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Hakluyt Society Publications

Location: Microfiche Cabinet 19 Drawer 3


The Hakluyt Society Publications are a collection of original narratives of important voyages, travels, expeditions and other geographical records. The society, which was founded in 1846, is named after its founder Richard Hakluyt, a publicist, historian and geographer.

Some of the Hakluyt Society Publications include select letters with other original documents from Christopher Columbus relating to his four voyages to the New World; the voyages of Nicolo and Antonio Zeno to the northern seas in the 14th century; the captivity of Hans Stade of Hesse in a.d. 1547-1555; expeditions into the valley of the Amazons, 1539-1540, 1639; the three voyages of Martin Frobisher, in search of a passage to Cathaia and India by the Northwest, a.d. 1576-8 along with many other important voyages, travels and expeditions.

Pickler Library has the complete First Series of the Hakluyt Society Publications . Pickler Library has up to no. 107 of the Second Series on microfiche. Pickler Library also has no. 121-125, 132, 136-137, and 142 of the Second Series in print shelved under different call numbers in the General Collection. Extra Series no. 41 is also available in print and shelved in the General Collection. For a complete bibliography of all of the publications see Publications of the Hakluyt Society.

How to search the collection

All of the Hakluyt Society Publications owned by Pickler Memorial Library are cataloged in Truman’s Library Catalog . You can search for them in the Library Catalog by author, title, subject and keyword.

Read the series line of the Library Catalog record. There you will find the microfiche card number that you need in order to find material in the Hakluyt Society Publications collection. (Cabinet 17 Drawer 10.)


Hakluyt Society Contents. (on top of Cabinet 17)
This is a typed list of the titles that Pickler Memorial Library owns in the First and Second Series of the Hakluyt Society Publications.

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