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Records of the Department of State relating to Political Relations between the United States and Russia

Location: Microfilm E 183.8 R9 U54


This collection includes: correspondence mostly relating to economic conditions in Russia; papers containing the attitude of the Soviet Government toward the United States; correspondence concerning the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928 and the Treaty of Commerce and Navigation of 1832 (which ended in 1913); instructions to the U.S. ministers in Russia; communications from U.S. ministers in Russia.

This collection does not include records from Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Lithuania, the Ukraine, Poland, Transcaucasia and Azerbaijan during the period of their independence after World War I.

1910-29 Reel 1-7,
1930-39 Reel 1-3,
1940-44 Reel 1

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How to search the collection

There is a guide with a reel index on the first reel of microfilm.  There is no subject index for this collection. The reel index gives the U.S. Department of State Decimal File number for a document. The records are  filed according to the Department of State Decimal File system.  The decimal number for these records is 711.61.

In the decimal filing system, each document is assigned a file number that reflects four pieces of information.  Example below:




“7” is the class number.  Class 7 pertains to political relations of nations.  “11” stands for the United States.  “61” stands for Russia. “2” is the subject number.   “/13” is the document number.  These numbers are hard to find on the reports.  They are often handwritten on the first page of a document in the right hand margin.  The microfilm also has a number at the bottom of each frame which has nothing to do with finding a report in this collection.


The guide, a reel index,  is on the first reel of microfilm.    There is no subject index for this collection.

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United States -- Foreign relations -- Soviet Union -- Sources.

United States -- Foreign relations -- Russia -- Sources.

Soviet Union -- Foreign relations -- United States -- Sources.

Russia -- Foreign relations -- United States -- Sources.

Time Period: 20th Century  

Subject keywords: Military History, U. S. History