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Papers of the National War Labor Board, 1918-1919

Location: Microfilm KF 3444 U5 1984


President Wilson charged  the War Labor Conference Board to create a new set of labor policies which would  achieve labor-management cooperation and establish a strong wartime labor workforce.  The War Labor Conference Board obtained eight-hour work days, higher wages, union recognition, equal pay for women who did equal work, and employee grievance procedures for millions of workers.

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How to search the collection

There is a guide with a reel index.  There is also an index which is much like a subject index.  It is located after frame 898 on Reel 22.  The entries in this index can be by: “the name of a city in which the controversy took place; name of the complainant (firm or labor organization); name of the respondent (firm or labor organization); occupations involved; types of issue involved in the case.”  Entries in the subject index are listed by docket number.  Each record on the microfilm has a docket number.  Administrative Files (containing, among other things, press releases) General Subject files (which focus on Women in Industry) can be found by skimming the reel index for Reels 13 through 20.  (Research Collections in Labor Studies: Papers of the National War Labor Board, 1918-1919)


Research Collections in Labor Studies: Papers of the National War Labor Board, 1918-1919. (Microfilm KF 3444 U5 1984 Guide).

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United States. National War Labor Board (1918-1919)

Labor laws and legislation.

Labor disputes.

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