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Kinesiology Publications

Location: Microfiche Cabinet 18, Drawer 7


Kinesiology Publications (KinPubs), formerly Microform Publications of Human Movement Studies–is a non-profit component of the International Institute for Sport and Human Performance (IISHP). KinPubs archives and disseminates graduate research studies (master’s and doctoral dissertations) on microfiche and in electronic format and is a continuation of the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Microfiche Publications issued from 1949-1972 on microcards and from 1973-2002 on microfiche.

KinPubs collects studies from a multifaceted field in which movement or physical activity is the intellectual focus. This field includes health as it relates to physical activity, physical fitness, activities of daily living, work, sport and athletics, recreation, dance, and play. The populations these studies include are children, adults, and the elderly; individuals with disabilities, injury or disease; and athletes. The research, which focuses on the causes and effects of physical activity, employs knowledge and methods of inquiry from arts and sciences as well as humanities; physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics, motor control and development, psychology, sociology, sports medicine, measurement and kinanthropometry, and also pedagogy, history, philosophy, and, more recently, sports marketing.

Kinesiology Publications is an indexing partner of Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) of Canada, the world’s most authoritative sports information service. There, the authors, titles, and abstracts of the studies are incorporated into SIRC’s SPORT database, which can be accessed on-line through international telecommunication networks. The information is also available on Sport Discus (EBSCO). 

Catalog records for 2004+ include links to pdf’s of the publications.

In 2008 Kinesiology Publications changed it’s name to OregonPDF in Health & Performance.  The master’s and doctoral dissertations in the collection are all full text on the computer.

How to search the collection

All of the Kinesiology Publications  that are on microfiche will be cataloged in Truman’s Library Catalog. Once the cataloging records are received, you can search for information by author, title, subject and keyword in Truman’s Library Catalog.  Additional guides are available for the collection on-line at http://kinpubs.uoregon.edu/KinAbs.html, and print guides to the collection are kept on top of Cabinet 18 until cataloging records are received. Kinesiology Publications can also be searched by author, title, keyword, abstracts, adviser, schools, and catalog ids with this search engine: https://millrace.uoregon.edu/kinpubs/search_collection.cfm.  Catalog records for 2004+ include links to pdf’s of the publications.


Kinesiology Abstracts  (v.16, #1- available on-line at http://kinpubs.uoregon.edu/KinAbs.html and in print on top of Cabinet 18) This bulletin lists all of the dissertations and theses in each shipment.

Sport Discus (EBSCO).  This electronic database for the sport sciences includes theses and dissertations.