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Watergate Cover-Up Trial Transcript

Location: Microfiche Cabinet 23, Drawer 8


Microfiche edition of the Watergate trial transcript (United States of America v. John N. Mitchell, et al., defendants : Criminal no. 74-110) which begins with the proceedings for October 14, 1974, the first day of the actual trial. Material from October 1-14 covers preliminary motions and jury selection. When this collection was filmed, material from the first proceedings was not made available for reproduction because the Courts had closed the records. All other proceedings including the sentencing proceedings of February 21, 1975, have been included.

How to search the collection

There is no subject index for this collection.  There is a table of contents.

1. The trial transcript is on microfiche 1-95.

2. A composite table of contents put together from the individual tables of contents in each day’s trial proceedings is located on microfiche 96.

3. A chronologically organized sequence of abstracts drawn from the New York Times Information Bank is located on microfiche 97.  It includes abstracts of stories from the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, and the Washington Post.  The abstracts run from October 1, 1974 (the first day of the trial) through March 15, 1975.

The relevant indexical data on the abstracts is printed on lines 1 and 2 of the abstract.  For example:

          WP/JNL 1974: 10: 1      :     1:              1/4/WGT    6/LIN
403-37-76                     PHO/ILS               911059/IDN
U.S. Dist. Ct. Judge John J. Sirica on Sept. 30 orders separate trial for former White House aide Gordon C. Strachan on Watergate cover-up charges:  says complications involving his indictment would be most firmly resolved at pre-trial rather than post-trial hearing, but that time will not permit such a hearing to be scheduled; Strachan por (M)

line 1:  WP/JNL = Washington Post    (NYT=New York Times; CSM =    Christian Science Monitor)

            1974: 10: 1 =  Issue of October 1, 1974

              1: 1 = page 1, column 1

line 2:  PHO/ILS = Photographic illustration accompanies the story. (ED/TOM means Type of Material is an Editorial.)

The other codes on the abstract may be ignored.


There is a brief guide at the beginning of the microfiche (which has been copied above).

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Subject Categories:

Watergate Trial, Washington, D.C., 1973.

Watergate Affair, 1972-1974.

Time Period: 20th Century  

Subject keywords: Trials, U. S. Politics