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United States Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations. Policy Reports on Microfiche

Location: Microfiche Cabinet 23, Drawer 7


This collection contains the policy reports of the  Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR) from 1961-1974. The ACIR is a permanent, independent, bipartisan agency that was established under Public Law 86-380 in 1959 to study and consider the federal government’s intergovernmental relationships and the nation’s intergovernmental machination.

ACIR works with State, Local, and Tribal governments, as well as other interested parties to:

  • Identify emerging intergovernmental issues, trends, and turning points;
  • Stimulate thought about American federalism and intergovernmental relationships;
  • Educate leaders and the public about the impacts of intergovernmental reforms; and
  • Promote stronger intergovernmental communication, cooperation, and coordination as the critical basis for an effective federal system.

Examples of reports in the collection are:
Building Codes: A Program for Intergovernmental Reform;
Financing Schools and Property Tax Relief – a State Responsibility;
Intergovernmental Problems in Medicaid;
Urban and Rural America: Policies for Future Growth.

How to search the collection

There is a Table of Contents and a Title Index on cards in the Microfiche Cabinet 23, Drawer 7.


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