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Pamphlets on Socialism, Communism, Bolshevism, etc.

Location: Microfilm HX 15. P 3


This collection, microfilmed in 1968 by the Library of Congress,  contains pamphlets in English, French, or German, including items by Friedrich Engels, Robert Bridges, Eugene V. Debs, Upton Sinclair, Karl Marx, Emma Goldman, and others.  The pamphlets cover the period from 1849-1930 although some of the pamphlets are undated, There are 168 documents filmed on seven volumes.

How to search the collection

There is a list of contents at the beginning of each volume on each reel.


There is no subject access to this collection.  There is a photocopied guide listing the contents of each volume located at Microfilm HX 15 P3 Guide.

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Subject Categories:

Communism -- Soviet Union.



Time Period: 19th Century   20th Century  

Subject keywords: Religion and Philosophy