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Complete State Papers Domestic: series one, 1547-1625

Location: Microfilm DA 345 A35 1979


These are the microfilmed manuscripts of the domestic state papers of the reigns of Edward VI, Mary I, Elizabeth I, and James I.   Topics covered include such wide-ranging themes as government finances, administrative problems and practices, rebellions, relations with Parliament and leading political figures, social, economic and religious policies and military and naval affairs, but almost any subject occurs. The reel numbering of the whole series is continuous.  Part I appears on Reels 1-11, Part II on reels 12-27, Part III on Reels 28-50,  Part IV on Reels 51-76, Part V on Reels 77-100, Part VI on Reels 101-123, Part VII on Reels 124-141, Part VIII on Reels 142-164, Part IX on Reels 165-188, Part X on Reels 189-209, and Part XI on Reels 210-227.  Each reel contains a general index of the whole series at the beginning of the reel.

pt. 1. Edward VI, 1547-1553 & Mary I, 1553-1558; SP10-11
pt. 2. Elizabeth I, 1558-1568; SP12/1-12/48
pt. 3. Elizabeth I, 1569-1575; SP12/49-12/106
pt. 4. Elizabeth I, 1576-1585; SP 12/107-12/185
pt. 5. Elizabeth I, 1586-1592; SP12/186-12/243
pt. 6. Elizabeth I, 1593-1603; SP12/244-12/288
pt. 7. James I, 1603-1608; SP14/1-14/40
pt. 8. James I, 1608-1617; SP14/41-14/94
pt. 9. James I, 1618-1623; SP14/95-14/157
pt. 10. James I, 1624-1625; SP14/158-14/216
pt. 11. Addenda, Edward VI to James I; SP15/1-15/43

How to search the collection

A reference of SP12/188/44 indicates that it is the 44th document (not page number) for Elizabeth I during the period of 1586-1592. Researchers should consult Calendar of state papers, Domestic series: of the reigns of Edward VI, Mary, Elizabeth I and James I, 1547-1625  which has an index arranged chronologically that will help narrow the reference down to a particular date and make it easier to locate on the reel.