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Landmarks of Science

Location: Microforms room Bound periodicals


Landmarks of Science is a collection of microform books and journals,  much of it in the original language, representing the history of science from the invention of printing until the end of the nineteenth century.  Predominant languages are English, French, German, and Italian. Included are works of Euclid, Friedrich Accum, Copernicus, Henri Poincare, Christian Wolff, Galileo, Johann Kepler, Rene Descartes and more than 2700 other scientists.   Medicine, chemistry, physics, mathematics, botany, zoology, astronomy, and geology are all represented, making this an ideal collection for tracing the development of scientific principles.  This collection also facilitates multidisciplinary studies among fields such as history, languages, philosophy, astronomy, music, and science.

Landmarks of Science (Series I)
Format: Microprint card
Location: Red boxes on east side of Microforms room
Items are in alphabetical order by author. All titles of Landmarks of Science are cataloged in Truman’s Library Catalog and can be located by keyword, title, author, and subject.  For a complete list do a title search for Landmarks of Science.
Microcards can now be read and scanned with the ST ViewScan microfilm reader/scanner located in the Microforms Reading Room. A bound volume called the Short Title List sits in MicroRef at Q 125 which lists everything in the set by author.  

Landmarks of Science (Series II: Monographs)
Format: Microfiche
Location: Cabinet 20 Drawer 1-6  in Microforms room
We currently have segments 12-29 filed in alphabetical order by author. Titles in Segments 12-29 are also all cataloged in  Truman’s Library Catalog and can be located by keyword, title, author and subjectFor a complete list,  do a title search for Landmarks II Monographs.

Landmarks of Science (Series II: Journals)
Format: Microfilm
Location:   Inter-shelved with the bound periodicals by call number
These are listed in the Library’s catalog by title and subject. A title search of Landmarks II journals in Truman’s Library Catalog will bring up a list in alphabetical order.

Citing a Monograph in Landmarks of Science:
Adams, George. An Essay on Electricity. London: J. Dillon, 1799. Located in
Landmarks of Science Series II [Microform].   New Canaan, CT: Readex
Microprint, 1984-1985, 13 fiche.

Citing a Journal Article in Landmarks of Science:
Newman, Edward. “A History of the British Lycopodia,” The Phytologist, v.1 #1, June,
1841, pp. 1-16. (Located in Landmarks of Science Series II [Microform]), New
Canaan, Ct: Readex Microprint, 1984-1985, microfilm reel.

How to search the collection

There is a volume in reference: Catalogue of Scientific Serials by Samuel Scudder. This is a listing of periodicals from all countries from 1633 to 1876, and used as a basis for identifying titles to be included in Landmarks of Science. (Ref Q 158.5 S43 1965)


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