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Transcript of Record in the United States vs. David T. Dellinger

Location: Microfilm KF 224 D37 C6


Complete transcript of the trial of the “Chicago Seven,” 1969-70. The “Chicago Seven” were David T. Dellinger, Rennard C. Davis, Thomas F. Hayden, Abbott H. Hoffman, Jerry C. Rubin, Lee Weiner, John R. Froines, and Bobby G. Seale. They  helped to organize the anti-war demonstrations at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, August 1968.

How to search the collection

he collection does not have a subject index.  There is a witness index and a guide to the reels.  There is also a list of the events of the trial in chronological order called the “Docket of Proceedings”.   The witness index, guide to the reels (also listed below) and the Docket of Proceedings are located in the guide shelved at Microfilm KF 224 D37 C6 Guide.

Guide to Reels

Reel No.  Embracing Pages Reel No. Embracing Pages
1 A-1 to 3020 5 11,621 to 14,230
2 3021 to 6030 6 14,231 to 17,221
3 6031 to 8640 7 17,222 to 19,860
4 8641 to 11, 620 8 19,861 to End


CCH Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Transcript of Record in the United States vs. David T. Dellinger. (Microfilm KF 224 D37 C6 Guide)

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Subject Categories:

Riots -- Illinois -- Chicago.

Chicago Seven Trial, Chicago, Ill., 1969-1970

Time Period: 20th Century  

Subject keywords: Trials, U. S. Politics