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Moving to FOLIO

Welcome to FOLIO

Pickler Memorial Library and MOBIUS are launching a new library platform on May 22.

Pickler has been running on the same library system since 2000. Now MOBIUS is moving to a new, modern, open source library platform called FOLIO. FOLIO will be a fresh foundation on which we can build new and innovative library services.

MOBIUS Transition

To ensure a smooth transition to the new library system, MOBIUS will temporarily suspend requesting through the MOBIUS catalog and on-site borrowing at other MOBIUS libraries on April 18.

MOBIUS requesting will be re-enabled on May 22 when the new MOBIUS catalog launches. (On-site borrowing at other MOBIUS libraries will resume some time later.)


April 18

MOBIUS suspends requesting through the MOBIUS catalog 

MOBIUS suspends on-site borrowing at other MOBIUS libraries.

  • May 7

Local circulation data freeze. 

  • All checkouts are recorded locally. Checking out may take more time than usual. Please have patience with our frontline staff.

May 22

Launch Day. The new library platform goes live with a new catalog, and new MOBIUS catalog.

Things To Know