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Major Studies and Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service

Location: Microfilm JK 1108 M349


The Congressional Research Service (CRS) was known as the Legislative Reference Service from 1914 when it was established, until the Reorganization Act in 1970. The CRS, a unit of the Library of Congress, is called the nation’s think tank. This collection contains studies written for the U.S. Congress and not published by other government sources from 1916 to date. Providing information on the key legal, political, environmental, economic, social and international issues facing the U.S., this material has been used by Congress as background for Congressional investigations and legislative proposals. Banking, trade, housing, acid rain, narcotics, inflation, terrorism, stock market, labor issues, agriculture, religion and state, and advertising are only a few of the topics included.

How to search the collection

Each of these reports can be searched  in Truman’s Library Catalog by keyword, author, title and subject.

In addition, there is a cumulative index to the Major Studies and Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service, 1916-1989.  There are also bibliographies and indexes for the supplements from 1989-.  All of these indexes  provide a reference number for each microfilmed report.   The format is:


“1985/86” is the years spanned; “8” is the microfilm reel number; “0273” is the microfilm frame number.

Pickler Memorial Library receives all of the Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports on microfilm.  There is no one comprehensive site on the Web which includes all CRS reports, but the following sites collect some reports:

Congressional Research Reports hosted by University of North Texas Libraries
National Library for the Environment
Open CRS
Federation of American Scientists – collect reports related to military and national security
Penny Hill Press – a commercial company selling copies of CRS reports
Your Member of Congress – request reports from your Senators and your Representative’s Offices


Major Studies & Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service, 1916-1989 Cumulative Index. (Reference JK 1108 M35 1989 v.1-2)

Major Studies & Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service:  Bibliography and Indexes to the …Supplement. (Reference JK 1108 M352)

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