1
December 1946, Papers of Clark M. Clifford, Harry S. Truman Library, A 11
Independence, MO (hereafter cited as Clifford Papers).

How to read the citation:
E48-1 Election of 1948, fiche 1
A 11 Row A, Column 11 of fiche


ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center), 1966+
On the Web through FirstSearch
On the Web through Educator’s Reference Desk (formerly AskERIC). Free to the public.

ERIC is a comprehensive database containing abstracts of journal articles, reports, curriculum guides, conference proceedings, etc. It covers all areas of education at all age and grade levels. ERIC Documents 1993+ are available online through Eric Documents Online database. Documents before 1993 are on microfiche. The library’s microfiche subscription ended with ED455358. 
Coverage: Click here to show journal list covered in ERIC.

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