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Records of the U. S. Department of State relating to political relations between the United States and Japan

Location: Microfilm E 183.8 J3 U54 1987 for the years 1945-1949 Microfilm E 183.8 J3 R4 1987 for the years 1950-1954


This collection has many top secret Department of State reports concerning United States relations with Japan from 1945-1954.

How to search the collection

These reports are organized in multiyear sections –  1945-1949 and 1950-1954.  They cannot be accessed by individual years.

They are filed according to the Department of State Decimal File system.  From 1945-1949, 711.94 was the number for reports concerning U.S. – Japanese relations.  In 1950,  611.94 became the number for reports concerning U.S. – Japanese relations.

In the decimal filing system, each document is assigned a file number that reflects four pieces of information.  Example below:




“7” is the class number.  Class 7 pertains to political relations of nations until 1950. Beginning in 1950, Class 6 pertains to international political relations, other international relations.  “11” stands for the United States.  “94” stands for Japan. “2” is the subject number.  There is a guide to these subject numbers shelved with the collection at Microfilm E 183.8 J3 G95 1988.  “/13” is the document number. In 1950 the document number changed. An example would be “/3-850”. The “3” is the month, “8” is the day, “50” is the year.   These numbers are hard to find on the reports.  They are often handwritten on the first page of a document in the right hand margin.  The microfilm also has a number at the bottom of each frame which has nothing to do with finding a report in this collection.

The guide tells which Decimal File numbers are on which reels of microfilm.  It also has the Numerical-Subject listing for the Decimal File numbers.   This Numerical-Subject listing can be used as a subject index.


Guide to the SR Microfilm Edition of Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to United States Political Relations with Japan 1930-1954: Decimal Files 711:94 and 611.94. (Microfilm E 183.8 J3 G95 1988).